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2016 PSA Set Registry Award Winners Announced!
With over 100,000 sets registered, the judges had a daunting task in selecting this years winners. We thank you, our members, for making the PSA Set Registry bigger and better with every year. Congratulations to everyone!

Click here to view the list of 2016 Hall of Fame inductees.
Click here to view the list of 2016 Gold Star recipients.
To view the list of 2016 Best of the Registry winners, please click on the corresponding category.

For more information about the PSA Set Registry awards, please click here.

2016 PSA Set Registry Luncheon
The PSA Set Registry Luncheon at the National is scheduled for Friday, August 5th. Email invitations have been sent. If you haven't already done so, please be sure to RSVP to [email protected] no later than 7/22.

New Set Composite Online

Boy Scouts of America Founders (Any Medium)

New Set Composite Online

2016 HA Art of Football Series 1

New Set Composite Online
500 Stolen Base Club Single Signed Baseballs 

New Feature
In My Preferences, as new items are added to set composites which could lower your completion factor, you can elect to receive an email to let you know which items have been added.