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I want to personally invite you to become a member of PSA's Collectors Club. We have packed a ton of value into our membership. The free grading alone is worth the 'price of admission,' but you also receive a year subscription to our monthly SMR magazine and a special collector gift, just for signing up. A PSA Collectors Club membership can help improve your hobby experience and help maximize the value of your collectibles. We hope you join.


Joe Orlando - President, PSA

Join the PSA Collectors Club

Your free card grades will get you started plus you will receive access to tools essential for maximizing the value of your entire collection.

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  • Tell me more about the encapsulation of my trading cards.

    Every card graded by PSA is encapsulated in our tamper-evident, sonically sealed, high-security capsule. These visually appealing, optical-grade, hard plastic holders provide a secure, firm fit that safeguards your card from pressure and most damage. Once encased, you can rest assured that your cards will remain intact, barring an extraordinary event such as flood or fire. The PSA storage capsule provides excellent long-term protection for your cards.

    Pertinent Manufacturer &
    Athlete Labeling.
    Card Number &
    10 Point Grading Scale
    Unique Serial Number
    for Online Set Registry
    Tamper-Evident Edges
  • What will my cards be worth after they are graded?

    Great question. You can look up card values by grade within the SMR Price Guide. The SMR is just one of many free tools PSA provides to enhance your hobby experience.

    • SMR Online Price Guide Access

      You need pricing. The SMR delivers. From Babe Ruth to Bryce Harper, know the market values for all the top PSA-graded cards in the hobby. The SMR provides pricing for all relevant PSA-grades as well as links to live market activity on eBay.

    • PSA Population Report Access

      Curious if any Yogi Berra 1948 Bowman cards have received a PSA-10 grade? The PSA Population Report will tell you, as well as every other card that has ever been graded by PSA. Talk about powerful data - you can know the exact market supply before your next purchase or sale.

    • PSA Set Registry® Access

      Sports Are Competitive. Why Should Collecting Be Any Different? Think you've got the best stuff in the hobby - prove it. It's free and easy to compete for the top known sets in the hobby or simply showcase your cards online using the PSA Set Registry.

    • PSA CardFacts Access

      Someone should make an encyclopedia for Sports Cards. Don't worry we did. Access the industry's first all-inclusive collectibles database for trading cards. This online trading card encyclopedia features images, checklists, valuations, auction results and more - all at your fingertips.

    • PSA CollectibleFacts Access

      Someone should make an encyclopedia for Sports Collectibles. Yeah, we did that too. Use the industry's first all-inclusive collectibles database for autographs, tickets, and professional model bats. This encyclopedic resource provides signature examplars, pricing and more - all to give you the information you need to build the best collection possible.

    • PSA Insider Newsletter Access

      We bring the Hobby to You, Delivered Fresh to your Inbox. Bi-weekly reports on what matters to your collection - the latest news from the hobby, exclusive editorial content, auction updates and members specials.

  • Can I send my free submissions the same day I sign up for Collectors Club?

    Yes, you can submit your cards the same day. Please wait for an email to be sent to you with all your voucher and customer information.

  • Do I get instant access to anything after I sign up?

    Yes! As a PSA Collectors Club Members, you will receive instant access to PSA's Monthly Specials, including discounted pricing on submissions. Please log in to our online submission center.

  • Can I submit the free submissions at different times?

    In order to use the free grading voucher, we recommend that you submit all cards (six or fifteen, respectively) at one time. You have the duration of your membership to submit the Collectors Club free submissions so be sure to refer to the expiration date listed on the membership email. Also, keep in mind that your voucher entitles your cards to a seven-business-day turnaround (approximate). Maximum value per card allowed is $499 and T3s, tickets, packs and dual service items cannot be submitted using the voucher.

  • How does the grading process work and how many graders see my card?

    When card grading submissions are received by PSA we organize them by their service level, assign an anonymous order number, and then they are placed in a queue to be graded. A minimum of 2 graders will grade each card. Some cards will require more graders for a variety of reasons. Cards are graded on a 10 point scale that is recognized industry-wide.