1963 Topps: Museum of Sports History

Museum of Sports History - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 8.731
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.731
Retired Statistics (4/8/2009)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 8.355
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.355
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Museum of Sports History
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
02016300101JOHNNY UNITAS8394
02016300202LENNY MOORE8364
02016300303JIMMY ORR8183
02016300404RAYMOND BERRY8549
02016300505JIM PARKER951
02016300606ALEX SANDUSKY940
02016300707DICK SZYMANSKI960
02016300808GINO MARCHETTI8688
02016300909BILLY RAY SMITH930
020163010010BILL PELLINGTON8271
020163011011BOB BOYD8220
020163012012BALTIMORE COLTS SP8242
020163013013FRANK RYAN SP920
020163014014JIM BROWN SP891101/23/06 See also J. Brown Player Sets. DB
020163015015RAY RENFRO SP8415
020163016016RICH KREITLING SP951
020163017017MIKE MCCORMACK SP8314
020163018018JIM RAY SMITH SP8432
020163019019LOU GROZA SP83711/23/06 See also L. Groza player sets. DB
020163020020BILL GLASS SP8404
020163021021GALEN FISS SP8185
020163022022DON FLEMING RC SP8252
020163023023BOB GAIN SP893
020163024024CLEVELAND BROWNS SP8120
020163025025MILT PLUM920
020163026026DAN LEWIS971
020163027027NICK PIETROSANTE8562
020163028028GAIL COGDILL960
020163029029HARLEY SEWELL8458
020163030030JIM GIBBONS8637
020163032032DICK LANE8705
020163033033YALE LARY8446
020163034034ROGER BROWN84961/23/06 See also All-Time Lions. DB
020163035035JOE SCHMIDT8301
020163036036DETROIT LIONS SP930
020163037037ROMAN GABRIEL8372
020163038038ZEKE BRATKOWSKI960
020163039039DICK BASS8443
020163040040JON ARNETT980
020163041041JIM PHILLIPS8525
020163042042FRANK VARRICHIONE980
020163043043DANNY VILLANUEVA8435
020163044044DEACON JONES911012/2/05 See 1960's Team of the Decade, All-Time NFL Defense, HOF Rookie Pla...
020163045045LINDON CROW8435
020163046046MARLIN MCKEEVER961
020163047047ED MEADOR8284
020163048048LOS ANGELES RAMS940
020163049049Y.A.TITTLE SP930
020163050050DEL SHOFNER SP8359
020163051051ALEX WEBSTER SP950
020163052052PHIL KING SP8579
020163053053JACK STROUD SP940
020163054054DARRELL DESS SP8434
020163055055JIM KATCAVAGE SP8354
020163056056ROOSEVELT GRIER SP981
020163057057ERICH BARNES SP83416
020163058058JIM PATTON SP86213
020163059059SAM HUFF SP8423
020163060060NEW YORK GIANTS950
020163061061BILL WADE73513
020163062062MIKE DITKA91401/23/06 See also M. Ditka Player Sets. DB
020163063063JOHNNY MORRIS8291
020163064064ROGER LECLERC971
020163065065ROGER DAVIS8361
020163066066JOE MARCONI941
020163067067HERMAN LEE8405
020163068068DOUG ATKINS8566
020163069069JOE FORTUNATO8294
020163070070BILL GEORGE8706
020163071071RICHIE PETITBON8242
020163072072BEARS TEAM SP8231
020163073073EDDIE LEBARON SP8292
020163074074DON MEREDITH SP9501/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys. DB
020163075075DON PERKINS SP82821/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys. DB
020163076076AMOS MARSH SP85261/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys. DB
020163077077BILLY HOWTON SP82801/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys. DB
020163078078ANDY CVERCKO SP8443
020163079079SAM BAKER SP8283
020163080080JERRY TUBBS SP83401/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys. DB
020163081081DON BISHOP SP8304
020163082082BOB LILLY RC SP9801/23/06 See also All-Time Cowboy Rookies, All-Time Cowboys, 1960's & 1970's...
