1951 Topps Red Back - Basic: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 15th

Current Statistics
Rank 15
Weighted GPA 8.623
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.623
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About this set: Bought as ungraded "mint" from famous "mint" dealer this set is anything but with results back from early submissions all over the spectrum. Since then however a lot of upgrading has occurred(most recently from Neil)and the set now stands complete at 30 psa 9s, 1 8.5 and 21 psa 8s.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01715100101YOGI BERRA89221
01715100202SID GORDON83419
01715100303FERRIS FAIN9230
01715100404VERN STEPHENS83111
01715100505PHIL RIZZUTO9310
01715100606ALLIE REYNOLDS85131
01715100707HOWIE POLLET84327
01715100808EARLY WYNN87925
01715100909ROY SIEVERS8.5124
017151010010MEL PARNELL9140
017151011011GENE HERMANSKI9290
017151012012JIM HEGAN9392
017151013013DALE MITCHELL9361
017151014014WAYNE TERWILLIGER9440
017151015015RALPH KINER9401
017151016016PREACHER ROE9431
017151017017DAVE BELL84425
017151018018GERRY COLEMAN9592
017151019019DICK KOKOS9431
017151020020DOM DiMAGGIO9180
017151021021LARRY JANSEN85817
017151022022BOB FELLER9322
017151023023RAY BOONE83722
017151024024HANK BAUER9220
017151025025CLIFF CHAMBERS84930
017151026026LUKE EASTER85626
017151027027WALLY WESTLAKE9340
017151028028ELMER VALO9350
017151029029BOB KENNEDY9211
017151030030WARREN SPAHN9673
017151031031GIL HODGES9260
017151032032HENRY THOMPSON87822
017151033033WILLIAM WERLE9182
017151034034GRADY HATTON9210
017151035035AL ROSEN84130
017151036036GUS ZERNIAL8127
017151037037WES WESTRUM84418
017151038038DUKE SNIDER9621
017151039039TED KLUSZEWSKI9480
017151040040MIKE GARCIA84619
017151041041WHITEY LOCKMAN9340
017151042042RAY SCARBOROUGH87328
017151043043MAURICE McDERMOTT9351
017151044044SID HUDSON9420
017151045045ANDY SEMINICK84018
017151046046BILLY GOODMAN9380
017151047047TOMMY GLAVIANO9361
017151048048EDDIE STANKY9211
017151049049AL ZARILLA8437
017151050050MONTE IRVIN9421
017151051051EDDIE ROBINSON83918
017151052052TOMMY HOLMES8200