1962 Topps Chicago Cubs: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 10th

Current Statistics
Rank 10
Weighted GPA 8.127
Complete 96.15%
Set Rating 7.926
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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradeSpec No.
Spec No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
0101620250251962 TOPPS ERNIE BANKS81982219822
0101620470471962 TOPPS BOB WILL8684684
0101620660661962 TOPPS CUNO BARRAGON/BARRAGAN8769769
0101620890891962 TOPPS BARNEY SCHULTZ8899899
01016211901191962 TOPPS DANNY MURPHY863156416
01016217001701962 TOPPS RON SANTO81651617321
01016219101911962 TOPPS JIM BREWER8697728
01016224002401962 TOPPS GEORGE ALTMAN8578578
01016226402641962 TOPPS DICK ELLSWORTH81051410514
01016227402741962 TOPPS SAMMY TAYLOR814881488
01016228802881962 TOPPS BILLY WILLIAMS8505505
01016230903091962 TOPPS MOE MORHARDT8464464
01016235903591962 TOPPS BOBBY LOCKE8330330
01016237203721962 TOPPS JACK CURTIS875157515
01016238703871962 TOPPS LOU BROCK82193921939
01016244604461962 TOPPS DON ELSTON8786786
01016245814581962 TOPPS BOB BUHL/M ON CAP 
01016245824581962 TOPPS BOB BUHL/PLAIN CAP859105910
01016246104611962 TOPPS KEN HUBBS9170170
01016247704771962 TOPPS ANDRE RODGERS856105610
01016249504951962 TOPPS DON CARDWELL868116811
01016254605461962 TOPPS MOE THACKER/SP81352613526
01016255205521962 TOPPS CHICAGO CUBS TEAM/SP81252312523
01016255705571962 TOPPS BOB ANDERSON/SP81032010320
01016258505851962 TOPPS GLEN HOBBIE/SP81051510515
01016259705971962 TOPPS ROOKIE PARADE INFIELDERS890119011