After receiving a great deal of feedback from collectors and dealers, PSA has decided to make a labeling modification to all T206 baseball cards submitted from this day forward.

PSA will now designate the backs for all T206’s submitted for grading. For example, the top line on the PSA label may read:

T206 Sweet Caporal or T206 Polar BearThere are several back variations on this issue.

From November 1st through the end of the year (2006), PSA will offer a re-holder/re-labeling special for T206’s for only $3 per card.

We hope this new labeling feature is enjoyed by collectors and dealers alike.

Please keep in mind that the PSA Population Report will be undergoing changes with respect to newly-labeled T206’s versus T206’s graded prior to the new labeling approach. Until previously graded T206’s are received for re-label, they will remain in the PSA Population Report without the specific back designation.