MastroNet, Inc, the leading Sports and Americana collectibles source has an established history of setting auction records and bringing the best collectibles to public auction. But, it appears this time, the auction powerhouse has outdone itself by leaps and bounds. On November 21, bidding will begin in the largest multi-consignment, internet/phone auction MastroNet has ever conducted. Over 2,800 items of high-quality memorabilia are expected to attract vigorous bidding. The items available represent all collecting genres including sports, comic books and comic art, historical milestones, Hollywood, music, political campaigns and more. Bidding will conclude on December 7, 8 and 9.

According to Doug Allen, president of MastroNet, the size of the December auction was driven to new heights by the company being selected to represent several major collections. "This auction is a collection of incredible collections," said Allen. "Whether you're a fan of Sports collecting or Americana items, there has never been a more diverse, high-quality offering than this one."

Five of the most significant collections being offered include:

  • The Duke Hott Collection, a massive, unrivaled football archive;
  • The Frank Nagy Collection, one of the best sports collections in existence;
  • The Mark Friedland Collection - a significant collection of PSA graded sets and single cards;
  • The Doug Mo Collection - a phenomenal collection of 1933 and 1943 Goudeys;
  • An impressive Chicago White Sox collection.

Collections of other items include:

  • The Charles Schalebaum Collection, an incredible automobilia collection;
  • A huge selection of autographed historical items;
  • A phenomenal selection of baseball cards, including two new cabinet discoveries;
  • Music and movie items - including an Elvis Presley jukebox and Marilyn Monroe's bra;
  • Comics, Coins and other coveted collectibles.

Specific highlights are provided in the following:

In 1959, Frank Nagy took the entire life savings of his family and purchased the baseball card collection of Walter Corson for $6,000.00 - a fortune at the time. With the Corson collection now part of his own, the Frank Nagy Collection became one of the largest ever assembled. In 1966, a 14-year old William Mastro, today the CEO of MastroNet, wrote to Nagy who became Mastro's hobby mentor. Mastro is honored to be selected as the source to auction Nagy's treasured collection. Key lots include:

1912 T3 Turkey Red Premiums Complete Set (103)
The majority of the pieces in the set feature the issue's Checklist reverse design. The set includes: PSA EX-MT 6: 16 cards w/#'s 17 Clark Griffith, Christy Mathewson, 40 Vic Willis , 47 Frank Chance and 125 Ed Walsh; PSA EX 5: 63 cards w/#'s 5 Sam Crawford 9 Ty Cobb 18 Hughie Jennings 19 Addie Joss 23 Nap Lajoie 39 Rube Waddell 42 Cy Young 78 Home Run Baker 80 Chief Bender 99 Walter Johnson and 124 Bobby Wallace; PSA VG-EX 4: 13 cards w/#'s 1 Mordecai Brown, 16 Johnny Evers, 26 John McGraw 35, Joe Tinker, 87 Eddie Collins 101 Willie Keeler; PSA VG 3: 3 cards; PSA GD 2: 6 cards w/#'s 2 Roger Bresnahan, 8 Fred Clarke, 36 Tris Speaker. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

1912 S81 Silk Collection (13 Diff.)
Standing among the titans from the tobacco card age are the stupendous premiums catalogued in the A.C.C. as S81 silks. They were available only through the redemption of 25 cigarette coupons, specifically from the brand, Turkish Trophies. They include: #88 Rube Benton; #89 Grover Alexander; #90 Russ Ford; #92 Nap Rucker; #94 Chief Bender; #95 Home Run Baker; #97 Joe Tinker; #99 Howie Camnitz; #100 Eddie Collins; #101 Red Dooin; #104 Roger Bresnahan; #107 Ed Walsh; and #109 Johnny Evers. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

It's what will amount to a Super Bowl offering of football memorabilia. Doug Allen, president of MastroNet, refers to the Duke Hott Collection as an unprecedented "mother lode" of high-end football memorabilia. " It really is a collection you've got to see to believe," said Allen. "When I walked into Duke's home I was overwhelmed both by the collection's magnitude as well as its quality." According to Allen the collection is composed of over 1,000 pieces associated with football's greatest players and includes over 100 game used jerseys, over 75 game used helmets and a world-class assembly of vintage football advertising and display pieces. A few of the items include:

1895 Early American Football Scene Original Oil Panting
This fabulous oil on canvas rendering provides an early depiction of American football heritage. They painting depicts a contact field sport, an early hybrid with elements of both rugby and football that would soon evolve into less of the former and more of the latter. The club dressed in white and light blue carries out the offensive strategy; the black-and-white-clad pursuers try to slow their opponents' momentum. Spectators observe and cheer from the sideline, many of them under cover of a roofed grandstand festooned with a U.S. flag. The referee wears all black and waves a red flag. The 3-foot x 4-foot painting is signed and dated in red by "Albert Morgan 1895." Minimum bid $10,000.00.

