Future HOF Rookie Players: Hatch Graham Registry Collection

Hatch Graham Registry Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 9.734
Complete 97.83%
Set Rating 9.579
Retired Statistics (9/12/2012)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 9.734
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 9.734
hg3's Sets
Hatch Graham Registry Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01024910001001949 BOWMAN GIL HODGES9110Rookie
01016013601361960 TOPPS JIM KAAT960Rookie
01016353705371963 TOPPS PETE ROSE 9271Rookie
01017425202521974 TOPPS DAVE PARKER 1070Rookie
01017747604761977 TOPPS DALE MURPHY 10420Rookie
01017870307031978 TOPPS JACK MORRIS10520Rookie
01018147904791981 TOPPS TIM RAINES10990Rookie
01018245204521982 TOPPS LEE SMITH10340Rookie
0193840270U-271984 FLEER UPDATE ROGER CLEMENS103350Rookie
01018540104011985 TOPPS MARK MCGWIRE102520Rookie
0104860280281986 DONRUSS FRED MCGRIFF102100Rookie
0193860140U-141986 FLEER UPDATE BARRY BONDS109970Rookie
0104870430431987 DONRUSS RAFAEL PALMEIRO106510Rookie
01038837803781988 FLEER EDGAR MARTINEZ103620Rookie
01048963506351989 DONRUSS CURT SCHILLING109100Rookie
011789001011989 UPPER DECK KEN GRIFFEY JR.1024190Rookie
0117890130131989 UPPER DECK GARY SHEFFIELD1018020Rookie
01178978707871989 UPPER DECK OMAR VIZQUEL103440Rookie
01089022002201990 LEAF SAMMY SOSA1014030Rookie
0117900720721990 UPPER DECK JUAN GONZALEZ109910Rookie
0102910680681991 BOWMAN JIM THOME1022170Rookie
01029156905691991 BOWMAN CHIPPER JONES1011900Rookie
0160910040U-41991 ULTRA UPDATE MIKE MUSSINA 105470Rookie
0160910580U-581991 ULTRA UPDATE IVAN RODRIGUEZ104410Rookie
0160910790U-791991 ULTRA UPDATE JEFF BAGWELL108310Rookie
0102920110111992 BOWMAN TREVOR HOFFMAN104070Rookie
01029212701271992 BOWMAN CARLOS DELGADO 104460Rookie
01029230203021992 BOWMAN MARIANO RIVERA1010070Rookie
01029253205321992 BOWMAN MANNY RAMIREZ1019150Rookie
0193920920U-921992 FLEER UPDATE MIKE PIAZZA105030Rookie
0193921040U-1041992 FLEER UPDATE JEFF KENT10840Rookie
06109327902791993 SP DEREK JETER10170Rookie
019193019019T1993 TOPPS TRADED TODD HELTON 109020Rookie
0709940295291994 BOWMANS BEST JORGE POSADA102050Rookie
0610940150151994 SP ALEX RODRIGUEZ10420Rookie
070995002521995 BOWMANS BEST VLADIMIR GUERRERO102780Rookie
070995007571995 BOWMANS BEST ANDRUW JONES103480Rookie
12709721202121997 BOWMAN CHROME ROY HALLADAY10780Rookie
12709727302731997 BOWMAN CHROME MIGUEL TEJADA103220Rookie
01519751805181997 ULTRA DAVID ORTIZ10250Rookie
12709934403441999 BOWMAN CHROME C.C. SABATHIA104360Rookie
07090019101912000 BOWMANS BEST JOHAN SANTANA10330Rookie
7804000400T402000 TOPPS CHROME TRADED MIGUEL CABRERA104810Rookie
1447010910912001 SP AUTHENTIC ICHIRO SUZUKI101330Rookie
14470112601262001 SP AUTHENTIC ALBERT PUJOLS101420Rookie