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Set Rating 14.742
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ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
U47859B229FULL1959 LEE PETTY FEB. 22/135.521 MPH31031Inaugural Daytona 500 ends in a Photo Finish
T478000017STUB1960 ROBERT G. JUNIOR JOHNSON FEB. 24/124.74 MPH23232 
T478000018STUB1961 MARVIN PANCH FEB. 26/149.601 MPH51010 
T478000021STUB1962 EDWARD G. FIREBALL ROBERTS FEB. 18/152.529 MPH61010 
T478000019STUB1963 DEWAYNE L. TINY LUND FEB. 24/151.566 MPH43131 
U478000038FULL1964 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 23/154.334 MPH61011 
U478000017FULL1965 FRED LORENZEN FEB. 14/141.539 MPH11014 
T478000003STUB1966 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 27/160.627 MPH41414 
T478000004STUB1967 MARIO ANDRETTI FEB. 26/146.926 MPH71111 
T478000005STUB1968 CALE YARBROUGH FEB. 25/143.251 MPH71010 
T478000006STUB1969 LEEROY YARBROUGH FEB. 23/157.950 MPH52121 
U478000033FULL1970 PETE HAMILTON FEB. 22/149.601 MPH11016 
U478000012FULL1971 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 14/144.462 MPH51030 
U478000013FULL1972 A.J. FOYT FEB. 20/161.55 MPH31023 
T478000008STUB1973 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 18/157.205 MPH52222 
U478000040FULL1974 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 17/140.894 MPH32042 
T478000009STUB1975 BENNY PARSONS FEB. 16/153.649 MPH21515 
U478000001FULL1976 DAVID PEARSON FEB. 15/152.181 MPH72021 
U478000016FULL1977 CALE YARBOROUGH FEB. 20/153.218 MPH41113 
U478000006FULL1978 BOBBY ALLISON FEB. 19/159.730 MPH81010 
U47879B189FULL1979 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 18/143.977 MPH81010The Fight
U478000003FULL1980 BUDDY BAKER FEB. 17/177.602 MPH84040 
U47881B159FULL1981 RICHARD PETTY FEB. 15/169.651 MPH81020 
U47882B149FULL1982 BOBBY ALLISON FEB. 14/153.991 MPH71021 
U47883B209FULL1983 CALE YARBOROUGH FEB. 20/155.979 MPH71011 
U478000009FULL1984 CALE YARBOROUGH FEB. 19/150.994 MPH61011 
U478000014FULL1985 BILL ELLIOTT FEB. 17/172.265 MPH82040 
U47886B169FULL1986 GEOFF BODINE FEB. 16/148.124 MPH81010 
U47887B159FULL1987 BILL ELLIOTT FEB. 15/176.263 MPH83050 
U47888B149FULL1988 BOBBY ALLISON FEB. 14/137.531 MPH11015 
T47889B199STUB1989 DARRELL WALTRIP FEB. 19/148.466 MPH52020 
T47890B189STUB1990 DERRIKE COPE FEB. 18/165.761 MPH41313 
U47891B179FULL1991 ERNIE IRVAN FEB. 17/148.148 MPH52233 
U478000005FULL1992 DAVEY ALLISON FEB. 16/160.256 MPH51132 
U47893B149FULL1993 DALE JARRETT FEB. 14/154.972 MPH42024 
U47894B209FULL1994 STERLING MARLIN FEB. 20/156.931 MPH51022 
U47895B199FULL1995 STERLING MARLIN FEB. 19/141.710 MPH4MK1025 
U47896B189FULL1996 DALE JARRETT FEB. 18/154.308 MPH52040 
U47897B169FULL1997 JEFF GORDON FEB. 16/148.295 MPH101010 
U47898B159FULL1998 DALE EARNHARDT FEB. 15/172.712 MPH81041Dale Earnhardt finally wins
U47899B149FULL1999 JEFF GORDON FEB. 14/161.551 MPH82030 
U47800B200FULL2000 DALE JARRETT FEB. 20/155.669 MPH71122 
U47801B180FULL2001 MICHAEL WALTRIP FEB. 18/161.783 MPH83041The Intimidator's last lap
U47802B170FULL2002 WARD BURTON FEB. 17/130.810 MPH71113 
U47803B160FULL2003 MICHAEL WALTRIP FEB. 16/133.870 MPH82020 
U47804B150FULL2004 DALE EARNHARDT JR. FEB. 15/156.345 MPH74050 
U47805B200FULL2005 JEFF GORDON FEB. 20/135.173 MPH61112 
U478000002FULL2006 JIMMIE JOHNSON FEB. 19/142.667 MPH62031 
U47807B180FULL2007 KEVIN HARVICK FEB. 18/149.335 MPH51121 
U478000004FULL2008 RYAN NEWMAN FEB. 17/152.672 MPH83031 
U478000011FULL2009 MATT KENSETH FEB. 15/132.816 MPH85252 
U478000019FULL2010 JAMIE MCMURRAY FEB. 14/137.284 MPH72121 
U478000022FULL2011 TREVOR BAYNE FEB. 20/130.326 MPH61113 
U478000037FULL2012 MATT KENSETH FEB. 27/140.256 MPH81111 
U478000039FULL2013 JIMMIE JOHNSON FEB. 24/159.25 MPH 43131 
U478000042FULL2014 DALE EARNHARDT JR FEB.23/145.290 MPH51313 
U478000045FULL2015 JOEY LOGANO FEB.22/161.393 MPH61010 
U478000010FULL2016 DENNY HAMLIN FEB.21/157.549 MPH104040 
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