Gale Sayers Chicago Bears Game Worn Road Jersey
This Chicago Bears road jersey was worn by Sayers during his incomparable career. This white mesh pullover garment flaunts the Hall of Famer's since-retired number "40". "SAYERS" is sewn in blue tackle twill upon a nameplate above the number on the back. The item reveals evidence of light wear. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Curly Lambeau 1929 World Champion Green Bay Packers Trophy
This exceptional piece recalls the 1929 season when Coach Lambeau led the Packers to their first ever championship. Etched near the center of this remarkable keepsake is "Coach Earl (Curly) Lambeau / National Football League Champions / 1929 Green Bay Packers / 12-0-1." Minimum bid $1,000.00.

George Blanda 1970's Oakland Raiders Game Worn Home Jersey
This Raiders home jersey was worn by the veteran Blanda during his tenure in the Bay area (1967-1975). With high probability, the jersey is from the 1970 to 1971 seasons. This black pullover garment boasts the Hall of Famer's number "16" sewn to the front, back and sleeves and "BLANDA" sewn in the name plate above the number on the back. The minimum bid is $1,000.00.

In the past few years, Mark Friedland has set his sights on accumulating one of the biggest and best PSA collections in the world. The lofty venture is not an unusual one for Friedland, whose varied interests include sports cards, historical relics and autographs. Two of his most incredible acquisitions being offered are:

1960 Topps PSA Graded Complete Set (587) - 9th Finest Set on the PSA Set Registry
An overwhelming majority of the cards in this set sit at or above the PSA NM-MT 8 tier. The offered complete set of 572 cards deftly captures the flavor of the innovative series. The top quality gallery includes: PSA MINT 9: 1 card; PSA NM-MT 8: 566 cards; and PSA NM 7: 5 cards.The minimum bid is $5,000.00.

1961 Topps PSA Graded Complete Set (587) - 5th Finest Set on the PSA Set Registry
An unbelievable 247 cards grade PSA MINT 9. No card in the set grades less than PSA NM 7. Includes: PSA MINT 9: 247 cards; PSA MINT 9 (OC): 7 cards; PSA NM-MT 8: 329 cards; PSA NM 7: 4 cards. The minimum bid is $7,500.00.

On the heels of the historic World Series win by the Chicago White Sox, the memorabilia associated with this team is hotter than ever. The MastroNet December auction features a huge collection of White Sox items. A few highlights include:

Ted Kluszewski 1959 Chicago White Sox Game Worn Road Jersey - MEARS A-8
This Chicago White Sox road jersey was donned by Ted Kluszewski during the White Sox 1959 run at October - as well as in the 1960 season. It was the first in which a team identified its players with names on the backs of uniform tops. The gray flannel, button down garment features "CHICAGO" across the chest and "KLUSZEWSKI" on the back. The item reveals moderate game wear. Minimum bid $1,500.00.

Early Wynn 1960 Chicago White Sox Signed Game Worn Home Jersey - MEARS A-10
"Gus" Wynn wore this Chicago White Sox home jersey during the team's 1960 campaign. This blue-pinstriped, cream colored jersey features "Sox" sewn to the left breast and the Hall of Famer's number "24" applied to the back and right sleeve. On the front of the collar, Wynn's signature, grading "10", is seen. The item reveals evidence of moderate wear. Minimum bid $1,500.00.

Rare 1917 White Sox World Series Program - New York Giants at Chicago White Sox
This program is brutally scarce. Affirming the frugal policies embraced by the Comiskey front office, the publication prepared for the '17 World Series was simply a modification of the franchise's regular season program. This one is in immaculate condition. Minimum bid $1,000.00.


