It was clear from the bidding onset. This premier MastroNet Sports and Americana auction was on the fast track. But no one could have predicted the auction powerhouse blasting past the previous industry multi-consignment sales record, also set by MastroNet in December 2004, by nearly $1 million.

"It was an unprecedented industry event," said Doug Allen, president of MastroNet. "Right out of the gate we knew we had a monster on our hands. After a day and a half of bidding we were up over $1 million from our previous sale in August and the action only accelerated from there."

MastroNet's December auction was fueled by the inclusion of a number of the collecting industry's most acclaimed collections. In the Sports realm, the Frank Nagy collection, mostly composed of baseball cards including a legendary example of the 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner baseball card and the Duke Hott Collection, a phenomenal football assembly, anchored the offering. Other collections included the fifth installment of the John Branca Collection and the Mark Friedland Collection. Hundreds of other extraordinary items including a sidewritten Lou Gehrig bat, other high condition baseball cards and milestone jerseys worn by Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron and Ted Williams added diversity and depth.

As far as the Americana division, the Schalebaum collection, a massive assembly of automobilia, was joined by hundreds of significant items such as dozens of U.S. presidential signatures/documents, political collectibles, rare oil paintings, items representative of historical figures such as Beethoven, John Paul Jones and Davy Crockett, coins and decorative glass.

Allen attributes MastroNet's industry dominance to the development and refinement of an auction formula that continues to evolve and prove successful. "We have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and resources creating a multi-faceted auction environment that works for our collecting base," said Allen. "We've combined high end service and technology with auction operational techniques and principles that include low minimum bids, no hidden reserves and shortened closing windows."

According to Allen, the results speak for themselves. "We understand that great items presented in a collecting forum in which our clients feel comfortable is what drives auction results, not higher minimum bids or hidden reserves," said Allen. "A good item will get to where it should be regardless of where it starts out. You have to first know the auction process, then trust it, and of course, understand the material."

And it is the addition of an increasing number of satisfied customers that continues to contribute to MastroNet's growth. "The strength of our customer base in terms of quality and quantity is unrivaled," said Allen. In 2006, MastroNet recorded revenues of plus $40 million. This represents a dramatic increase over the company's first year's revenue of just over $1 million less than a decade ago.

As the established leader in the Sports collecting world, MastroNet continues to expand its reach into the Americana market. Allen reveals that in each auction the response to MastroNet's increasing number of high end Americana items is dramatic in terms of number of bids placed and prices realized. "Not only are we attracting a whole new audience of Americana collectors, we are beginning to see considerable cross-over bidding among existing customers who were traditionally sports-only collectors."

In 2006, MastroNet is already geared up for its February Classic Collector auction and consignments for the April Premier Auction are coming in at a record pace. "We expect to continue to experience record growth while meeting the challenges our industry presents head-on," said Allen. "We already know we're the best auction house on the block. We plan on staying there."


1912 T3 Turkey Red Premiums Completely PSA Graded Set
Here's another example of Nagy perfection. The majority of the pieces feature the issue's checklist reverse design and all benefit from PSA grading to the tune of $191,606.00.

Lou Gehrig 1927-1928 H&B Sidewritten Game Used Bat
Only one other sidewritten Gehrig bat is known to exist. This one dating to the 1927 Yankees is in a class of its own. The incredible piece of lumber commanded $159,149.00.

1954 Topps Unopened Five-Cent Wax Box (36 count) - GAI NM+ 7.5
This is the only fully intact and still-filled 1954 Topps Baseball wax box whose survival has been professionally documented and affirmed. Such rarity cost $108,945.00.

1911 T3 Turkey Red Cabinet #9 Ty Cobb - PSA NM-MT 8
The exact register of this card is what made it so appealing. That and the fact that only one other card is graded at the same level with none graded higher fueled the bidding. The price for excellence was $92,160.00

Ty Cobb 1911-1916 H&B Game Used Sidewritten Bat
This bat was turned for Cobb during the 1911-1916 labeling period-and was kept in his possession for the remainder of his storied playing career. Now it's in the possession of a fortunate collector for the selling price of $84,394.00.

1912 S81 Silk Collection
These incredible premiums required the redemption of 25 cigarette coupons each. To acquire this Frank Nagy masterpiece today, the winning bidder needed $79,266.00.

