Mastro Auctions Ends Exciting Year
with $8.3 Million Premier Catalog
and Connoisseur Events

In the future, 2007 will be remembered as a milestone year for Mastro Auctions. Not only did the leading Sports and Americana auction house continue to push the industry standards higher across the board, the company undertook many new ventures. The most notable one being its successful entry into the Live Auction arena.

In December 2007, Mastro Auctions introduced its first live Connoisseur Auction following on the heels of one of its renown phone and internet Premier Catalog auctions. The combination of the two events was well received based on initial feedback. As a result, collectors and consignors can look forward to the continued evolution of these Premier sales as anticipated tandem hobby events.

According to Doug Allen, Mastro Auctions CEO and president, there were numerous highlights from the Premier Catalog auction, which now focuses on sports memorabilia and non-sports cards and autographs. “One of the most outstanding items in the Premier Catalog auction was the 1919 Black Sox archive,” said Allen. “Not only did it attract tremendous, positive media attention and generate a selling price just shy of $100,000, it has an enormous amount of significance since it represents a pivotal time period in sports history. It is exactly the type of item that Mastro Auctions handles extremely well.”

Allen said points to other top auction performers such a 1952 Topps set that went for $159,420, the Ted Williams rookie cap that sold for $72,716, and a 1915 Cracker Jack #136 Rabbit Maranville that sold for $28,770. “Overall, items always perform solidly in our auctions and attract the level of bidding we expect,” said Allen. “But every auction we get items that blow past expectations and create a lot of hobby buzz.”

Black Sox

Allen explains that sometimes that is attributable to Mastro Auctions’ unique ability to gain market exposure, which was the case with the Black Sox archive. “In the end, we had a duel between two Chicago museums,” said Allen. “That never would have happened if we hadn’t expended the extra effort to get the story out in the press.”

Other times, Allen contends, certain items “take off” in bidding simply because Mastro Auctions simply offers the best and most interesting Sports and Americana memorabilia available to the public. “When collectors go looking for condition, rarity and quality, Mastro Auctions is often their first and last stop,” said Allen.

Just a day after closing its Premier Catalog auction, Mastro Auctions conducted its Connoisseur Auction. The live event, conducted at Mastro Auctions’ corporate headquarters in Burr Ridge, IL featured over 500 lots of historical objects, with a strong emphasis on American political memorabilia.

Created to appeal to an overwhelming public fascination with American and world history, and fueled by an increasing scarcity of important historical artifacts, the Connoisseur Auction had its share of noteworthy results. Nick Dawes, Mastro’s VP Live Auctions said the Lalique items fared very well, especially an Alicante vase that sold for $49,200. Also impressive was the final price secured for an original Saturday Evening Post cover by Norman Rockwell. The oil and pencil artwork sold for $144,000. A bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln that sold for $22,800 provided another example of an item outperforming expectations. The pre-auction estimate was $5,000 to $7,000.

“We are encouraged by the response to our first Connoisseur Auction and look forward to these events becoming part of the regular Mastro Auctions Premier offering,” said Dawes.

Looking ahead to 2008, Allen said the current auction schedule contains three Classic Collector events, three Premier Catalog sales and three live Connoisseur Auctions. A live auction event at the National Sports Convention is also in the works. In addition, Allen suggests that the auction powerhouse may have some great surprises in the works for collectors during the coming year. “We’re always working to bring exceptional items to the collecting public,” said Allen. “We think there will be much to be excited about in 2008.”

Specific auction results from Mastro’s Premier Catalog and Connoisseur Auctions are detailed by division in the following:

TOP ITEMS – PREMIER CATALOG (sports and non-sports cards and autographs)

1952 Topps Complete Set (407)
This set represents the gold standard for most collectors. And this one even more so. That is because it originates from the Lionel Carter Collection. Consequently, the condition of this set is exemplary warranting a selling price of $159,420.