NEW HOBBY FIND! - 1888-1889 "Sporting Extra Cigarettes" World Tour Cabinet Set
During the latter part of the 19th century, "cabinet" cards acted as the flagship issue of any commercial trade card or general photographic enterprise. Standing unchallenged at the very apex of the time's baseball collectibles, all of the known large-sized product advertisement cabinets and tobacco premiums are incredibly rare. This remarkable pair of team-photograph cards is even more so! As a matter of fact, hobby experts agree that as far as they know, no others like it exist. Each card is rendered in cabinet style and was released to promote the "Sporting Extra" Cigarettes" brand. The subjects are the two teams that participated in Spalding's World Base Ball Tour of 1888-1889 - the Chicago B.B. Tourists and the All American B.B. Tourists. The minimum bid is $10,000.00.

1952 Topps Complete PSA-Graded Set plus Paige and Sain Variations
Each card has been professionally graded and encapsulated by PSA. This complete 407-card set of 1952 Topps baseball cards plus the Paige and Sain biography variations is truly amazing. The call to obtain this series, complete and at such a fantastic level of quality is one no serious hobbyist should heed lightly. Includes: PSA NM-MT 8: 12 cards; PSA NM 7; 200 cards; and PSA EX-MT 6: 188 cards. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

1911 T3 Turkey Red Ty Cobb - PSA NM-MT 8
This is one of two like graded cards at this level with none graded higher. What is especially captivating about this card is its exact register. Cobb's facial image - as well as the detail of the lacing in his spikes, his ribbed socks, and the stitching in the pocket and collar - are all above reproach. For a collector determined to capture one of the two finest known T3 Ty Cobb cards in existence, this is the rare chance! Minimum bid $10,000.00.

1959 Topps Completely PSA-Graded Set (572)
The 1950s were arguably the defining decade in baseball history. The 1959 Topps set embodied the spirit of the day. A breakdown of this high-grade PSA set is as follows: PSA GEM MINT 10: 2 cards; PSA MINT 9: 94 cards; PSA MINT 9 (O/C): 5 cards; PSA NM-MT 8: 329 cards; PSA NM-MT 8 (O/C): 14 cards; PSA NM 7: 116 cards; PSA EX-MT 6: 12 cards. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1954 Topps #94 Ernie Banks Rookie Card - PSA GEM MT 10
This spectacular example of card 94 from the 1954 Topps set, features the beaming portrait of the Cubs' Hall of Famer, Ernie Banks. Removed just recently from its original pack, its Gem Mint grade is almost an understatement. The portrait of "Mr. Cub" is radiant and every detail glows with perfect gloss and pack-fresh brightness. The minimum bid is $5,000.00.

1968 Topps 3-D Bob Clemente - PSA GEM MT 10
This is a member of a tiny population, numbering just six examples at its tier. Here is a superb specimen of what is not only Roberto Clemente's most sought-after card, but also the key to the rare and popular 1968 Topps "3-D" test set. A strong argument can be made that this is the single most valuable card from the entire decade of the 1960's. The items were produced in scant numbers as a test issue, and their only known public distribution took place in a few Brooklyn candy stores close to the Topps Company headquarters. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1933 Goudey Sport Kings #2 Babe Ruth - PSA NM-MT 8
Only two examples of this wonderfully distinctive collectible have ever been graded higher. Goudey honored Babe Ruth on two occasions in 1933. The first instance was in the player's quartet of cards among the company's "regular" series of baseball cards. The other, much scarcer portrayal had its origin at the conception of Sport Kings. There, the Babe took his place beside superstars from other sports and disciplines. Offered is a wonderful example of that special collectible from the hallowed, one-year-only production. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card PSA NM-MT 8
In terms of percentage, this splendid showpiece is among the 7% most-elite Mantle rookies in the hobby. The '52 Topps Mantle is desired by all, but quality examples can be possessed only by very few. The offered card delivers sublime aesthetics from every perspective. Mantle's portrait likeness is crisply resolved, and its blue background is pure. The yellow details on the starry caption border and in the Yankee logo and the Hall of Famer's bat are wonderfully bright. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1933 Goudey #149 Babe Ruth - PSA NM-MT 8
No example has ever been awarded a higher unqualified grade. Ruth's likeness was featured on four different 1933 Goudey cards. This 1933 Goudey #149, the "red background," is among the scarcest and most hotly pursued of the coveted quartet, and this particular card is a superb representation of its type. On the offered card, Ruth's image is incredibly potent and clean white borders accentuate the painting's formidable aesthetic qualities. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1948 Bowman High Grade Complete Set (48) Every Card Graded PSA NM-MT 8!
This is the foundation set of post-war baseball card collecting! Loaded with sought-after rookies this black-and-white issue reintroduced the public to the heroes of its National Pastime. Includes: 3 Kiner, 4 Mize, 5 Feller, 6 Berra, 8 Rizzuto SP, 17 Slaughter, 18 Spahn, 36 Musial, and 38 Schoendienst. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1915 M101-5 Sporting News #151 Babe Ruth - PSA EX-MT 6
It is considered the ultimate rookie card! There is, quite simply, no way to imagine that a 1-5/8" x 3" piece of cardboard could symbolize more history, more of the essence of American sport, than this Sporting News card depicting Babe Ruth as a slender young pitcher with the Boston Red Sox. Obtaining the rookie card of Babe Ruth represents one of the peak achievements in all of card collecting. Minimum bid $4,000.00.

