Living up to its advertising as "the fastest growing auction in the hobby", Memory Lane Inc., long known by Collectors as a place to get high end tough vintage cards especially, the higher PSA grades, produced a stellar Auction event on Thursday, August 10th with total auction realized value results exceeding $2,100,000.

Pre WWI and Early vintage cards Excelled!
The Memory Lane auction was exceptionally strong in Early vintage. In Lot 2, a rare 1912 Plow's Candy, Honus Wagner in a PSA 7 realized a value of over $40,000. And in Lot 3, 1912 Plow's Ty Cobb (PSA 6) pulled a strong $23,500! Another phenomenal value was Lot 87, a rare low pop 1911 Turkey Red Mickey Doolin (error on name Doolan), with a striking Turkey Red tobacco advertisement on the back, in a PSA 5, realized over $6800 for a spectacular 955% above SMR book!

In Lot 131, an 1888 N162 Goodwin Champions, the Hall of Famer, Cap Anson in a PSA 6 produced over $10,900 in value, for a strong 98.5% above SMR! Also a couple of gems from 1909 also did exceedingly well: Lot 145, a 1909 E95 Philadelphia Caramel Christy Mathewson, in a PSA 6, generated values topping $4300 for 56% above SMR book! And Lot 146 a T204 Ramly, the great Chief Bender, in a SGC 60 pulled over $3200 for a stupendous 63% above SMR. All T205 and T206 cards in the auction were on fire too! Lot 160, an extremely rare, low pop, T206 Howie Camnitz, Arms at Side, graded a high PSA 8, pulled an astounding $11,000+ for a whopping 1479% above SMR! A T206 Cobb Portrait Red (Lot 161) in an SGC 80 (EX-MT 6) realized over $5200 for a very strong 120% above SMR.

Premium Pre WWII cards really Shined!
The Auction featured a high grade stellar grouping of blazer 1932 US Caramel cards mostly in high grade PSA 8's. All of the Caramels cards realized superb values. For example, Lot 5 had a 1932 U.S. Caramel Lou Gehrig #26 in a PSA 8 that realized over $23,500 for a market strong 33% above SMR book! Another example, Lot 6 has a 1932 Caramel Rogers Hornsby #11 in a PSA 8, sold for over $12,700. That's a whopping 50% above SMR book! And, Lot 14, HOF Golfer Gene Sarazen #9 in a PSA 8, realized over $5400 for a solid 35% above SMR book.

Furthermore, the auction was packed with other 1930's issues including all four Ruth's from the classic 1933 Goudey issue. For example, Lot 218, the Batting Pose Ruth #144 in a PSA 7 pulled over $9800 in value for a very solid 40% over the SMR book. Lot 223 had a 1934 Goudey "Complete set", all PSA graded, pulled a very strong $53,475 in realized value! A 1936 Diamond Star Mickey Cochrane #9 in a PSA 8 (Lot 246) produced $4800. That's a stellar 220% above SMR book! Lot 259 had an outstanding 1939 Play Ball Moe Berg #103 in PSA 9, achieved over $16,400 in value for a stellar 685% above SMR book! In Lot 1002, a 1939 Play Ball #137 Pete Appleton in a PSA 9 showed strongly at over $6200 for an outstanding 593% above book! And lastly in Lot 276, a 1941 Play Ball #21 Charlie Keller in a PSA 9 fetched over $9300 for a high 385% above SMR book!

High quality Post WWII card values Explode!
The Auction featured groups of high end and tough to find 1948 Leafs, 1948 and 1949 Bowman's and many excellent performing 1950's issued cards. For example, Lot 295, a 1948 Leaf #158 Harry Brecheen in a PSA 7 pulled over $12,000 for a robust 1140% above SMR book! A 1949 Bowman, Red Schoendienst #111 in a PSA 9 MINT (Lot 332) produced over $4500 for a strong 417% above book. In Lot 369, a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle # 311 in PSA 5 produced a solid 36% above book! In Lot 382, a '52 Topps #326 George Shuba Rookie card in a PSA 8 garnered $4480 for a strong 220% above SMR. And, Lot 957, a 1953 Red Man Tobacco card #1 Casey Stengel in a PSA 8 sold for over $1700 for a stellar 310% above book! A 1953 Topps #93 Hal Rice in a PSA 9 (Lot 445) delivered over $3600 for a stunning 667% above book! In Lot 568, a 1955 Topps #207 Bill Consolo in a PSA 9 generated a stellar $5400+ for a magnificent 811% above SMR! In Lot 639, a 1958 Mays #486, a high number All Star, in a PSA 9 MINT created over $6500 in value for a outstanding 555% above SMR! And lastly, Lot 992 had a 1958 Topps Ted Williams in a PSA 9 MINT that pulled over $17,000+ for a very solid 37% above SMR book!

1960's Low Pop, and High end cards were in Big Demand!
One of the top performers was Lot 723, a 1960 Morrell Meats Dodger, the great HOF Don Drysdale in a PSA 8 pulled over $4600 for a sterling 2439% above SMR! Lot 732, a 1963 Fleer Complete Set 1-66 Plus Checklist, all PSA graded, produced an outstanding $14,700 in value. In Lot 734, a 1963 Fleer #62 Gene Oliver, a stunning PSA 10 GEM MINT, created over $6600 in value. This gem pulled a 5190% above book! An absolutely outstanding performance! Lot 760 had a Topps Mickey Mantle #150 in a PSA 9 that produced over $4300 for 98% above SMR book! And Baseball Sets were star performers too! For example, Lot 802 had a 1975 Topps Complete Set with all PSA graded cards that generated over $9800 in value!