Black Sox Checks

Compelling and Comprehensive 1919 Chicago "Black Sox" Legal Documents Archive (200+ Items) - Featuring Cicotte and Williams Comiskey-Signed Payroll Checks
What began with a Chicago Tribune article exploded into nationwide coverage on this historically significant lot. The end result was dueling bids between two Chicago museums with the Chicago History museum coming out on top. The selling price for the 15 pounds of documents that included depositions, testimony, court proceedings, telegrams, memos and paychecks was $99,940.

Ted Williams Cap

Ted Williams 1939-1942 Boston Red Sox Game Worn Cap
Once the proud possession of a bat boy, this Splendid Splinter treasure is now in the hands of one determined collector. The cap, worn during Williams breakthrough four year run sold for $72,716.

1955 Topps All-American Football Complete Master Set (102) - #3 on the PSA Set Registry!
This classic release was Topps' first football-themed production since the 1950 felts series issued some five years prior. Ask any All-American fan and they will say it was well-worth the wait. The set commanded $54,259.

1955 Topps Complete Set (206) - #11 on the PSA Set Registry
The inventive format of these horizontal cards, with its dual portrait and in-action images was timelessly successful. As popular today as it was over 50 years ago, the set sold for $50,470.

1914/15 E145 Cracker Jack Master Set (183)
This was only the third such set Mastro Auctions had ever offered. The difficulty of putting such a phenomenal set together cannot be understated. The set, which included 128 graded cards went for $47,070.

Pete Maravich 1970 Atlanta Hawks Rookie Year Contract
Plucked as the third overall pick in the 1970 NBA draft, “Pistol Pete” Maravich was signed by the Atlanta Hawks for a record $1.5 million. This signed document represents the beginning of one of the greatest NBA careers of all time. It sold for $44,200.

Babe Ruth 1924-1928 H&B Game Used Bat – PSA 7.5
The 35", 36-oz. weapon hails from the 1921-1931 labeling period, but factory records reveal that examples of these dimensions were shipped to the Sultan of Swing between 1924 and 1928. The historically significant Ruth gamer went for $43,596.

1952 Bowman Complete Set (252)
Here is another gem from the Lionel Carter Collection. The finely detailed portraits virtually come to life through the bright, white borders, lush coloring and accompanying sharp corners. It is the classic Carter “condition” that helped propel this set to $38,180.


1948 Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Original Cover Artwork (Oil and Pencil)
Norman Rockwell's technique was to gather excerpts from ordinary American life, including the faces of undistinguished people, and to blend the carefully-selected pieces into a tapestry that was his own, and thus unique. The auctioned drawing depicts a young married couple, with their child and dog in the kitchen "discussing" their political views over breakfast. Such a scene is uniquely American, and no one but an American artist would have grasped it. The artwork sold for $144,000.

Dramatic 1927 R. Lalique "Alicante" Vase in Bright Green Glass
An extraordinary example of Rene Lalique's large colored glass vases, "Alicante" takes artistic inspiration from the exotic flora of the French colonial world. The rare bright green glass jewel went for $49,200.

1912 Harry Houdini "Water Torture Cell" Presentation Piece from Circus Busch Containing the Original Concept Art for the Performance's Famous Poster
The appeal and mystery of Houdini only grows with each passing year. This unique Chinese Water Torture Cell Presentation is a solid brass testimonial given to Houdini to commemorate the escape's first public performance. A price realized of $45,000 made the item disappear into a collector’s hands.

1920 Cox/Roosevelt Jugate Campaign Pin
Since the earliest days of the organized hobby of political collecting, the elusive Cox-Roosevelt jugate has held a special and most revered place as the ultimate and most desired rarity of all political collectibles. This well appointed pin went for $28,800.
Circa 1919 Important and Unique R. Lalique "Cire Perdue" Vase - Unrecorded Design
This virtuoso work surfaced recently in an old American collection, where it was thought to be relatively insignificant. It is not. The flask-form vase is superbly decorated in bold relief on each face, the design undercut in a manner only possible with lost-wax casting. The final price was $27,600.
1921 R. Lalique "Acanthes" Vase in Cased Wine Red Glass
A large and bold vase design from Rene Lalique's earliest range of mold-blown vases, made possible by the new factory at Wingen opened in 1921. The new production techniques pay off today to the amount of $25,200.

