1953 Red Man Tobacco with Tab: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 10th

Current Statistics
Rank 10
Weighted GPA 6.715
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 6.715
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About this set: Yikes!! This ungraded set bought several years ago from a well known dealer advertised as "mint" came back with just 5 PSA 8's with 47 graded less. At least the Musial was an 8. Today it is up to 10 8s and the goal is to upgrade it over time.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
79805300101CASEY STENGEL612141214
79805300111CHARLIE DRESSEN4832832
79805300212BOBBY ADAMS619171917
79805300202HANK BAUER610131013
79805300303LARRY YOGI BERRA620252025
79805300313RICHIE ASHBURN85454
79805300414JOE BLACK620212021
79805300404WALT DROPO8101101
79805300505NELSON FOX7168168
79805300515ROY CAMPANELLA720122012
79805300606JACKIE JENSEN616241624
79805300616TED KLUSZEWSKI87474
79805300707EDDIE JOOST88181
79805300717WHITEY LOCKMAN614251425
79805300808GEORGE KELL511391139
79805300818SAL MAGLIE615201520
79805300919ANDY PAFKO5938938
79805300909DALE MITCHELL7913913
798053010110PEE WEE REESE723122312
798053010010PHIL RIZZUTO711121112
798053011011EDDIE ROBINSON617211721
798053011111ROBIN ROBERTS616211621
798053012112AL SCHOENDIENST87272
798053012012GENE WOODLING617161716
798053013113ENOS SLAUGHTER7117117
798053013013GUS ZERNIAL8.51212
798053014014EARLY WYNN87272
798053014114EDWIN DUKE SNIDER618271931
798053015015JOE DOBSON514411441
798053015115RALPH KINER8123123
798053016016BILLY PIERCE615271527
798053016116HANK SAUER84343
798053017017BOB LEMON716101610
798053017117DEL ENNIS8112112
798053018118GRANNY HAMNER718111811
798053018018JOHNNY MIZE613221322
798053019019BOB PORTERFIELD89191
798053019119WARREN SPAHN8MC14201420
798053020020BOBBY SHANTZ86565
798053020120WES WESTRUM8142142
798053021121HOYT WILHELM88181
798053021021MICKEY VERNON610171017
798053022022DOM DiMAGGIO716151615
798053022122MURRY DICKSON88484
798053023023GIL McDOUGALD7910910
798053023123WARREN HACKER711101110
798053024024AL ROSEN711101110
798053024124GERRY STALEY7157157
798053025125BOBBY THOMPSON7910910
798053025025MEL PARNELL86262
798053026026ROBERTO AVILA79494
798053026126STAN MUSIAL618191819