1956 Topps U.S. Presidents: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 25th

Current Statistics
Rank 25
Weighted GPA 8.029
Complete 94.44%
Set Rating 7.583
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About this set: The set is complete at 36 psa 8s.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
80145600101COMM. WASHINGTON8182
80145600303GEORGE WASHINGTON8294
80145600404JOHN ADAMS8198
80145600505THOMAS JEFFERSON8292
80145600606JAMES MADISON8247
80145600707THE WHITE HOUSE82915
80145600808JAMES MONROE84310
80145600909JOHN QUINCY ADAMS83214
801456010010ANDREW JACKSON8262
801456011011MARTIN VAN BUREN 
801456012012WM. HENRY HARRISON84012
801456013013JOHN TYLER 
801456014014JAMES K. POLK8410
801456015015ZACHARY TAYLOR8429
801456016016MILLARD FILLMORE8586
801456017017FRANKLIN PIERCE8515
801456018018JAMES BUCHANAN8419
801456019019ABRAHAM LINCOLN8344
801456020020ANDREW JOHNSON8356
801456021021ULYSSES S. GRANT83413
801456022022RUTHERFORD B. HAYES83524
801456023023JAMES A. GARFIELD83610
801456024024CHESTER A. ARTHUR84510
801456025025GROVER CLEVELAND8603
801456026026BENJAMIN HARRISON87518
801456027027WILLIAM McKINLEY8623
801456028028THEODORE ROOSEVELT8241
801456029029WILLIAM H. TAFT8313
801456030030WOODROW WILSON8337
801456031031WARREN G. HARDING8363
801456032032CALVIN COOLIDGE84913
801456033033HERBERT C. HOOVER83014
801456034034FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT85310
801456035035HARRY S. TRUMAN85910
801456036036DWIGHT D.EISENHOWER8387