1924 R. Lalique "Aras" Vase in Rare Deep Teal Green Glass
Heralding from Lalique’s Art Deco period this vase displays striking color and an extremely rich pattern. The vase commanded $25,200.



Graded Cards and Sets
A 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle rookie card – PSA NM 7 sold for $34,156; a 1933 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie – PSA EX 5 sold for $31,720; a 1915 Cracker Jack #136 Rabbit Maranville - one of just three 1915 Cracker Jack Cards graded PSA GEM MT 10 sold for $28,770; a 1934-36 R327 National Chicle Diamond Stars graded complete Master set (170) commanded $28,770; a rare 1967 Topps Punch-Outs uncut panel collection (25 different) sold for $28,488; an 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter "The World's Champions" 1st Series complete set (50) - #6 on the PSA Set Registry went for $20,758; a rare 1952 Topps #307 Frank Campos "Black Star on Back" variation - PSA NM-MT 8 "1 of 2" went for $21,256; a 1969 Topps complete basic set (664) - #10 on the PSA Set Registry sold for $20,442; a 1952 Topps #243 Larry Doby - PSA MINT 9 "1 of 1" sold for $18,854; a 1915 Cracker Jack #19 Chief Bender - PSA MINT 9 "1 of 1" went for $18,854; a 1911 T205 Gold Border Cy Young - PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $18,827; a 1911 T205 Gold Border Christy Mathewson - PSA NM-MT 8 realized a final price of $17,657; a 1915 Cracker Jack #77 Hughie Jennings - PSA MINT 9 "1 of 4" sold for $17,100; a 1915 Cracker Jack #68 Honus Wagner - PSA NM-MT 8 commanded $16,261; a 1961/62 Fleer "Baseball Greats" complete set (154) - #1 on the PSA Set Registry (tie) realized a final price of $15,689; a 1915 Cracker Jack #88 Christy Mathewson – PSA NM-MT 8 realized a final price of $15,103; a 1961 Topps PSA MINT 9 collection (61 different) sold for $14,770; a 1915 Cracker Jack #57 Walter Johnson - PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $13,375; a 1915 Cracker Jack #176 James L. Vaughn - PSA NM-MT 8 went for $13,045; a 1915 Cracker Jack #54 Marty O'Toole - one of just three 1915 Cracker Jack cards graded PSA GEM MT 10 went for $13,045; a 1960 Fleer "Baseball Greats" complete set (79) - #5 on the PSA Set Registry went for $12,389; and a 1915 Cracker Jack #65 Tris Speaker - PSA MINT 9 "1 of 3" went for $12,131.

In addition, a 1915 Cracker Jack #36 Ed Walsh - PSA MINT 9 "1 of 3" sold for $11,596; a 1902-11 W600 Sporting Life Cabinets Pittsburgh collection (10 different) including Fred Clarke went for $10,780; a 1965 Kahn's Wieners complete set (45) - #2 on the PSA Set Registry went for $10,541; a 1915 Cracker Jack #172 Erskine Mayer - PSA MINT 9 "1 of 1" sold for $10,237; a 1933 Goudey #181 Babe Ruth – PSA NM 7 sold for $9,799; a 1933 Goudey #239 Leroy Parmelee – PSA MINT 9 sold for $9,582; a 1933 Goudey #67 Guy Bush – PSA MINT 9 commanded $9,582; and a 1933 Goudey #67 Guy Bush – PSA MINT 9 sold for $9,424.

