1961-62 Parkhurst: Simgin

Simgin - 6th

Current Statistics
Rank 6
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.806
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.806
Retired Statistics (1/18/2012)
Rank 4
Weighted GPA 8.653
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.653
Simgin's Sets
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About this set: I am always looking to upgrade my sets and willing to trade or buy. I also have a lot of graded and ungraded vintage cards available to trade or sell. Please feel free to contact me.

Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04046100101TIM HORTON82310
04046100202FRANK MAHOVLICH8327
04046100303JOHNNY BOWER8.526
04046100404BERT OLMSTEAD84213
04046100505DAVE KEON9190
04046100606RON STEWART84713
04046100707EDDIE SHACK 9110
04046100808BOB PULFORD8.537
04046100909RED KELLY84116
040461010010BOB NEVIN9142
040461011011BOB BAUN8.5414
040461012012DICK DUFF9131
040461013013LARRY KEENAN9121
040461014014LARRY HILLMAN8.5512
040461015015BILLY HARRIS9151
040461016016ALLAN STANLEY9183
040461017017GEORGE ARMSTRONG9260
040461018018CARL BREWER85316
040461019019HOWIE GLOVER9171
040461020020GORDIE HOWE9141
040461021021VAL FONTEYNE992
040461022022AL JOHNSON9102
040461023023PETE GOEGAN85112
040461024024LEN LUNDE83910
040461025025ALEX DELVECCHIO83715
040461026026NORM ULLMAN9162
040461027027BILL GADSBY8.5518
040461028028ED LITZENBERGER9130
040461029029MARCEL PRONOVOST84412
040461030030WARREN GODFREY8.5618
040461031031TERRY SAWCHUK9211
040461032032VIC STASIUK9171
040461033033LEO LABINE9143
040461034034JOHN MCKENZIE9182
040461035035BERNIE GEOFFRION9131
040461036036DICKIE MOORE9167
040461037037ALBERT LANGLOIS9165
040461038038BILL HICKE9160
040461039039RALPH BACKSTROM84412
040461040040DON MARSHALL9183
040461041041BOB TURNER9101
040461042042TOM JOHNSON8.5412
040461043043HENRI RICHARD9122
040461044044WAYNE CONNELLY9141
040461045045JEAN BELIVEAU9253
040461046046PHIL GOYETTE9163
040461047047MARCEL BONIN9120
040461048048JEAN-GUY TALBOT8.5411
040461049049JACQUES PLANTE85722
040461050050CLAUDE PROVOST8.5613
040461051051ANDRE PRONOVOST83615