Other Vintage cards, Football, Basketball and Hockey Sparkle!
A football highlight, Lot 992 had a 1971 Topps Terry Bradshaw #156 Rookie Card, in a PSA GEM MINT 10 that sold for over $18,000+. That's a stellar 359% over SMR book for a 9 grade! A vintage 1948 Leaf #43 Bobby Nussbaumer, Maroon Jersey in a PSA 8 (Lot 826) created over $2100 in value, for a 136% above book! Lot 827 had a 1948 Leaf #69 Larry Joe in a PSA 8 that produced over $3300 in value, for a stupendous 1063% above SMR! And lastly Lot 855 had a 1963 Fleer Checklist 1-88 card that produced over $3900 in value for a very sharp 98% above SMR book!

Vintage Basketball Collectors did well at the auction too! For example, Lot 868 had a 1961 Fleer #1 Al Attles that produced over $4400. That's a solid 49% above SMR book! Vintage Hockey absolutely soared! Lot 874 had a 1951 Parkhurst #1 Elmer Lach in a PSA 8 that drew over $3100+ for an excellent 120% above book. A 1951 Parkhurst #12 Floyd Curry in a PSA 9 (Lot 875) produced over $2600 in value for an outstanding 808% above SMR! 1954 Topps Hockey cards did extremely well too! For example, Lot 886 had a 1954 Topps #52 Earl Reibel in a PSA 9 that produced over $2800 in value. That's an excellent 410% above SMR!

Packs & Racks Hot!
The Memory Lane auctions have become a popular place for Collectors of high end unopened and graded packs and racks. This auction proved to be big winners too! For example, Lot 893 had a 1968 Topps Hockey Rack Pack in a high GAI 8 that pulled over $3300 in value. A 1952 Bowman Large Football in a GAI 8.5 (Lot 898) pulled over $3000. In Lot 916, a 1969 O-Pee-Chee Hockey Wax pack in a GAI 9 produced over $2700+ in value! Every MLI Auction continues to grow stronger in this "hot collectors niche", with better and better realized values being produced for packs.

Graded and Slabbed Cancelled Checks Rocketed up! They're Producing Big Time Results!
Memory Lane Inc. was one of the first major auctions to feature PSA Graded and Slabbed checks. Building on its last auction's success with this auction offering, an extremely rare Christy Mathewson signed check in a PSA 9 (Lot 34) produced over $19,000+ in value. That's a spectacular 92% above book! A really tough Mickey Mantle personally signed check in a high PSA 9 (Lot 35) garnered over $5400+, for a strong 55% above book. See MLI's web site ( for all the graded signed check outstanding values. Please refer to Lots 34-71.

A BRAND New Auction Category Shows Very Strong!
This Memory Lane auction introduced PSA/DNA Authenticated Type 1 Vintage Photographs, and the offerings did spectacularly well! PSA/DNA authenticated Type 1 photographs are photos that have been examined by experts using a unique Type 1-4 classification system. This system was invented by two well known hobby experts, Henry Yee and Marshall Fogel. The purpose of the system is to determine the photo's originality. That is, how close in time was the photo developed from the time it was taken to the time it was printed as a photograph. The vintage photos ranged from Type 1 to 4, with Type 1 meaning that the photo was developed within two years from the date it was taken by the photographer.

As one of the creators of the Typing Classification System, Marshall Fogel notes, "The Typing of photos from 1-4 helps the collector to establish their view of the photo's value in a systematic and organized way without guessing. This typing process then provides a clearer benchmark of market values. Generally speaking Type 1 photos carry higher market values overall but occasionally other factors like rarity, subject matter, and uniqueness can also play a role in the photos value as well."

All PSA/DNA authenticated Type 1-4 photographs come with a Letter of Authenticity with photograph details. For an excellent discussion and primer on this exciting new field of collecting in the hobby, please read A Portrait of Baseball Photography by Marshall Fogel, Khyber Oser, and Henry Yee. To get more details of PSA's new Typing Authentication service, please visit

All Type 1 photographs offered at this auction performed well. For example, Lot 949 had a gorgeous Walter Johnson photograph, an original from around 1912. It pulled an outstanding $1587 in value! See more values on MLI's web site ( Refer to Lots 938-953.

Vintage Memorabilia Comes on Strong! Producing Great values! Lot 1 in the Auction featured an exceptional 1963 Game Used Mickey Mantle Bat that did extremely well. It was graded a 10 by both PSA/DNA and MEARS Authentication Services. The bat was reviewed by two of the hobby's most prestigious experts on game used equipment and bats: John Taube of PSA/DNA, and Dave Bushing of MEARS.

The Mantle bat which was riddled with deeply embedded ball stitch, sold for over $47,000. To MLI's knowledge, it is a record value for a '63 Mantle gamer. Memory Lane continues to build its reputation in PSA/DNA authenticated memorabilia. Authenticated signed balls had another strong showing in the auction as well. Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Clemente and other notable single signatures and team balls produced excellent values.

All auction value results are posted in full on Memory Lane Inc.'s web site ( Parties interested in details on a specific Auction Lot, or in discussing consignment for MLI's next auction in late fall, or in selling any vintage material can email them at [email protected]. Or call them toll free at 877-606-LANE. Office hours are 9am - 4:30pm PST M-F with monitored voice messaging 24 hours 7 days a week, and after hours and on weekends. Collectors are also welcomed to request inclusion on MLI's Auction Catalog Mailing List for future auctions by going to their web site, or by calling them directly.