Babe Ruth 1921-1931 H&B Game Used Bat
It's a bat of Ruthian proportions. The desire to own one of the best bats from one of the best players to ever grace baseball resulted in a home run of a final price. The bat sold for $72,207.00.

1886 N167 Old Judge - Mickey Welch
These baseball cards are extremely rare and hold a special place in the hearts of advanced collectors. Whenever they become available eager collectors are quick to respond. This one was no exception. It sold for $71,206.00.

1952 Topps Complete PSA-Graded Set (407) Plus Page and Sain Variations
It reigns supreme as the classic baseball card issue of all time. This amazing set is completely graded and owning it represents a significant hobby acquisition. It went for $68,768.00.

1950 Bowman Original Photo Archive Used to Create the Set
This amazing collection of photos represents the archive that was used to create the 1950 Bowman baseball card set. The stunning black and white photos from the Frank Nagy Collection were snapped up for $63,898.00.

Cy Young's 1903 World Series Championship Medal
Before there were World Series rings, there was this little gem. Originating from the game's first classic match-up and awarded to one of its premier players, the medal was honored with a $62,374.00 selling price.

Roberto Clemente 1966 Pittsburgh Pirates MVP Season Game Worn Road Vest
Clemente wore this vintage Pirates road vest during his 1966 MVP season. Iron clad provenance by Clemente's widow helped propel it to $59,403.00.

1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card - PSA NM-MT 8
The '52 Topps Mantle is desired by all, but quality examples can be possessed by very few. The selling price on this incredible card was $59,313.00,


Abraham Lincoln Signed Father/Son Brady Studio Portrait
Abraham Lincoln and his son, Tad were photographed together on a least two occasions during Lincoln's presidency. This photo by Mathew Brady's assistant, Anthony Berger is the more renown. It sold for $124,695.00.

Abraham Lincoln Letter with Washington Birthday Content
Lincoln was a great advocate for the national observance of George Washington's birthday. This letter represents his commitment to the cause. It sold for $88,615.00.

Circa 1935 Portrait of Therese Bugatti Oil on Canvas by Carlo Bugatti
This portrait of Therese Bugatti was painted circa 1935 by her husband, designer Carlo Bugatti (1856-1940). The selling price was $71,008.00.

1786 John Paul Jones Letter to Thomas Jefferson
After he became famous as the "I have not yet begun to fight" Revolutionary hero, Jones was dispatched to France by Jefferson. This letter, which sold for $54,003.00, details his dealings in France being reported back to Jefferson.

1860 Lincoln/Hamlin "Wide Awakes" Portrait Campaign Flag
Only a few known examples of the flag that represented the grassroots alliance largely responsible for Lincoln's presidential win are known to exist. This incredible specimen sold for $46,659.00.

1840 William H. Harrison "Ohio Farmer' Flag - One of Earliest Known Campaign Flags
It is one of the earliest campaign flags known to exist. This stunning campaign treasure depicts Harrison as "one of the people" in his bid against President Martin Van Buren. The flag went for $41,020.00.

1835 Davy Crockett Signed Letter - One Year Before Alamo
This letter dates to the end of Crockett's political career and just before his freedom fighting days in Texas. It discusses a sequel to his 1834 autobiography. The letter has a story of its own now that it sold for $38,561.00.

Circa 1817 Ludwig van Beethoven Signed Handwritten Note
Ludwig van Beethoven's friendship with piano maker, Nanette Streicher, was crucial to the composer's development during the most trying stage in his career. This note is a testimony to their strong relationship. It sold for $35,951.00.

1844 Polk/Dallas "For Democracy" Campaign Flag
Examples of this beauty are few and far between. Polk won against heavily favored Henry Clay because he supported the annexation of Texas. The flag waved a selling price of $33,900.00.

1865 Seated Liberty Dollar Deep Cameo Proof
Despite their portrayal in "Cowboy" movies, the public at large did not generally accept silver dollars, as gold coinage was the preferred method of payment. However, collectors certainly accept them today. This one sold for $31,867.00.



The Mark Friedland Collection
A 1961 Topps PSA graded complete set (587) - the 5th highest set on the PSA Set Registry sold for $53,921.00; a 1960 Topps PSA graded complete set (572) - the 9th highest set on the PSA Set Registry commanded $22,321.00; a 1959 Topps PSA graded partial set (366/572) - all graded PSA NM-MT 8 went for $21,763.00; a 1964 Topps partial set (426/587) - PSA graded NM-MT to MINT went for $19,785.00; a 1965 Topps PSA graded partial set (531/598) - all graded NM-MT to MINT went for $19,785.00; a 1963 Topps PSA graded partial set (417/576) - all graded NM-MT to MINT sold for $16,350.00; a 1967 Topps PSA graded partial set (512/609) - all graded NM-MT to MINT went for $12,283.00; and a 1966 Topps PSA MINT 9 "Low Pop" collection (39) sold for $11,354.00.

