1996 Speedflix: The Stock Car Museum

The Stock Car Museum - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 11.379
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 11.379
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About this set: This is the first 3D NASCAR set ever produced.

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The Stock Car Museum
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
80740000061RUSTY WALLACE810
80740000072STERLING MARLIN910
80740000083TERRY LABONTE910
80740000094BILL ELLIOTT8.510
80740000105JOHN ANDRETTI910
80740000116BOBBY HAMILTON1010
80740000137DARRELL WALTRIP8.510
80740000148MICHAEL WALTRIP910
80740000159JEFF GORDON8.510
807400001610DALE JARRETT1010
807400001711JOHNNY BENSON JR.910
807400001812RICK MAST910
807400001913GEOFF BODINE1010
807400002014WARD BURTON910
807400001215KENNY WALLACE910
807400002116JEFF GORDON910
807400002217DALE EARNHARDT910
807400002318RUSTY WALLACE1010
807400002419STERLING MARLIN1010
807400002520MARK MARTIN1010
807400002621RICKY RUDD1010
807400002722DARRELL WALTRIP910
807400002823BOBBY LABONTE1010
807400002924DALE JARRETT1010
807400003025RICKY CRAVEN910
807400003126JOHNNY BENSON JR.1010
807400003227JOE NEMECHEK1010
807400003328ERNIE IRVAN1010
807400003429JEFF BURTON8.510
807400003530TERRY LABONTE910
807400003631BOBBY HILLIN JR.910
807400003732JOHN ANDRETTI1010
807400003833MIKE WALLACE910
807400003934KYLE PETTY1010
807400004035LAKE SPEED1010
807400004136RUSTY WALLACE IN PITS910
807400004237DALE EARNHARDT IN PITS1010
807400004439TERRY LABONTE IN PITS1010
807400004540MARK MARTIN IN PITS1010
807400004641RICKY RUDD IN PITS810
807400004742BILL ELLIOTT IN PITS910
807400004843ERNIE IRVAN IN PITS810
807400004944JEFF GORDON IN PITS910
807400005045BOBBY LABONTE IN PITS910
807400005146TERRY LABONTE DT910
807400005247DALE JARRETT DT1010
807400005348MICHAEL WALTRIP DT910
807400005449KENNY WALLACE DT1010
807400005550MARK MARTIN DT910
807400005651DALE EARNHARDT1020
807400005752DALE EARNHARDT1010
807400005853DALE EARNHARDT1010
807400005954DALE EARNHARDT1010
807400006055JEFF GORDON1010
807400006156JEFF GORDON1010
807400006257JEFF GORDON910
807400006358JEFF GORDON910
807400006459JEFF GORDON1010
807400006560JEFF GORDON1010
807400006661JEFF GORDON1010
807400006762JEFF GORDON910
807400006863ERNIE IRVAN910
807400006964ERNIE IRVAN1010
807400007065ERNIE IRVAN1010
807400007166ERNIE IRVAN1010
807400007267MARK MARTIN1010
807400007368MARK MARTIN1010
807400007469MARK MARTIN810
807400007570MARK MARTIN1010
807400007671RUSTY WALLACE910
807400007772RUSTY WALLACE910
807400007873RUSTY WALLACE1010
807400007974RUSTY WALLACE1010
807400008075BILL ELLIOTT910
807400008776BILL ELLIOTT820
807400008177BILL ELLIOTT910
807400008278BILL ELLIOTT910
807400008379RICKY RUDD1010
807400008480RICKY RUDD1010
807400008581RICKY RUDD910
807400008682RICKY RUDD1010
807400000183DALE EARNHARDT W1010
807400000284JEFF GORDON W1010
807400000385DALE EARNHARDT W910
807400000486JEFF GORDON CL910
807400000587MARK MARTIN CL810