1939 Play Ball #26 Joe DiMaggio - PSA MINT 9
The inaugural year of Play Ball baseball cards was highlighted by a small core of superstar players, and the subject of this outstanding card, Joe DiMaggio, was at the very head of that exclusive class. This card reveals the Yankee Clipper in a pose of uncharacteristic mirth. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1911 T205 Gold Border Frank Chance - PSA MINT 9
This is one of only four cards in its entire series to receive PSA MINT 9 accolades, and no T205 has been graded higher. Fittingly evaluated as the finest of its type, this lovely, full-sized insert offers unequaled balance in addition to beauty. Four sharp corners reveal absolutely no wear. The card features clean "Piedmont" back and pristine surfaces. The minimum bid is $2,500.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb Red Background - PSA NM-MT 8
Ty Cobb displays what was no doubt a briefly held expression of passivity on this classic T206 tobacco insert card. This card is very well centered and possesses four sharp corners. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1909-1911 T206 White Border Ty Cobb Bat Off Shoulder - PSA NM- MT 8
This "Bat Off Shoulder" variety of Ty Cobb, with its detailed pose of the great Hall of Famer and its phenomenal palette of background hues, is one of the most colorful and aesthetically gratifying of all T206 subjects. The offered card is a mini-masterpiece. Its centering is precise and its balanced, clean white borders harmonize with the card's beautiful design to afford tremendous overall eye appeal. The card's "Piedmont" reverse is bright and boldly printed. The minimum bid is $2,500.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb Bat On Shoulder - PSA NM-MT 8
This card is one of less than a dozen copies at its tier with none graded higher. The "Bat On Shoulder" pose of Ty Cobb is among the most subtly colorful and visually pleasing of all the designs included in the famed T206 set. The example artfully showcases the great player's unmistakable intensity in his pose and features, and would fit nicely into any top-quality assembly. The "Sweet Caporal - 350 Subjects" reverse is clear and bright. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1952 Topps #261 Willie Mays - PSA MINT 9
Less than 10 examples in the world hold PSA MINT 9 status, and only one has ever been graded higher. This is a brilliant and original example of Topps' 1952 Willie Mays card. The distinguishing features of this incredible Mays second-year card are found in its origin as well as its fortuitous preservation. Virtually perfect at the time of production, it has remained enduringly splendid through the passage of more than five decades. Quality centering and a breathtaking visual presence are both affirmed in this masterpiece. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1933 Goudey #29 Jimmy Foxx - PSA NM-MT 8
Here's an aesthetically pleasing example of the sought-after '33 Goudey "low number" Foxx card. The offered collectible's clean borders frame a vibrant, flawless image. All four corners are strong. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1933 Goudey #181 Babe Ruth - PSA NM-MT 8
Of the Babe Ruth quartet contained within the 1933 Goudey series, this is the one with the largest and most dramatic, full-face illustration of the Bambino. It is one of the hobby's favorite career-contemporary cards of the immortal ballplayer. The bold, vibrant palette of colors and fantastic clarity in this superior example appear unaffected by time. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1955 Topps #123 Sandy Koufax Rookie Card - PSA MINT 9
Offered is the rookie card, of the pitcher whose name became synonymous with excellence and domination, and who accomplished such great things at an early age. This piece is an incredibly sharp and desirable memento of the then 20-year old future phenomenon. This collectible will satisfy, even exhilarate, the most discriminating enthusiast. Only two examples of this card are graded higher than this one. The minimum bid is $1,500.00.