The John Branca Collection - the 5th Installment of this Massive Assembly!
A 1954 Wilson Franks Gil Hodges graded PSA MINT 9 sold for $18,705.00; a 1951 Bowman #32 Duke Snider graded PSA GEM MT 10 went for $17,003.00; a 1933 Goudey PSA-graded collection commanded $16,626.00; a 1933 Goudey #1 Benny Bengough graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $14,864.00; a 1952 Topps #2 James E. Runnels graded PSA NM-MT 8 went for $13,739.00; and a 1912 E300 Plow's Candy Nap Lajoie graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $12,773.00.

The Duke Hott Collection
It's football at its finest. The Duke Hott Collection represented extraordinary times, events and personalities in football history. Highlights of the items sold include: AND STILL MORE BASEBALL CARDS - THE PICK OF THE PACK

Graded Cards and Sets
A 1959 Topps completely PSA-graded set (572) went for $39,547.00; a 1954 Topps #94 Ernie Banks rookie card graded PSA GEM MT 10 sold for $39,547.00; a 1952 Topps #261 Willie Mays graded PSA MINT 9 sold for $38,561.00; a collection of 1934 R320 Goudeys loaded with Hall of Famers - all graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $35,055.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Cy Young Cleveland/Portrait graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $33,900.00; a 1933 Goudey #149 Babe Ruth graded PSA NM-MT 8 realized $32,683.00; a 1968 Topps 3-D Bob Clemente graded PSA GEM MT 10 sold for $29,711.00; a 1915 M101-5 Sporting News #151 Babe Ruth rookie card graded PSA EX-MT 6 went for $28,970.00; a 1952 Topps #312 Jackie Robinson graded PSA MINT 9 commanded $28,015.00; a 1975 Topps Mini completely PSA-graded set (660) sold for $26,335.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border PSA-graded collection (363) including 54 Hall of Famers sold for $26,335.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Christy Mathewson Portrait graded PSA NM-MT 8 went for $25,468.00; a 1951 Bowman high-grade complete set (324) sold for $24,554.00; a 1955 Topps #123 Sandy Koufax rookie card graded PSA MINT 9 went for $24,468.00; a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings #2 Babe Ruth graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $22,321.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb Bat On Shoulder graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $21,763.00; a 1911 T205 Gold Border Frank Chance graded PSA MINT 9 went for $19,785.00; a 1948 Bowman high grade complete set (48) with every card graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $18,448.00; a 1911 T205 Gold Border Bobby Wallace - No cap, 1 line 1910 stats graded PSA EX-MT 6 sold for $18,289.00; a 1933 Goudey #181 Babe Ruth graded PSA NM-MT 8 went for $17,986.00; a 1909 T206 White Border Ty Cobb Bat Off Shoulder went for $17,986.00; an 1895 N300 Mayo's Cut Plug Cap Anson graded PSA NM 7 sold for $16,350.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Walter Johnson Portrait graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $15,811.00; a 1957 Topps high-grade complete set (407) went for $15,457.00; a 1958 Topps high-grade complete set (494) sold for $15,457.00; a 1915 Cracker Jack #66 Nap Lajoie graded PSA MINT 9 sold for $14,864.00; a 1956 Topps high-grade complete set (340) commanded $14,052.00; a 1934 Goudey #89 Linus Frey graded PSA MINT 9 sold for $13,901.00; a 1934 Goudey #33 Don Hurst graded PSA MINT 9 went for $13,901.00; a 1933 Goudey #29 Jimmy Foxx graded PSA NM-MT 8 went for $13,066.00; and a 1915 Cracker Jack #88 Christy Mathewson graded PSA NM-MT 8 commanded $13,066.00.

In addition, a 1934 Goudey #1 Jimmy Foxx graded PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $12,283.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb red background graded NM-MT 8 sold for $12,283.00; a 1934 Goudey #61 Lou Gehrig graded PSA NM-MT 8 went for $11,878.00; and a 1953 Bowman Color #117 Duke Snider graded PSA MINT 9 sold for $11,878.00.

