1939 Murray Sons & Co. Bathing Belles: fabulous babes of 1939

fabulous babes of 1939 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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fabulous babes of 1939
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
05543900101DOLORES CASEY821
05543900202FRANCISKA GAAL910
05543900303BLANCA VISCHER910
05543900404GLADYS SWARTHOUT910
05543900505JANE HAMILTON910
05543900606MARIAN MARSH910
05543900707MURIEL EVANS910
05543900808ANN SHERIDAN910
05543900909JUNE KNIGHT1010
055439010010MAXINE JENNINGS910
055439011011TOBY WING831
055439012012FRANCES DRAKE910
055439013013JANE HAMILTON910
055439014014IRENE WARE920
055439015015ANN DVORAK820
055439016016SHEILA DARCY820
055439017017JEAN CHATBURN910
055439018018KITTY CARLISLE811
055439019019ANNE SHIRLEY1010
055439020020MAXINE REINER910
055439021021JUDITH BARRETT1010
055439022022ELEANORE WHITNEY920
055439023023GRACE BRADLEY920
055439024024MARY CARLISLE910
055439025025JUNE LANG910
055439026026MILDRED STONE910
055439027027JEAN PARKER910
055439028028MAXINE REINER920
055439029029IRIS ADRIAN8.510
055439030030GWEN KENYON920
055439031031MARY HOWARD820
055439033033LINDA PARKER920
055439034034GWEN LEE1010
055439035035ROSALIND KEITH910
055439036036IDA LUPINO910
055439037037FRANCES GIFFORD910
055439038038CECELIA PARKER910
055439039039GERTRUDE MICHAEL910
055439040040ARLINE JUDGE820