1948 Leaf

Sammy Baugh

1948 Leaf 34 Sammy Baugh

Samuel Adrian “Slingin’ Sammy” Baugh (1914-2008) (QB/DB/P) signed a contract to play for the St. Louis Cardinals, straight out of Texas Christian University, but eventually quit baseball in favor if football due to his position on the Cardinals depth chart. Slingin’ Sammy was a two-time All-American in 1935 and 1936 and the Washington Redskins drafted him as the sixth pick overall in the first round of the 1937 NFL Draft. Baugh redefined the quarterback position by utilizing the forward pass and setting an NFL record in his rookie season with 91 completions in 218 attempts, for a league leading 1,127 yards. He earned his first of seven All-Pro selections during that 1937 campaign and drove his Washington Redskins team to the NFA Championship over the Chicago Bears. Sammy set an NFL rookie playoff passing record against the Bears with 355 yards. He led the Redskins to four more championship games (1940, 1942, 1943, 1945) capturing league title in 1942 and 1943. Sammy was a five-time All-Star selection, was elected to the 1951 Pro Bowl and named the NFL Player of the Year in 1947 and 1948. At the time of his retirement, Baugh had set 13 NFL records, two of which still stand – most seasons leading he league in passing (6) (shared with Steve Young) and most seasons leading the league in lowest interception percentage (5). Sammy retired after the 1952 seasons with 21,886 career yards, 1,693 completions in 2,995 attempts while adding 187 touchdowns and 203 interceptions. Sammy Baugh was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963. Sammy spent time coaching in the American Football League after retiring from playing and could also be found acting on the big screen in 1941 in the serial King of the Texas Rangers.

Card Number EX 5 EX-MT 6 NM 7 NM+ 7.5 NM-MT 8 NM-MT+ 8.5 MT 9
34 $325 $775 $1,765 $3,250 $8,000 $11,500 $17,500
Auth 1Q 1 1.5Q 1.5 2Q 2 2.5 3Q 3 3.5 4Q 4 4.5 5Q 5 5.5 6Q 6 6.5 7Q 7 7.5 8Q 8 8.5 9Q 9 10 Total
1 9 1 11 2 25 2 1 44 3 4 61 3 5 48 8 7 17 1 3 15 2 1 274
Condition Census (Explain)
Pos Grade Thumbnail Pedigree and History
1 MINT 9
2 NM-MT+ 8.5
2 NM-MT+ 8.5
3 NM-MT 8 (15)
Public Auctions
Grade Price Date Firm Sale Lot #
NM-MT 8 $8,495 May-2015 Mile High Card Company May 2011 1821
EX-MT 6 $556 Mar-2015 SCP Auctions SCP Auctions September 2007 Internet Auction 1109
EX-MT 6 $960 Oct-2014 Greg Bussineau Auctions Summer 2009 Vintage Trading Cards and Memorabilia Auction 326
EX-MT 6 $835 Oct-2014 Goodwin and Co. Auctions Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XXII 701
EX-MT 6 $835 Oct-2014 Goodwin and Co. Auctions Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XXVII 393
NM 7 $1,634 Oct-2014 Goodwin and Co. Auctions Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XV 423
NM-MT 8 $8,833 Oct-2014 Goodwin and Co. Auctions Masterpieces and Uncommon Commons XXXI 63
NM-MT 8 $7,320 Jan-2011 Memory Lane, Inc. The Big Game II Football Only 11
NM 7 $1,429 Jul-2010 Memory Lane, Inc. Sizziling Summer 2010 545
EX-MT 6 $428 Mar-2010 Memory Lane, Inc. Springtime Classic 2010 650
EX 5 $377 Jan-2010 Memory Lane, Inc. The Big Game Football Only 80
NM 7 $2,092 Jan-2010 Memory Lane, Inc. The Big Game Football Only 79
NM+ 7.5 (0) $8,225 Jan-2010 Robert Edward Auctions 2010 Auction 1511
NM 7 $2,216 Nov-2007 Memory Lane, Inc. Serious Rarities 858

From The Experts

This is the key card in the 1948 Leaf set and an important rookie card of a quarterback legend. In a set that contains a hoard of key rookie cards such as those featuring Hall of Fame legends Leo Nomellini and Chuck Bednarik, this card is the most desirable of all. After college, Sammy Baugh signed with the St. Louis Cardinals as a third baseman but quickly changed his mind and set his sights on football. Slingin' Sammy became one of the most accurate passers of all-time. He would lead the league in passing six times, using a combination of short passes and long bombs. Baugh led the Washington Redskins to five championship games and was one of the charter members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963. Like several other football players of the era, Baugh was extremely versatile. In 1943, Baugh led the league in passing, punting and interceptions! As a punter, Baugh is still considered one of the best ever. In fact, his single season punting average of 51.4 yards per punt remains the record today. He finished his career with 21,886 passing yards and 187 touchdowns. While Baugh does have a Bowman rookie card, this Leaf issue is considered slightly more desirable. This card is subject to the typical condition obstacles associated with the issue, including poor centering, print defects, toning and inconsistent print quality.