1911-12 C55 - Basic: Northern Lights

Northern Lights - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 7.184
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 7.184
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Northern Lights
Spec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
40551100101PADDY MORAN7.510
40551100202JOE HALL741
40551100303BARNEY HOLDEN742
40551100404JOE MALONE712
40551100505ED OATMAN832
40551100606TOM DUNDERDALE851
40551100707KEN MALLEN7.530
40551100808JACK MacDONALD810
40551100909FRED LAKE811
405511010010ALBERT KERR7.521
405511011011MARTY WALSH820
405511012012HAMBY SHORE763
405511013013ALEX CURRIE840
405511014014BRUCE RIDPATH7.551
405511015015BRUCE STUART783
405511016016PERCY LESUEUR761
405511017017JACK DARRAGH773
405511018018STEVE VAIR820
405511019019DON SMITH820
405511020020CYCLONE TAYLOR6238
405511021021BERT LINDSAY6.537
405511022022LARRY GILMOUR742
405511023023BOBBY ROWE783
405511024024SPRAGUE CLEGHORN840
405511025025ODIE CLEGHORN810
405511026026SKEIN RONAN7101
405511027127WALTER SMAILL810
405511028028ERNIE JOHNSON783
405511029029JACK MARSHALL772
405511030030HARRY HYLAND830
405511031031ARTHUR ROSS7.521
405511032032RILEY HERN7112
405511033033GORDON ROBERTS742
405511034034F. GLASS811
405511035035ERNEST RUSSELL7102
405511036036JAMES GARDINER7.511
405511037037ARTHUR BERNIER741
405511038038GEORGES VEZINA791
405511039039G. (HENRI) DALLAIRE7134
405511040040R (ROCKET) POWER6207
405511041041D.PIT PITRE6.515
405511042042E.D. LALONDE742
405511043043EUGENE PAYAN831
405511044044GEORGE POULIN6167
405511045045JACK LAVIOLETTE6.533