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1954 Dan-Dee Potato Chips

1954 Dan-Dee Potato Chips Mickey Mantle
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The Dan-Dee set consists of 29 unnumbered cards issued in bags of potato chips. Each card measures 2-1/2" by 3-5/8" and features color images of the respective player with a white rectangular area with black border at the bottom portion bearing the players name, facsimile signature, and product name; the backs have player statistics and biographies. The set consists mostly of players from the Cleveland Indians and Pittsburgh Pirates and is anchored by the short print examples of Frank Thomas, Paul Smith and Walker Cooper, as well as such Hall of Famers and stars as Larry Doby Bob Feller, Gil Hodges, Monte Irwin, Bob Lemon, Al Lopez, Mickey Mantle, Phil Rizzuto and Duke Snider. Because of their placement in the snack, high-grade examples are difficult to find, with most bearing grease stains on their waxed surface, as well as being plagued by natural but visually unattractive centering issues. The key card to this regional set belongs to Mantle, who was absent from the 1954 Topps production.

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