1951 Topps Blue Back: The Crandell Collection

The Crandell Collection - 16th

Current Statistics
Rank 16
Weighted GPA 8.239
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.239
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About this set: Originally submitted as an ungraded set, grades came back all over the lot. Since then have been upgrading and set now stands at 8 psa 9s, 43 psa 8s and 1 psa 7(Waitkus-#51). Want to upgrade the Waitkus to complete the set in psa 8 or better.

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The Crandell Collection
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
01615100101EDDIE YOST8245
01615100202HANK MAJESKI9261
01615100303RICHIE ASHBURN85022
01615100404DEL ENNIS9210
01615100505JOHNNY PESKY83127
01615100606RED SCHOENDIENST9320
01615100707GERALD STALEY84416
01615100808DICK SISLER81613
01615100909JOHNNY SAIN9220
016151010010JOE PAGE82213
016151011011JOHNNY GROTH82316
016151012012SAM JETHROE83322
016151013013MICKEY VERNON83117
016151014014GEORGE MUNGER82414
016151015015EDDIE JOOST83610
016151016016MURRY DICKSON82715
016151017017ROY SMALLEY83124
016151018018NED GARVER8165
016151019019PHIL MASI83515
016151020020RALPH BRANCA82627
016151021021BILLY JOHNSON82115
016151022022BOB KUZAVA82925
016151023023DIZZY TROUT83221
016151024024SHERMAN LOLLAR8188
016151025025SAM MELE82427
016151026026CHICO CARRASQUEL8247
016151027027ANDY PAFKO82912
016151028028HARRY BRECHEEN82617
016151029029GRANNY HAMNER82913
016151030030ENOS SLAUGHTER83919
016151031031LOU BRISSIE82916
016151032032BOB ELLIOTT82611
016151033033DON LENHARDT9280
016151034034EARL TORGESON9170
016151035035TOMMY BYRNE82931
016151036036CLIFF FANNIN9240
016151037037BOBBY DOERR84529
016151038038IRV NOREN82619
016151039039ED LOPAT9320
016151040040VIC WERTZ83012
016151041041JOHNNY SCHMITZ83020
016151042042BRUCE EDWARDS82113
016151043043WILLIE JONES83111
016151044044JOHNNY WYROSTEK83115
016151045045BILL PIERCE81812
016151046046GERRY PRIDDY9131
016151047047HERMAN WEHMEIER82926
016151048048BILLY COX83124
016151049049HANK SAUER8247
016151050050JOHNNY MIZE9241
016151051051EDDIE WAITKUS8134
016151052052SAM CHAPMAN8157