Every town in America has a Main Street. It's the place you go to buy what you need, sell what you don't, or market what you've made. It's where you catch up with friends and acquaintances and find out what's going on in the community around you. Most importantly, it's a place you go to find products, services and information you trust. And it's the idea behind the new internet business destination 7Mainstreet.com.

While this exciting, multi-faceted website is designed to benefit virtually every industry and business category, it is especially pertinent and applicable for individuals and businesses in the collecting world. The brainchild of well-known and respected sports collectors Andy and Ron Leff, 7Mainstreet.com was created, in part, to provide a choice for collectors with an alternative to eBay.

"For us, buying and selling collectibles on eBay has always been less than satisfying," says Andy Leff. "It's very easy to get nickel and dimed to death with charges that eat into your profits. And that's if you're lucky enough to sell your item. Unfortunately, no eBay sale does not mean no eBay charges, so collectors are often left holding the bag."

According to Leff, the fees associated with eBay and the uncertainty of a no-sale often result in sellers not purchasing the promotional features that would help highlight their items. "It's a no win situation for everyone; the seller who can't sell a great item and the buyer often overlooks a great opportunity because it wasn't properly showcased."

One of the main components of 7Mainstreet.com is designed to end this vicious eBay circle by eliminating all upfront and feature fees. 7Mainstreet.com features a Marketplace section that will allow both individuals and businesses to post items or services for sale. Each listing will be allowed 3 pictures, a video, and 1500 word description without any charges. Once the item sells, and only if the item sells will a reduced sliding commission rate starting at 5.5% be assessed.

"By ensuring that every item is displayed in its best possible light, everyone comes out ahead," says Leff. "The seller gets the highest price the market will bear, the buyer finds exactly what he is looking for and we receive a commission only when we do our job right. There simply is no downside for anyone in the 7Mainstreet Marketplace."

While the advantages of 7Mainstreet.com are obvious to individuals and small businesses, larger firms are also touting the website's virtues. Doug Allen, COO and president of Mastro Auctions, the world's premier Sports and Americana auction house says 7Mainstreet is a welcome addition to the company's vendor portfolio. "Frequently, Mastro Auctions sells items acquired through consignment deals that for a variety of reasons, do not fit one of our established auction platforms," says Allen. "7Mainstreet.com supplies the ideal, enhanced venue to offer these items with the potential for increased profit margins." Their 7Mainstreet address is http://www.7mainstreet.com/mastroauctions.

Increased revenue streams aren't the only benefits of 7Mainstreet.com. Dealers such as John Brigandi, owner of Brigandi Coins located in New York City, claims that uploading items to the site's Marketplace section is a snap. "It's so much easier than eBay," says Brigandi. "There's only two steps involved and it's five time faster." Check out his site at http://www.7mainstreet.com/brigandi_coin_company.

In addition to free Marketplace listings and considerable promotional benefits, 7Mainstreet also offers an extensive business directory that can be joined without charge. Website design services are available for a nominal fee of $600 and provide a quick, easy and affordable way to get a professional web presence. This directory supplies convenient access to a variety of businesses and services. It's the ideal way to expand market exposure to a worldwide internet audience without even incurring a hosting fee.

Staying connected and informed is critical on Main Street and on streets around the world. That's why 7Mainstreet.com will also feature blogs and the ability to personally connect and pursue dialogue with other website members. "Information is the key to good business, and for that matter, life decisions," says Leff. "Think of this area of the website as the local coffee shop, but on a worldwide scale with a rich tapestry of industry leaders and local experts sharing a collective wealth of experience and insight. In short order, we expect 7Mainstreet.com to be the 'must go to' blog for collectors."

Sound too good to be true? Andy and Ron Leff understand there may be some skepticism regarding a no upfront fees, free access website, especially in today's economy. But according to both of them, it is exactly the current state of the economy that makes such a site relevant. "Everyone is insisting on value," says Ron Leff. "Members only pay for 7Mainstreet.com's services when they have proved successful - when they are satisfied customers. We understand that some members may be leery of being treated as well as they were when business was conducted solely on the trusted Main Streets of America. But, it is after all, not only what they should expect, but deserve."

For more information on 7Mainstreet.com visit the site and take a test tour. Or, contact 7Mainstreet at [email protected].