Branca Collection
The depth and extensive reach of the Branca collection continues in this auction. MastroNet has offered hundreds of cards from this amazing collection in several recent auctions and offers yet another installment in its December event. Some of the phenomenal lots include:

1933 Goudey #1 Benny Bengough PSA NM-MT 8
This is one of only seven cards graded at this level with only one example graded higher. As card #1 in the set, Benny Bengough carefully protected the Ruths and Gehrigs and Foxxs and Hubbells of the set. As a result, the card was a magnet for abuse, as it became the first line of defense for the rest of the pack. The image boasts good clarity and attractive color, giving it tremendous visual appeal. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1912 E300 Plow's Candy Nap Lajoie PSA NM-MT 8
The Plow's Candy cards from which this beauty derives stand as the final entry within the "E"-card section of the American Card Catalog. This set had not been confirmed to exist when the ACC was first published in the 1930's, and a meaningful checklist was still unknown as recently as the late 1960's. These large E300's are among the most attractive and visually dramatic of all cards from their era. Fewer than two hundred Plow's Candy cards are thought to inhabit the hobby's finest assemblies of turn-of-the-century memorabilia. Fortunately, one of this number is this card picturing Hall of Famer Lajoie. Minimum bid $1,000.00.

1954 Wilson Franks Gil Hodges PSA MINT 9
There isn't a card like it graded higher. The beautiful pieces produced by Wilson Franks for only one season are notoriously susceptible to fading and staining. This card boasts an undeniable "brand new" appearance. It is perfectly centered displaying vivid color and faultless corners. Minimum bid $1,500.00.

1933 Goudey #92 Lou Gehrig - PSA NM-MT 8
With its wonderfully impressive design, this is an ideal remembrance of the Hall of Famer whose determination has become synonymous with Yankee greatness. Lush sky blue, complemented by the earth tones on Gehrig's bat and beneath his stance, embellish the grandeur of the revered player's figure. The cardfront tapestry is framed by white borders that are very well proportioned. The card's corner aspects have retained nearly all of their original integrity. Mnimum bid $1,500.00.


Jim Bottomley 1924-1929 St. Louis Cardinal's Game Worn Road Jersey - Only Known One!
Over a six-year span beginning in 1926 the St. Louis Cardinals captured four National League flags and two World Series titles. Jim Bottomley was an integral element of this new-found success. Hall of Famer, Bottomley wore this vintage St. Louis Cardinals road jersey during his glorious campaigns in the National League. This cream-colored, gray pinstriped wool, pullover garment features "Cardinals" embroidered across the chest in red characters and, just above the franchise's logo a baseball bat is applied in like fashion. The minimum bid is $10,000.00.

Roberto Clemente 1966 Pittsburgh Pirates MVP Season Game Worn Road Vest - MEARS A-7
This vintage Pirates road vest was worn by Clemente during his 1966 MVP season. The gray flannel, button-down jersey boasts "PIRATES" across the chest and the legend's since-retired number "21" applied to the front and back. The item reveals evidence of moderate to heavy wear. The jersey is accompanied by an LOA signed by Clemente's widow. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. The minimum bid is $10,000.00.

Ted Williams 1960 Final Season Boston Red Sox Game Worn Home Jersey
This is an absolutely sacred Fenway Park heirloom: a Red Sox home jersey worn by "The Splendid Splinter" during the 1960 season. This cream-colored flannel, button-down garment boasts "RED SOX" arched across the chest in red-on-blue felt characters and the Hall of Famer's since-retired number "9" applied to the back. The item reveals evidence of heavy wear. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

Hank Aaron 1968 Atlanta Braves Signed Game Used Jersey - Used to Hit His 500th Home Run!
On July 14, 1968, Aaron became just the eighth player in Major League history to hit his 500th home run. This is the signed Atlanta Braves home jersey worn by Aaron as he delivered that historic blast. This cream-colored, blue-pinstriped flannel, button-down garment boasts "Braves" angled across the chest in navy-blue cotton twill and Aaron's famed and since-retired number "44" applied to the back. Within the collar, a cream-colored flannel strip tag bears embroidered notations of "H Aaron - 1968 - Set 3" in black cursive characters. Aaron's blue-marker signature ("6") is angled just below the left front of the collar. The item reveals evidence of moderate wear. Accompanying is an LOA signed by Braves Museum and Hall of Fame Director Carolyn Serra, as well as LOAs from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS, Steve Grad/PSA DNA and James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $5,000.00.


