1954-55 Topps: Cardboard Kid

Cardboard Kid - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 8.250
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 8.250
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About this set: It's been a long road, but I've finally accomplished my goal of a complete set in PSA 8 or higher in what I feel is the greatest hockey set on earth. I never thought it possible, but I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to a few people for all their help along the way, including Mark, Jim, Paul, Kirk and Marty. The only thing now to do is find 9's. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any 9's.

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Cardboard Kid
ImageSpec No.Card#ItemGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
04015400101DICK GAMBLE8211
04015400202BOB CHRYSTAL8170
04015400303HARRY HOWELL8241
04015400404JOHNNY WILSON8351
04015400505RED KELLY8403
04015400606REAL CHEVREFILS8250
04015400707BOB ARMSTRONG910
04015400808GORDIE HOWE8493
04015400909BENNY WOIT920
040154010010GUMP WORSLEY8421
040154011011ANDY BATHGATE8474
040154012012BUCKY HOLLINGWORTH8342
040154013013RAY TIMGREN950
040154014014JACK EVANS920
040154015015PAUL RONTY930
040154016016GLEN SKOV960
040154017017GUS MORTSON950
040154018018DOUG MOHNS8471
040154019019LEO LaBINE910
040154020020BILL GADSBY8323
040154021021JERRY TOPPAZZINI8376
040154023023DANNY LEWICKI8414
040154024024METRO PRYSTAI8402
040154025025FERN FLAMAN920
040154026026AL ROLLINS960
040154027027MARCEL PRONOVOST8533
040154028028LOU JANKOWSKI940
040154029029NICK MICKOSKI930
040154030030FRANK MARTIN920
040154031031LORNE FERGUSON930
040154032032CAMILLE HENRY910
040154033033PETE CONACHER920
040154034034MARTY PAVELICH8.510
040154035035DON McKENNEY8341
040154036036FLEMING MACKELL8354
040154037037JIM HENRY8441
040154038038HAL LAYCOE8533
040154039039ALEX DELVECCHIO8583
040154040040LARRY WILSON960
040154041041ALLAN STANLEY8313
040154042042GEORGE SULLIVAN8373
040154043043JACK McINTYRE8390
040154044044IVAN IRWIN8371
040154045045TONY LESWICK920
040154046046BOB GOLDHAM920
040154047047CAL GARDNER8420
040154048048ED SANDFORD8260
040154049049BILL QUACKENBUSH920
040154050050WARREN GODFREY8384
040154051051TED LINDSAY8.522
040154052052EARL REIBEL920
040154053053DON RALEIGH940
040154054054BILL MOSIENKO8.512
040154055055LARRY POPEIN8210
040154056056EDGAR LAPRADE8250
040154057057BILL DINEEN8221
040154058058TERRY SAWCHUK8233
040154059059MARCEL BONIN8190
040154060060MILT SCHMIDT8131