PSA AutographFacts™ is the ultimate online resource for the most coveted signatures from the world of sports, history and entertainment. From legendary baseball players to U.S. Presidents to music icons, each signor is profiled in detail. Unlike most other manufactured collectibles, autographs connect the collector with the subject as a result of the personal touch.

Each page found within PSA AutographFacts™ contains crucial information about the signor in the form of biographical information, as well as key points about their autographs and how they evolved over time. For example, you can see the dramatic change in Mickey Mantle's signature, from his simplistic rookie-era style to his more flamboyant autograph later in life. In addition, key information about things such as signing habits, scarcity and autograph variations are also noted. Finally, each page contains images which help illustrate these noteworthy traits.

The individual signor pages contain multiple components including images of autographs on a variety of mediums, a brief signor biography, an autograph profile of each subject, the SMR Price Guide values, noteworthy auction prices realized, links to related articles and more. It is our intent to offer the most comprehensive resource for hobbyists as they build and maintain their treasured collections!


Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is the largest and most trusted third party grading and authentication company in the world. Cards and collectibles graded by PSA are worth considerably more than those that are not – and for good reason. As the grading standard of the industry, PSA is the preferred choice of collectors, dealers and auction houses worldwide. Since 1991, PSA has processed and graded over 19 million collectibles with a cumulative value of well over a billion dollars. As the industry leader in third party grading, PSA has created a market in which collectors can participate with complete confidence and trust.