020163083083JERRY NORTON SP82851/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys. DB
020163084084COWBOYS TEAM SP83541/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Dallas Cowboys. DB
020163086086BART STARR86061/23/06 See also B. Starr Player sets, 1963 Topps Green Bay Packers. DB
020163087087JIM TAYLOR86971/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Green Bay Packers & HOF Players. DB
020163088088BOYD DOWLER8406
020163089089FORREST GREGG88771/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Green Bay Packers. DB
020163090090FUZZY THURSTON8552
020163091091JIM RINGO9100
020163092092RON KRAMER861101/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Green Bay Packers. DB
020163093093HANK JORDAN88241/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Green Bay Packers. DB
020163094094BILL FORESTER85461/23/06 See also 1963 Topps Green Bay Packers. DB
020163095095WILLIE WOOD916210/2/05 See also All-Time Packers, HOF Players & HOF Rookie Players sets. D...
020163096096RAY NITSCHKE911011/08/05 See also All-Time NFL Defense, 1963 Topps Green Bay Packers, HOF R...
020163097097GREEN BAY PACKERS950
020163098098FRAN TARKENTON86531/23/06 See also F. Tarkenton Player Sets. DB
020163099099TOMMY MASON970
0201631000100MEL TRIPLETT8402
0201631010101JERRY REICHOW9101
0201631020102FRANK YOUSO8423
0201631030103HUGH MCELHENNY8847
0201631040104GERALD HUTH8414
0201631050105ED SHAROCKMAN971
0201631060106RIP HAWKINS8449
0201631070107JIM MARSHALL91004/23/06 See also All-Time Vikings. DB
0201631080108JIM PRESTEL8337
0201631090109MINNESOTA VIKINGS950
0201631100110SONNY JURGENSEN SP82031/23/06 See also S. Jurgensen Player Sets. DB
0201631110111TIMMY BROWN RC SP8283
0201631120112TOMMY MCDONALD SP8160
0201631130113CLARENCE PEAKS SP940
0201631140114PETE RETZLAFF SP930
0201631150115JIM SCHRADER SP8361
0201631160116JIM MCCUSKER SP8382
0201631170117DON BURROUGHS SP8442
0201631180118MAXIE BAUGHAN SP8250
0201631190119RILEY GUNNELS SP8321
0201631200120JIMMY CARR SP8152
0201631220122ED BROWN SP7244
0201631230123JOHN H.JOHNSON SP8132
0201631240124BUDDY DIAL SP8120
0201631250125BILL RED MACK SP8220
0201631260126PRESTON CARPENTER SP8202
0201631270127RAY LEMEK SP8306
0201631280128BUZZ NUTTER SP920
0201631290129ERNIE STAUTNER SP8373
0201631300130LOU MICHAELS SP920
0201631310131CLENDON THOMAS RC SP920
0201631320132TOM BETTIS SP8120
0201631340134JOHN BRODIE73728
0201631350135J.D. SMITH940
0201631360136BILLY KILMER83731/23/06 See also Billy Kilmer Player Sets. DB
0201631370137BERNIE CASEY960
0201631380138TOMMY DAVIS940
0201631390139TED CONNOLLY960
0201631400140BOB ST.CLAIR970
0201631410141ABE WOODSON9140
0201631420142MATT HAZELTINE8757
0201631430143LEO NOMELLINI9101
0201631440144DAN COLCHICO8429
0201631450145SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS SP72511
0201631460146CHARLIE JOHNSON930triple s
0201631470147JOHN DAVID CROW84211
0201631480148BOBBY JOE CONRAD970
0201631490149SONNY RANDLE9110
0201631500150PRENTICE GAUTT9100
0201631510151TAZ ANDERSON9130
0201631520152ERNIE MCMILLAN8797
0201631530153JIMMY HILL9100
0201631540154BILL KOMAN9120
0201631550155LARRY WILSON1010
0201631560156DON OWENS980
0201631570157ST. LOUIS CARDINALS SP8364
0201631580158NORM SNEAD SP82501/23/06 See also N. Nsead Player Sets. DB
0201631590159BOBBY MITCHELL SP8424
0201631600160BILL BARNES SP8262
0201631610161FRED DUGAN SP940
0201631620162DON BOSSELER SP960
0201631630163JOHN NISBY SP1010
0201631640164RILEY MATTSON SP8276
0201631650165BOB TONEFF SP8281
0201631660166ROD BREEDLOVE SP8170
0201631670167DICK JAMES SP8171
0201631680168CLAUDE CRABB SP72710