Ungraded and Partially Graded Cards and Sets A 1909-11 T206 White Border near set (520/524) went for $37,658; a 1915 E145-2 Cracker Jack partial set (116/176) including 90 PSA-graded cards went for $28,770; a rare 1967 Topps Punch-Outs uncut panel collection (25 different) sold for $28,488; a 1909-11 E90-1 American Caramel near set (111/120) sold for $22,886; a superb 1956 Topps uncut sheet of 110 cards - featuring 13 Hall of Famers commanded $22,319; a 1957-1967 Topps hoard (27,750+) sold for $25,234; a 1952-1954 Topps collection (3,255) went for $18,854; a 1933 R319 Goudey complete set (239) realized a final price of $18,540; a 1916 M101-5 Blank Backs near set (192/200) went for $16,816; a 1955 Bowman complete set (320) plus variations (4) sold for $16,652; a 1953 Bowman Black & White complete set (64) went for $15,859; a 1954 Bowman complete set (224) plus #66 Ted Williams realized a final price of $15,103; a "Pack Fresh" 1950s-1960s Topps and Bowman collection (589) - a new find sold for $14,065; a 1933 R319 Goudey set (239) went for $13,698; a 1973 Topps Test "Pin-Ups" complete set (24) went for $13,698; a 1969 Topps hoard (17,250+) sold for $13,009; an incredible 1963 Jell-O original production boards (23 pieces) containing 192 of the set's 200 card images sold for $11,695; and a 1936 V355 World Wide Gum near set (119/135) went for $10,780.

A 1915 Boston Red Sox World Champions team signed ball (22 signatures) including Babe Ruth - one of the earliest Babe Ruth signed balls in existence sold for $37,658; a gorgeous Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig signed 1927 ball went for $34,156; a Babe Ruth single signed ball – PSA/DNA NM+ 7.5 sold for $23,666; a 1961 New York Yankees World Champions team signed ball - PSA/DNA NM-MT+ 8.5 commanded $18,108; a collection of 2005 Chicago White Sox team signed balls (72 balls, each with 26 sigs.) – a complete case of six dozen official W.S. balls went for $13,831; a Roberto Clemente single signed ball – PSA/DNA NM+ 7.5 commanded $11,596; a Babe Ruth 1935 signed ball and signed letter (2 items) went for $11,404; and an exceptional Ty Cobb single signed ball sold for $8,284.

A Ted Williams 1937-1939 H&B game used bat- PSA 8.5 - earliest Williams gamer known went for $19,966; a Mickey Mantle 1959 Adirondack All-Star game used bat went for $19,468; an incredibly rare Bill Dickey 1937-1940 H&B game used bat – PSA 7.5 – commanded $19,278; a Mel Ott 1943 H&B game used bat – PSA 8 sold for $13,510; and a Barry Bonds 2001 signed game used home run bat - # 545 – PSA 10 – sold for $11,858.

A collection of 1930s-1950s baseball autograph albums (2 items) featuring 900+ vintage signatures on team sheets including Ruth (3), Gehrig (2), Foxx, Ott (2) and Wagner (4) sold for $30,674; a Lou Gehrig late 1920s signed H&B bat went for $16,014; a 1925 Exhibit Supply Co. Lou Gehrig signed rookie card sold for $13,507; a Christy Mathewson 1924 signed personal check - PSA/DNA MINT 9 sold for $11,858; a superb Lou Gehrig signed 8" x 10" Burke photograph realized a final price of $11,404; a 1956 Milwaukee Braves signed player contract collection (47) featuring Aaron, Mathews and Spahn went for $10,025; a Babe Ruth 1930s signed book page display realized a final price of $9,113; and a Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Christy Walsh 1927 signed photograph sold for $7,361.

A 1918 World Series at Fenway Park final game panoramic photograph sold for $11,858; a 1917 Chicago White Sox wire service team photograph - their World Series championship season went for $8,711; a collection of Charles Conlon news service photographs (14) sold for $4,774; and a 1927 New York Yankees news service photograph commanded $3,396.

