1976 Wonder Bread: Cardboard Kid

Cardboard Kid - 29th

Current Statistics
Rank 29
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 9.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 9.000
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About this set: I remember going to the store with Mom and looking at every loaf in the store in order to complete the set. I collected the entire set at the age of 9, but not in this condition. I couldn't pass this up at the National in Cleveland of 2004.

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Cardboard Kid
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
08597600101CRAIG MORTON94621
08597600202CHUCK FOREMAN94219
08597600303FRANCO HARRIS910535
08597600404MEL GRAY94918
08597600505CHARLEY TAYLOR94826
08597600606RICHARD CASTER93417
08597600707GEORGE KUNZ93020
08597600808RAYFIELD WRIGHT94940
08597600909GENE UPSHAW96048
085976010010TOM MACK93724
085976011011LEN HAUSS94427
085976012012GARO YEPREMIAN93535
085976013013CEDRICK HARDMAN94247
085976014014JACK YOUNGBLOOD94640
085976015015WALLY CHAMBERS93431
085976016016JERRY SHERK94123
085976017017BILL BERGEY92726
085976018018JACK HAM97230
085976019019FRED CARR93216
085976020020JACK TATUM94344
085976021021CLIFF HARRIS94341
085976022022EMMITT THOMAS93421
085976023023KEN RILEY95622
085976024024RAY GUY94328