Recently, PSA announced that a brand new service is being created for the grading of unopened packs. We hope to have a variety of sizes completed within the next 3-6 weeks so we can start accepting packs from the public soon. We will also have some of our completed holders on display at the National so hobbyists can see the product.

In addition, PSA has also created two new inserts for our largest holder. These new custom inserts are available for grading today!

This holder, which is generally used for the grading of 1911 Turkey Reds (T3's), will now have the capability of encapsulating more supersized issues.

The new inserts will measure 5 1/16 x 7 1/16 and 4 13/16 x 6 5/16.

Grading Fees for these cards will be at the $15 service or higher. T3s and other cards that use the same holder but do not require the inserts, will remain at the $50 or higher service levels. Declared value rules apply. Turnaround time is 20 business days guaranteed.

The primary purpose of each insert is:

  1. To provide an enhanced, custom fit to those cards that measure approximately 5x7. Cards eligible will include issues such as 1958-1965 Jay Publishing Picture Packs and a host of post-1980 supersized specialty cards manufactured by Donruss and Topps.

  2. To provide an exact fit for 1977-79 Sportscaster cards, a very colorful set that contains some interesting cards like early examples of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Wayne Gretzky in addition to almost 2,000 other subjects!

We hope that this new holder will provide a better fit for the cards that measure within the tolerances listed above and help create new markets for cards that have never been offered in PSA grading form before.