Pre-1929 Babe Ruth Single Signed Baseball - PSA/DNA NM-MT+ 8.5
This impeccably clean, vintage baseball is graced with Ruth's resplendent black fountain-tip signature. The unofficial "THOS E WILSON & Co" ball is an unblemished white sphere that hails from the mid-1920's manufacturing period. The ball's alternating black and red laces have retained their vibrant hues. The composition of "Babe" in quotations was a Ruth practice prior to 1929. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Jimmie Foxx Single Signed Ball
The immediate heir to Babe Ruth's slugging throne wasn't Gehrig, nor was it Mel Ott. It was Jimmie Foxx. The autograph on this uncommon beauty grades "9". The ball is a Harridge model OAL whose stamped distinctions isolate its making to the war years. It displays a small measure of game use. LOA from Steve Grad/PSA DNA and LOA from James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $1,500.00.

1934 Tour of Japan Signed Ball
This baseball is signed by 18 of the ambassadors who traveled to Japan for what is now the famous "tour" immediately after the 1934 regular season. The baseball is noteworthy in itself. It's a high-quality Japanese-made baseball - one crafted to optimum American specifications, complete with red/black stitching and handsome stampings (rendered in English). The signatures average "7" in strength. The only qualification to report here is that the autograph of one of the journeymen, Joe Cascarella, is missing. Signatures include Babe Ruth, Lefty Gomez, Earl Averill, Charlie Gehringer, Jimmie Foxx ("7"), Connie Mack ("9") and Lou Gehrig ("6-7"). LOA from Steve Grad/PSA DNA and LOA from James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $1,000.00.


Ty Cobb 1911-1916 H&B Game Used Sidewriten Bat
Ty Cobb loved his bats. This 34-1/2", 35.7-oz. Hillerich & Bradsby signature model bat was turned for Cobb during the 1911-1916 labeling period-and was kept in his possession for the remainder of his storied playing career. The side-written notation of "Phila Am. Lea. B.B.C. " evidences that remarkable detail. (Philadelphia American League Base Ball Club, with whom Cobb played the final two campaigns of his career in 1927 and 1928). The notation is executed in grease pencil just to the right of the deep defined centerbrand and below the like-featured barrel stamping. There are lathe marks on both the Hornsby knob and barrel ending and burn-induced spots at both ends, suggesting the white ash bat was flame-treated. The item reveals evidence of phenomenal use. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Minimum bid $25,000.00.

Babe Ruth 1926-1934 Spalding Game Used Bat
From 1926 through 1931, at the ages of 32 through 37, Babe Ruth put on a six-year sideshow that saw him average 50 home runs, 155 RBI and 147 runs scored, hitting .354 throughout the spell. This Ruth-brandished, Spalding war club hails from the 1926-1934 manufacturing period and is Ruth-esque in its proportions at 36" and 40.2 ounces. The manufacturer's famed "Diamond & Ball" centerbrand bears deep engravings of "NO. 200 CH" and "MODEL 5." The brown-hued lumber's barrel stampings are unique in that, "A.G. Spalding Bros." appears on one side and Ruth's facsimile signature is stamped on the opposite side-in the opposite direction. The uncracked, white ash heirloom displays moderate use. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

Babe Ruth 1921-1931 H&B Signed Game Used Bat
Babe Ruth seldom refused a request for an autograph-such as the magnificent signature he placed on the offered game used bat. This Hillerich & Bradsby signature model war club was wielded by the Bambino during the 1921-1931 labeling period. Of Ruthian proportions at 35", 37.6 ounces, this white ash weapon bears a legible centerbrand and barrel stampings. The slugger's flowing, black-ink autograph ("8-9") stands prominently on what appears to be a cleaned portion of the hitting surface. The uncracked item reveals evidence of phenomenal use. LOAs from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS, Steve Grad/PSA DNA and James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

Jimmie Foxx 1934-1944 H&B Game Used Bat - MEARS A 8
A fan and teammate favorite wherever he went, Jimmie Foxx was baseball's right-handed answer to Babe Ruth. Discovered by Frank "Home Run" Baker, 17-year-old Foxx was recommended to Philadelphia Athletics skipper Connie Mack. This Hillerich & Bradsby signature model bat was employed by "Double-X" during the latter portion of his fence-clearing career. This 35", 35.7-oz. white ash lumber hails from the 1934-1944 labeling period and factory records indicate that Foxx first ordered this model in 1936. The hitting relic boasts a well-defined, legible centerbrand and barrel stampings. The uncracked Foxx gamer reveals evidence of heavy use. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Minimum bid $5,000.00.