Ungraded Cards and Partially Graded or Ungraded Sets
A 1952 Topps complete master set with Black Back set, Sain and Page variations (489) went for $39,547.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border partial set (460/521) sold for $38,561.00; a 1912 T202 Hassan Triple Folders complete set (132) sold for $33,900.00; a 1948/49 Leaf complete Master set (101) went for $26,335.00; a 1922 E120 American Caramel complete set (240) sold for $21,047.00; a 1933 R319 Goudey complete set (239) went for $21,047.00; a 1911 T205 Gold Border complete set (208) sold for $15,293.00; and an 1887 N690 Kalamazoo Bats Team Cabinet - Boston BBC sold for $13,513.00.

The World of Wax
A 1954 Topps Baseball unopened Five-Cent Wax Pack collection (5) sold for $22,392.00; a 1971 Topps unopened Wax Box (24 packs) went for $15,457.00; and a 1954 Topps Baseball high graded unopened Five-Cent Wax pack commanded $7,754.00.

A spectacular pre-1929 Babe Ruth single signed baseball PSA/DNA graded NM-MT+ 8.5 sold for $32,683.00; another Babe Ruth signed baseball PSA/DNA graded NM-MT 8 went for $22,634.00; a Jimmie Foxx single signed baseball sold for $21,047.00; a Bill McKechnie single signed baseball sold for $15,866.00; an Al Simmons signed baseball went for $10,024.00; and a Dizzy Dean single signed baseball PSA graded GEM MT 10 went for $9,112.00.

The Roberto Clemente game worn road vest that made it into the top sports lots wasn't the only piece of sports apparel that generated considerable auction interest. A number of others include:

Ted Williams' 1960 Boston Red Sox final season game worn home jersey sold for $54,003.00; the 1968 jersey Hank Aaron wore when he hit his 500th home run went for $52,639.00; a 1921-1922 New York Giants game worn team sweater commanded $30,818.00; a Jim Bottomley 1924-1929 St. Louis Cardinals game worn road jersey sold for $30,481.00; a Stan Musial 1948 St. Louis Cardinals signed game worn home jersey went for $11,878.00; and a Frank Grube 1931 Chicago White Sox game worn home jersey went for $9,595.00.

A 1951 Bowman baseball card autographed near set (323/325) went for $39,547.00; the finest gallery of signed black and white Hall of Fame Plaques ever offered as a single collection (30) sold for $36,883.00; an 1872 Warren Studios Cabinet of George Wright, signed and dated on the reverse sold for $36,454.00; a 1927 Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig signed tour photo autograph book accumulated in the 1940's with all eleven Hall of Fame inductees sold for $20,575.00; a 1939 Baseball Centennial single signed First Day Cover collection (10 Hall of Famers) went for $18,448.00; a signed Hall of Fame glove with DiMaggio, Mantle and Williams sold for $16,626.00; a 1955 Topps Baseball completely autographed set (206) sold for $15,811.00; signed 1872 Warren Studios Cabinets - Charley Gould and Fraley Rogers went for $15,114.00; and a Hall of Fame signed lithograph hoard with 29 signed by Mickey Mantle sold for $13,066.00.

An 1888 Hastings "Galaxy of the National League" team composite sold for $35,951.00; a rare 1917 World Series Program - New York Giants at Chicago White Sox sold for $22,634.00; an 1894 Temple Cup print went for $20,292.00; a 1906 Chicago Cubs World Series program sold for $20,575.00; a collection (21) of Hartland statues with original boxes (14) and tags (5) commanded $16,350.00; Carlos May's 1977 New York Yankees World Champions ring went for $14,313.00; Bruce Berenyi's 1986 New York Mets Championship ring sold for $14,373.00; a collection of baseball sheet music sold for $13,513.00; and a 1946 through 1991 World Series press pin collection (92) sold for $12,773.00.

A circa 1918 Babe Ruth of the Boston Red Sox original Charles Conlon photo sold for $11,354.00; a 1908 Addie Joss original photo by Charles Conlon went for $9,382.00; a rare and possibly one-of-a-kind 1886 Detroit vs. Chicago Imperial Cabinet commanded $7,626.00; and a Walter Johnson original photo for a "Baseball Magazine" cover sold or $4,349.00.

