1936-37 O-Pee-Chee (V304D): Northern Lights

Northern Lights - 4th

Current Statistics
Rank 4
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 6.856
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 6.856
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Northern Lights
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
043136097097TURK BRODA722
043136098098SWEENEY SCHRINER831
043136099099JACK SHILL742
0431361000100BOB DAVIDSON722
0431361010101SYL APPS6155
0431361020102LIONEL CONACHER644
0431361030103JIMMY FOWLER5920
0431361040104AL MURRAY830
0431361050105NEIL COLVILLE693
0431361060106PAUL RUNGE720
0431361070107MIKE KARAKAS810
0431361080108JOHN GALLAGHER665
0431361090109ALEX SHIBICKY714
0431361100110HERB CAIN741
0431361110111BILL McKENZIE822
0431361120112HAROLD JACKSON713
0431361130113ART WEIBE853
0431361140114JOFFRE DESILETS656
0431361150115EARL ROBINSON831
0431361160116CY WENTWORTH820
0431361170117EBBIE GOODFELLOW734
0431361180118EDDIE SHORE6135
0431361190119BUZZ BOLL51016
0431361200120WILFRED CUDE663
0431361210121HOWIE MORENZ6223
0431361220122RED HORNER840
0431361230123CHARLIE CONACHER860
0431361240124HARVEY JACKSON6127
0431361250125KING CLANCY697
0431361260126DAVE TROTTIER820
0431361270127RUSS BLINCO755
0431361280128LYNN PATRICK758
0431361290129AUREL JOLIAT841
0431361300130BALDY NORTHCOTT6124
0431361310131LARRY AURIE713
0431361320132HOOLEY SMITH743