Cy Young's 1903 World Series Championship Medal
The first World Series began on October 1st in Boston where Cy Young, ace of the AL Boston Pilgrims' staff, was victimized by his team's shabby defense as the NL Pittsburgh Pirates claimed victory, 7-3. Pittsburgh then won two of the next three meetings while enthusiasm in Boston was fast wilting. Worse, the next three games were scheduled in Pittsburgh, and the Pilgrims seemed down for the count. But Cy Young rose to the occasion. Scaling the mound for Games 5 and 7, he twice vanquished the Pirates, going the distance in both victories. As fans braced for Game 7, The Boston Globe announced the commissioning of medals to be awarded to each of their hometown heroes - who, they boldly asserted, were going to win. These medals were designed to serve as watch fobs. Only one of them is known to exist today - the one presented to Cy Young. Struck in solid 14K yellow gold, the main body of the medal is crafted as a shield. The obverse bears the sharp relief announcement, "Boston American League Team" above stylized crossed bats and a catcher's mask, below which appears "Worlds Champions 1903." The medal proclaims "Presented to D. T. Young. P. Boston American League Team by The Boston Globe 1903." NM/MT condition. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

Bruce Berenyi's 1986 New York Mets Championship Ring
Today, signed baseballs, commemorative bats, and salesman's sample rings from the unforgettable '86 campaign are hotly pursued by Mets mavens. But the most prized possession is that of player's championship ring. Here is one such treasure, presented to New York hurler Bob Berenyi. The glittering 10-karat-gold gem features a genuine diamond seated upon a blue stone, corralled by a beveled border of 24 diamonds and the raised lettering, "WORLD CHAMPIONS 1986." Manufactured by Balfour, the size "11" ring reflects superb EX/MT condition. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Carlos May's 1977 New York Yankees World Champions Ring
Their first championship since 1962, the Yankees' 1977 victory ended an atypically long period of frustration for baseball's winningest franchise. It was also the team's first Major League title under the ownership of George Steinbrenner. This 14-karat-gold championship ring was given to Yankees outfielder Carlos May follow the 1977 season-May's last big league campaign. The face of the size "13-1/2" ring features the Yankees "NY" insignia, inlaid with 19 diamonds and set within a blue stone. Surrounding the design is "Yankees World Champions" in raised lettering. LOA from Carlos May's signed LOA. Minimum bid $1,500.00.


The Finest Collection of B&W Hall of Fame Autographed Plaques Ever Offered As a Single Collection (39) - Each one assessed "Authentic" by PSA
This is the hobby's finest privately held collections of personally autographed Black and White Hall of Fame Plaque Postcards featuring the scriptings of 39 enshrinees. Each one boasts a signature that grades "9-10". Includes: Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio, Jimmie Foxx, Jackie Robinson, George Sisler, Tris Speaker, Lefty Grove, Max Care, Wahoo Sam Crawford, Hank Greenberg, Frank Frisch, Mel Ott and Cy Young. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

1927 Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Signed Tour Photo
This is the Ruth-Gehrig rendering so prized by collectors. The photo, a gem in itself, was an accessory in the barnstorming pilgrimage staged by those two celebrated Yankees following the 1927 season. The famous duo scheduled dates across the flatland states where local ballplayers were invited to team up with the Bustin' Babes or the Larrupin' Lous in contests of the diamond. The promotional photo became a staple in the tour. During one of those excitedly anticipated stops, a fortunate admirer captured the fountain pen autographs of both Ruth and Gehrig. Both signatures grade "9." LOA from Steve Grad/PSA DNA and LOA from James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1939 Baseball Centennial Single Signed First Day Cover Collection (10 Hall of Famers)
Though the date of its true roots are shrouded in lore, baseball, the institution, embraces 1839 as its birth year. In celebration of a prosperous and uninterrupted legacy, the game was rejoiced throughout the land a hundred years later. One of the affirmations of that national jubilee was the preparation of a first day cover sponsored by the Postal Service. These fronts of these envelopes featured an emblematic baseballer above the caption, "1839-Baseball Centennial-1939." Fashionably detailed in patriotic red, white and blue, a line on the left side fronts invited meaningful autographs while the right half provided space for postage, addressees and postmarks. All of them were signed and then entered in the postal between June 25th and August 9th of 1939. The postage on all of these is the three-cent commemorative issued for the centennial, and all are cleanly cancelled. Included are: Walter Johnson , Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Larry Lajoie, Connie Mack, Cy Young, Tris Speaker, Grover Alexander, and George Sisler. LOA from Steve Grad/PSA DNA and LOA from James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Lou Gehrig Signed Christmas Card
This Lou Gehrig signature is a sincere and conscientious expression of Yuletide endearment. The greeting card front bears an idyllic scene of what is surely a Christmas Eve in the provinces. Inside, the printed greeting is fashionably expressed. Gehrig's signature grades "9-10." LOA from Steve Grad/PSA DNA and LOA from James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $2,500.00.