Wilt Chamberlain's 1967/68 Philadelphia 76ers game worn home uniform went for $20,292.00; a 1969/70 Topps PSA graded complete set (99) sold for $17,986.00; a 1948 Bowman #69 George Mikan sold for $11,611.00; a 1957/58 Topps complete PSA graded set (80) sold for $11,488.00; an early 1980's Kareem-Abdul Jabbar game worn jersey sold for $8,111.00; a 1992 Chicago Bulls World Championship Scout's ring presented to Jim Stack sold for $7,626.00; and a 1969/70 Topps high-grade complete set (99) plus Ruler Insert set (23) went or $7,049.00.

A 1910-1941 significant vintage hockey collection went for $29,805.00; a 1911/12 C55 Hockey Players complete set (45) sold for $26,779.00; a Wayne Gretzky 1980's Edmonton Oilers game worn home jersey commanded $19,785.00; a Bobby Orr 1969-71 Boston Bruins #4 game worn road jersey sold for $19,785.00 and a 1936-37 V304D O-Pee-Chee Near Set (34/36) plus wrapper sold for $11,027.00.

A 1935 R331 National Chicle complete PSA graded set (36) went for $18,705.00; a Dick Butkus 1960's Chicago Bears game worn home jersey sold for $17,986.00; a 1969 Topps Football PSA graded NM-MT to MINT near set (250/263) went for $16,822.00; 1960 to 1963 Fleer football complete sets (4) went for $15,293.00; 1971 Topps Series 2 unopened wax packs (24) commanded $13,739.00; a 1948 Leaf complete set (98) sold for $12,637.00; a 1950 Bowman high-grade complete set (144) sold for $12,490.00; and a 1969 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl ring went for $11,166.00.

A rare 1886 N167 Old Judge Boxers complete set (3) went for $7,754.00; a late 1920's Dempsey vs. Tunney mutoscope machine sold for $4,427.00; a Rocky Marciano archive of personal ledgers, papers and documents went for $3,191.00; and a 1951 Topps Ringside complete set (96) sold for $1,799.00.

A 1978 member's Green Jacket from Augusta National - Home of the Masters sold for $12,283.00; a trio of Walter Hagen collectibles went for $4,813.00; a circa 1900 "The Goff" golf booklet went for $4,474.00; a golf signature collection (154) and framed flag sold for $3,855.00; and a 1935 Sam Parks Ryder Cup plaque sold for $3,614.00.


The Charles Schalebaum collection is an extensive assembly of high-end items that are a collecting treat for lovers of automobilia, aviation and fine art. MastroNet began auctioning this immense collection in August 2005 and will continue to do so into 2006. This auction primarily presented Schalebaum items associated with automobilia. One of the items from this amazing collection was the Bugatti oil painting (automobilia related) that was a top Americana lot in the auction, realizing a final price of $71,008.00. Other highlights include:

A 1908 Challenge Cup Award presented by W.K. Vanderbilt, Jr. sold for $20,575.00; an early 20th century Italian road race oil on canvas by de Bruyne went for $18,705.00; a 1907 automotive original drawing by Maurice Toussaint sold for $14,864.00; a circa 1920's Bronze "Lost at Night" motorist with oil lamp went for $14,679.00; a 1993 Stanley Wanlass Bronze of "The Green Wasp" commanded $12,773.00; a circa 1915 Bronze of Felice Nazzarro driving a race car sold for $11,166.00; and a rare circa 1920 "The Summer Girl" original oil on board sold for $10,321.00.

When it comes to the blue chip items associated with Americana collectibles, the U.S. presidency takes the popular vote. Several of the top Americana auction lots featured items associated with past commanders in chief. A few notables include:

A lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair sold for $21,763.00; an 1812 Thomas Jefferson war-dated signed handwritten letter sold for $12,040.00; an Abraham Lincoln 1858 signed handwritten legal opinion went for $10,798.00; an 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed handwritten letter also endorsed by Edwin Stanton - nominating George Cadwalader a Major General of Volunteers commanded $9,595.00; an Abraham Lincoln 1862 signed Presidential Postal appointment went for $9,595.00; an 1812 Thomas Jefferson handwritten legal document signed four times sold for $8,722.00; and JFK cigars gifted by the President of the Philippines sold for $6,933.00.

