1968-74 Hall of Fame Bookmarks - Basic: Goodlieu's 1968-74 HOF Bookmark Set

Goodlieu's 1968-74 HOF Bookmark Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: This oddball and EXTREMLY CONDITION SENSITIVE 46 card set was originally issued in 1968 from the Basketball HOF Bookstore. The following 9 cards were added and are one pain in the ass to find in any condition. 1969-Bernard Carnevale/Bob Davies(Holding Ball), 1970-Bob Cousy/Bob Petit/Abe Saperstein, 1971-John Roosma (Holding Ball), 1972-Dolph Schayes, 1973-Bob Davies (Portrait) and the 1974-Bill Russell. These cards all have "BASKETBALL HALL OF FAME-SPRINGFIELD MASS" printed on the bottom's except for the Abe Saperstein bookmark which has a extensive bio and they probably could not fit it.

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Goodlieu's 1968-74 HOF Bookmark Set
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No. PopSpec No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
H095680010 FORREST C. ALLEN102020Contributor
H095680020 ARNOLD J. AUERBACH94242Coach
H095680030 CLAIR F. BEE94040
H095680040 BERNHARD BORGMANN103030Player
H095680050 WALTER A. BROWN92121Contributor
H095680060 JOHN W. BUNN101010
H095680070 HOWARD G. CANN93030
H095680080 H. CLIFFORD CARLSON91111Coach
H095000007 BOB COUSY61111
H095000002 BOB DAVIES61020Player-Card Issued 1969-Holding a Ball
H095680090 EVERETT S. DEAN92020
H095680100 FORREST S. DEBERNARDI93232Player
H095680110 HENRY G. DEHNERT84242Player
H095680120 HAROLD E. FOSTER93131
H095680130 AMORY T. GILL94242Coach
H095680140 VICTOR A. HANSON102020Player
H095680150 EDWARD J. HICKOX85050
H095680160 PAUL D. HINKLE92121Contributor
H095680170 HOWARD A. HOBSON93030Coach
H095680180 NAT HOLMAN102020
H095680190 CHARLES D. HYATT101010Player
H095680200 HENRY P. IBA104040Coach
H095680210 EDWARD S. IRISH94040Contributor
H095680220 ALVIN F. JULIAN95151Coach
H095680230 MATTHEW P. KENNEDY102020Referee
H095680240 ROBERT A. KURLAND93131Player
H095680250 WARD L. LAMBERT92020
H095680260 JOE LAPCHICK101010
H095680270 KENNETH D. LOEFFLER85252Coach
H095680280 ANGELO LUISETTI8.53131Player
H095680290 ED MACAULEY94141Player
H095680300 BRANCH MCCRACKEN104040Player
H095680310 GEORGE MIKAN105050Player
H095680320 WILLIAM G. MOKRAY93030Contributor
H095680330 CHARLES C. MURPHY103030Player
H095680340 JAMES NAISMITH92121
H095000001 BOB PETTIT71111Player-Card issued 1970
H095680350 ANDY PHILLIP93030Player
H095680360 JOHN S. ROOSMA102020Player-Regular set card Portrait/ 1971-Holding Ball Special Issue card See ...
H095680370 ADOLPH F. RUPP101010
H095000008 BILL RUSSELL51111Player-Card issued 1974
H095680380 JOHN D. RUSSELL92121Player
H095000009 ABRAHAM M. SAPERSTEIN1.51212Contributor-Card Issued 1970
H095680390 ARTHUR A. SCHABINGER93030Contributor
H095000004 ADOLPH SCHAYES62020Player-Card Issued 1972
H095680400 AMOS ALONZO STAGG94242Contributor
H095680410 CHARLES H. TAYLOR103030Contributor
H095680420 JOHN A. THOMPSON95151Player
H095680430 DAVID TOBEY101010Referee
H095680440 OSWALD TOWER102020
H095680450 DAVID H. WALSH103030Referee
H095680460 JOHN R. WOODEN103030Coach/Player