A Stan Musial 1956 St. Louis Cardinals game worn road jersey - rare one-year style – commanded $28,892; an Al Kaline 1971 Detroit Tigers signed game worn road jersey – sold for $17,657; a Carlton Fisk 1972 Boston Red Sox game worn rookie road uniform went for $15,859; a 1910s-1920s Boston Red Sox sweater realized a final price of $15,251; a Harmon Killebrew 1970 Minnesota Twins signed game worn road uniform commanded $13,172; and an Eddie Mathews 1965 Milwaukee Braves signed game worn road jersey – sold for $12,545.

Donn Clendenon 1969 New York Mets World Champions Ring - W.S. MVP sold for $35,864; 1919 Through 2006 World Series and All-Star Games full tickets and ticket stubs collection (281 items) went for $19,468; a 1967 Rawlings Gold Glove Award presented to Jim Fregosi sold for $14,230; an exceedingly scarce 1911 World Series Program at Philadelphia - scored for Game 2 sold for $14,065; a 1963 N.L. Rookie of the Year presentation trophy awarded to Pete Rose went for $9,306; a 1996 Silver Slugger Award presented to Paul Molitor went for $7,199; a 1980 Silver Slugger Award presented to Reggie Jackson realized a final price of $6,083; a 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Trophy sold for $6,083; and a 1992 Toronto Blue Jays World Series Trophy presented to Juan Guzman went for $6,083.

An 1887 Detroit Wolverines Dauvray Cup World Championship Badge awarded to Charles "Lady" Baldwin sold for $26,760; Lou Gehrig's retired "Number 4" that hung in Yankee Stadium - the first number retired in professional baseball sold for $25,486; Babe Ruth's retired "Number 3" that hung in Yankee Stadium went for $24,271; a 1910-era Christy Mathewson "Tuxedo Tobacco" trolley car sign realized a final price of $23,666; Joe DiMaggio's retired "Number 5" that hung in Yankee Stadium commanded $22,538; and an 1861 Eagle Base Ball Club Civil War Sword - the earliest of only three known Civil War baseball swords went for $10,632.

A massive 1974 Super Bowl VIII full tickets hoard (556) sold for $31,720; a Jim Taylor 1966 Green Bay Packers signed game worn home jersey – went for $28,098; a 1948-1975 Topps, Bowman, Philadelphia and Fleer hoard (54,000+) realized a final price of $24,703; a Ron Cox 1996 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XXXI ring commanded $19,468; a 1974 Super Bowl VIII full and unused ticket hoard (111) - all PSA MINT 9 sold for $18,360; a complete 1967-2007 Super Bowl programs (41) and PSA-holdered tickets (41) run sold for $14,383; a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings #4 Red Grange – PSA NM-MT 8 went for $13,394; a 1955 Topps All-American #16 Knute Rockne - PSA GEM MT 10 "1 of 1" realized a final price of $13,172; and a 1950 Bowman #52 Elroy Hirsch - PSA GEM MT 10 "1 of 1" sold for $11,596.

A pristine 1986/87 Fleer PSA GEM MT 10 complete set (132) sold for $30,979; Michael Jordan's "Air Jordan" signed game worn shoes from his 63-point game against Boston on April 20, 1986 went for $24,607; and a 1985 Slam Dunk Trophy presented to Dominique Wilkins went for $11,858.

A 1954/55 Topps complete set (60) - #10 on the PSA Set Registry commanded $13,552; a 1951/52 Parkhurst #66 Gordie Howe rookie card – PSA NM-MT 8 went for $10,541; and a 1954/55 Topps complete set (60) - #12 on the PSA Set Registry sold for $8,711.

Meldrick Taylor’s 1984 Olympic Gold Medal and original presentation box went for $14,383 and a Jack Dempsey wristwatch presented by Max Schmeling in 1933 sold for $5,530.