Just as presidential items continue to grow in desirability and value, so too do the items that were involved in the contest to get to the highest office in the land - political collectibles. A few highlights include:

A large and stunning 1864 McClellan/Pendleton campaign poster - the only known example sold for $18,448.00; a 1912 "Bull Moose" Teddy Roosevelt campaign flag went for $13,739.00; an 1860 Abraham Lincoln campaign axe sold for $8,722.00; a circa 1790 George Washington "Union to the People of America" Liverpool pitcher commanded $7,929.00; a 1900 McKinley/Roosevelt campaign poster sold for $6,555.00; a mid-size 1840 William Henry Harrison copper luster pitcher sold for $6,484.00; and a 1900 William Jennings Bryan "Octopus" campaign poster sold for $6,092.00.

A 1932 R114 U.S. Caramel "Presidents" complete set (31) with ultra-rare William McKinley card sold for $26,335.00; a 1962 Topps "Civil War News" unopened 36-count rack pack case went for $26,335.00; a 1933 R73 "Indian Gum" high grade complete set (216) went for $18,705.00; a 1938 R1 Goudey "Action Gum" high grade complete set (96) sold for $13,739.00; a 1962 Topps "Civil War News" PSA graded complete set (88) sold for $13,379.00; a 1933 R39 National Chicle "Dare Devils" PSA graded complete set (24) commanded $10,321.00 and a 1935 R48-2 Gum Inc. "Film Funnies" (with names) complete PSA-graded set (24) plus wrapper sold for $10,024.00.

Signatures representative of the greats from American and World history always generate top auction dollar - especially when accompanied by a letter or document that also contains significant historical information. MastroNet had numerous such items in its December 2005 auction and several of them are among the top Americana auction lots. Additional phenomenal items include:

A 1843 Edgar Allen Poe ALS referencing his troubled past by way of his father and grandfather sold for $18,705.00; a collection of 97 historical signatures went for $12,490.00; a unique "General Orders No. 9" transcribed surrender order of Robert E. Lee signed by 30 of Lee's Confederate Troops at Appomattox went for $11,166.00; a 1937 Al Capone signed "Alcatraz" envelope and 1941 Eliot Ness signed "City of Cleveland" press pass sold for $8,602.00; an Albert Einstein signed E=mc2 equation sheet went for $8,569.00; a significant Malcolm X signed typewritten letter to Elijah Muhammad announcing his marriage the next day sold for $7,132.00; and an 1864 George Armstrong Custer small two page ALS with military content went for $5,295.00.

An 1869 Rough Rider saddle and 1873 Winchester rifle gifted by Teddy Roosevelt to Wild West performer Lucille Mulhall sold for $7,109,00; an Independence Hall wood sliver from the chamber where the Declaration of Independence was signed went for $6,407.00; a mid to late 19th century life size black folk art figurine sold for $5,142.00; and a massive World War II naval deck-mounted binocular gun sighter sold for $4,474.00.

A 1963 "With The Beatles" autographed record album went for $21,810.00; a rock and roll, folk and soul autographed album cover collection sold for $13,379.00; a 1967 John Coltrane music manuscript and signed check sold for $10,024.00; a 1956 Seeburg jukebox from the Elvis Presley movie, "Loving You" that was once owned by Elvis sold for $8,602.00; a rare 1964 Rickenbacker Model 325 DD guitar sold for $8,602.00; a 1942 Humphrey Bogart owned and worn trench coat from the "Casablanca" publicity tour sold for $6,552.00; a 1950's James Dean signed photo sold for $4,375.00; and Marilyn Monroe's bra went for $4,024.00.

An aviation heroes signed photo display with Earhart, Lindbergh, Rickenbacker and the Wright Brothers sold for $14,864.00; a 1914 Baron von Richthofen airplane relic/vanity box sold for $9,112.00; a 1911 helicopter patent model commanded $6,407.00; a circa 1910 "The Bierot Trophy" went for $6,302.00; and a significant 1904-1912 Gamy and Montaut aviation print collection (14) sold for $4,427.00.

A 1925 R. Lalique "Suzanne" statuette with illuminated base went for $20,786.00; a 1925 R. Lalique "Tourterelles"' vase sold for $7,626.00; a 1920 R. Lalique "Monnaie du Pape" cigar or jewel box sold for $6,933.00; a 1924 R. Lalique "Ceylan" vase sold for $6,702.00; and a 1931 R. Lalique "Perruches" bowl commanded $4,922.00.

MastroNet's next premier auction is scheduled for April 2006. Consignments are currently being accepted. For more information or for consignment details, call 630-472-1200 or visit