The first-ever exclusive, extensive and fully licensed sports card set available in a magazine debuts with the June issue of Tuff Stuff, when a 12-month, 48-card set produced by Upper Deck launches with cards of four NFL rookies.

The Upper Deck Tuff Stuff Exclusive Set opens with cards of Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Vince Young and Jay Cutler, all on a sheet but perforated for removal and (if desired) grading. The June issue reaches subscribers in early May, just after the NFL Draft. The second month offers four baseball cards of Ichiro Suzuki, Albert Pujols, Ken Griffey Jr. and Derek Jeter. The cards are licensed by their respective licensors: NFL, Players Inc, MLB and the MLBPA.

"Together with F+W Publications, Upper Deck is committed to providing collectors with a rewarding and valuable hobby experience that extends to multiple applications," said Upper Deck's Kerri Stockholm. "The opportunity to give Tuff Stuff readers an exclusive trading card set is a great example of our combined dedication to reaching that goal."

There will be six months (24 cards) of football and six months of baseball, totaling a 48-card set in the next 12 months. The cards are available in all copies of Tuff Stuff. Collectors who would like to subscribe to receive the June issue cards must subscribe by 11:59 p.m. today. To subscribe for one year (12 issues) for $24.98, click here.

"Tuff Stuff is the sports card industry's mainstream magazine, reaching places like grocery stores and bookstores with an unmatched newsstand circulation," said F+W Publications sports publisher Jeff Pozorski. "The card sheet is designed to help us increase that distribution to keep introducing new collectors to sports cards, and because these are made by Upper Deck, they'll be a great tool to accomplish that goal."