An enormous 1935 Mills "Golf Ball Vendor" slot machine went for $8,711; a 1950s-1960s member's green jacket from Augusta National Golf Club sold for $6,083; a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings #38 Bobby Jones – PSA NM-MT 8 went for $4,468; and Bobby Jones and Babe Didrikson Zaharias signed hardcover books (2) sold for $2,022.

A 1938 R69 Gum, Inc. "Horrors of War" complete set (288) sold for $20,026; a 1965 Topps (Test Issue) "Bewitched" near set (23/26) sold for $8,711; a 1966 Topps "Batman - Series B" unopened wax box (24 packs) went for $7,361; a very scarce 1910s S22 Murad "Athlete and College Seal" Tobacco Silks near set (248/250) sold for $6,622; and an 1888 N2 Allen & Ginter "American Indian Chiefs" complete set (50) - #3 on the PSA Set Registry went for $4,468.

A historically significant 1880s-1910s Mohandas Gandhi signed handwritten letters archive (12) sold for $34,156 and a Norman Rockwell signed lithographs collection (9 different) sold for $12,756.

An Abraham Lincoln 1860 signed bank check sold for $20,758; an extremely fine twice-signed 1775 George Washington receipt/document sold for $19,769; a 1864-1865 Lincoln, Grant, Sheridan signed collection commanded $14,748; an extremely rare circa 1830 John Quincy Adams signed portrait sold for $12,131; a Thomas Jefferson 1792 signed Act of Congress went for $11,404; a John F. Kennedy/Robert Kennedy 1963 signed pardon document realized a final price of $11,028; a Thomas Jefferson 1816 ALS from Monticello sold for $10,025; a Thomas Jefferson 1803 check written as President sold for $9,113; and significant Abraham Lincoln Signed Ship's Papers went for $9,113.

1969 Beatles signed stock transfer certificates with significant connections to the sale of Brian Epstein's management company went for $19,966 and a Beatles 1965 signed photo display went for $10,541.


An 1890s Abraham Lincoln large bronze bust by George Edward Bissell sold for $22,800; a rarefied early 1800s John Adams pewter rim commanded $22,800; an 1860s "Rockford Wide Awake Club" campaign banner sold for $20,400; an 1860 Lincoln/Hamlin campaign flag went for $18,000; a 1905 Theodore Roosevelt inaugural medal sold for $14,896; a spectacular 1824-28 Andrew Jackson campaign teapot sold for $11,400; a massive and magnificent 1860 Lincoln/Hamlin campaign ferrotype doughnut went for $9,600; an exemplary 1796 John Adams Liverpool pitcher sold for $9,000; an 1899 bronze portrait bust of George Washington by MacDonald after Houdon went for $8,400; one of the most desirable 1912 Wilson/Marshall jugate campaign pins - "The Winners" sold for $8,400; an exceptionally rare 1916 Hughes/Fairbanks jumbo jugate with "America First" ribbons went for $7,800; rare 1789 "Dotted Script GW" George Washington inaugural button sold for $7,200; an1830s Illinois State House of Representatives desk attributed to Abraham Lincoln went for $6,600; an 1880s to 1930s Presidential campaign canes (21) collection went for $5,700; and an extravagant 1896 William McKinley campaign poster sold for $5,100.

A 1928 R. Lalique "Victoire" automobile mascot hood ornament - an Art Deco icon sold for $24,000; a 1925 R. Lalique "Suzanne" Art Deco statuette in opalescent glass commanded $18,000; a 1927 R. Lalique "Bacchantes" vase in deep topaz smoked glass went for $18,000; a 1912 R. Lalique "Sauterelles" grasshoppers vase in cased opalescent glass went for $16,800; a 1925 R. Lalique Statuette "Suzanne" with original bronze illuminating stand sold for $10,200; a 1919 R. Lalique "Perruches" Parakeets vase in deep red amber glass sold for $9,900; a 1927 R. Lalique "Marissa" vase with spiralling fish pattern in charcoal gray glass went for $9,600; a 1920 R. Lalique "Gui" vase in "Electric Blue" glass with mistletoe pattern sold for $9,000; a 1923 R. Lalique Art Deco Vase "Sauge" in rare teal green glass realized a final price of $7,800; a 1924 R. Lalique "Ceylan" Vase in opalescent glass: an Art Deco classic sold for $7,200; a 1927 R. Lalique "Dordogne" Vase in opalescent glass with Art Deco snail design went for $5,400; a 1912 rare R. Lalique "Deux Danseuses" wine carafe sold for $5,400; a 1925 R. Lalique "Suzanne" statuette in opalescent amber glass with original lamp fittings went for $5,100; and a 1921 R. Lalique "Ronces" Vase in electric blue glass sold for $5,100.

A 1953 Marcel Mouly untitled original oil on canvas, signed and dated sold for $20,400; a 1988 Mark Peiser studio glass "Genesis I" sculpture from the "Innerspace" series sold for $7,200; and a 1986 Mark Peiser studio glass "Landscape" sculpture from the "Innerspace" series realized a final price of $4,800.

A 1910s important and rare American racing automobile sheet copper weather vane sold for $8,400; 1910s-1930s rare Mercedes Benz advertising promotions (2 items) went for $3,360; and an 1880s unique Victorian hand-made copper scale model of an early submarine sold for $2,400.

A Civil War archive of a Union soldier who marched to the sea with Sherman (149+ items) sold for $12,600; a 1912 significant Titanic relics collection (5 items) in vintage display case went for $10,200; a 1939 World's Fair bronze "Abe Lincoln, Rail Joiner" by Louis Slobodkin sold for $4,800; a 1914-1918 World War I aviation archive (400+ items) - amazing photographs and original art sold for $3,900; and a 1907 bronze "Lincoln Penny" plaque by Victor David Brenner went for $3,120.

Walter B. Gibson's personal, custom-made Shadow Ring and other items (7) sold for $10,800; a 1926 Harry Houdini "Buried Alive" poster went for $6,600; early 1900s Harry Houdini handcuffs in framed display sold for $5,100; a circa 1900 "Radica and Doodica - Siamese Twin" poster realized a final price of $3,240; a Harry Houdini "Eliott's Lost Legacy" 1923 signed first edition hardcover went for $3,120; a 1919 Harry Houdini signed and dated studio portrait photo commanded $2,880; and a circa 1900 Thorn "Dreamland" poster went for $2,880.

1939 "Detective Comics" #36 - CGC FN+ 6.5 - the origin and first appearance of Dr. Hugo Strange sold for $6,000; 1962 "Amazing Fantasy" #15 CGC VG- 3.5 - origin and first appearance of Spider-Man went for $4,200; 1937 "Detective Comics" #8 - CGC VG+ 4.5 - classic cover sold for $3,600; 1965 "Amazing Spider-Man" Annual #2 - CGC NM+ 9.6 with WHITE pages - tied as the highest graded example realized a final price of $3,480; 1971 "Amazing Spider-Man" #101 - CGC NM/MT 9.8 - first appearance of Morbius the Living Vampire - tied as the highest graded example sold for $3,360; 1943 "Action Comics" #57 - CGC VF+ 8.5 (Edgar Church/Mile High copy) went for $3,120; 1940 "Detective Comics" #45 - CGC VF+ 8.5 - first Joker story in this title sold for $3,000; and 1943 "Superman" #23 - CGC VF+ 8.5 (Crowley copy) sold for $2,880.

A 1966 huge assortment of Batman TV show toys and mementos (82 items) sold for $5,700; a 1970s Batman toy and memorabilia collection (46 items) went for $2,640; a 1940 desirable "Superman Rollover Plane" by Marx with original box realized a final price of $2,160; and an amazing 1963-1964 Barbie counter display including five dolls and five additional outfits went for $1,440.

Mastro Auctions’ next Premier Catalog and Connoisseur auctions are scheduled for April 2008. Consignments are currently being accepted. For more information or for consignment details, call 630-472-1200 or visit