Wilt Chamberlain 1967-68 Philadelphia 76ers Home Uniform - MEARS A-9
The "Big Dipper" wore this 76ers home uniform during the 1967/68 season. The white pullover jersey boasts Chamberlains' retired number "13" sewn to the font and back. The style and tagging date the jersey to the 67/68 season. The items reveal evidence of moderate wear. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

1992 Chicago Bulls World Championship Ring Presented to Jim Stack
This Chicago Bulls championship ring was presented to team scout Jim Stack for the franchise's 1991-1992 NBA title. A total of sixty-one diamonds illuminate this exceptional remembrance. Placed atop a black setting, thirty-three diamonds spell out "Bulls" in raised relief. Twenty-eight diamonds border that remarkable presentation. Raised lettering on one side of the ring reads, "World Champions / 91-92 / Back to Back." The opposite side reveals, "Stack / 67-15 / Scout." The inside of the size 12 ring's band features the etched "14k©Jostens." Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1990/91 Game Worn Jersey - MEARS A-5
This is a Bulls road jersey worn by Jordan during his first championship season with the Chicago Bulls. This red mesh pullover garment boasts the icon's legendary number "23" on the font and dback. In like fashion, "BULLS" is arched above the number on the front and "JORDAN" is on the back. The item reveals evidence of light wear. LOA from James Lamparieli, New Jersey Nets Senior VP. The minimum bid is $2,500.00.


Wayne Gretzky 1980's Edmonton Oiler Game Worn Jersey
Wayne Gretzky wore this Edmonton Oilers home jersey during his unparalleled NHL days north of the border. This white mesh pullover garment flaunts an "OILERS" team logo on the front and the icon's famed number "99" applied to the back and shoulders. In blue satin twill, "GRETZKY" is sewn to a name plate above the number on the back. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. The minimum bid is $2,500.00.

Bobby Orr #4 Boston Bruins Game Worn Road Jersey
Bobby Orr wore this Boston Bruins road jersey during his 10-season tenure (1966/67 - 1975/76) in Beantown. This black knit pullover garment features a team "B" logo sewn to the front in gold-on-black tackle twill and the legend's since-retired number "4" sewn to the back and shoulders. The item reveals evidence of phenomenal wear, with touches of white board paint on the back, and blood and perspiration-induced stains about the front of the jersey. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Bill Mosienko 1943 Chicago Blackhawks Game Used Sweater
Chicago Black Hawks Hall of Fame right wing Bill Mosienko will be forever remembered for netting three goals in a span of 21 seconds on March 23, 1952. Mosienko donned this Black Hawks uniform sweater during the early portion of his storied career at the Chicago Stadium. This vintage wool pullover garment features a multitude of horizontal red, white and black stripes throughout and boasts a logo patch. The Winnipeg-born star's number "8" is sewn to the back in white-on-red tackle twill. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Tony Esposito 1970 Signed NHL All-Star Game Worn Jersey
Offered is a signed NHL Eastern Division All-Star Game road jersey worn by Tony Esposito in the 1970 cavalcade of ice icons at the famed St. Louis Arena-a.k.a., the "Checkerdome." Esposito donned this jersey in a 4-1 East triumph. This cream-colored dureen pullover garment boasts an NHL logo patch sewn to the front center, as well as orange-on-black, five-point stars that flaunt the league logo on both the left and right shoulders. The Hall of Famer's since-retired number "35" is sewn to the back and sleeves. "ESPOSITO" is applied above the number on the back. Esposito's black-marker signature ("10") and inscription of "35" lie just to the left of the prominent NHL logo on the jersey's front. The item reveals evidence of light wear. LOAs from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS, Steve Grad/PSA DNA and James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $1,000.00.

In addition to the Duke Hott Collection, MastroNet's December auction has other football items of interest, including:

Dick Butkus 1960's Chicago Bears Game Worn Home Jersey - MEARS A-10
Butkus arrived to the NFL in 1965 and immediately achieved Pro-Bowl recognition, his first of eight such laurels. The feared Chicago Bears linebacker wore this home jersey during his 1960's Sunday combat sessions. This dark-blue pullover garment is of a medium-weight cotton and nylon blend with the Hall of Famer's since-retired number "51" sewn to the front, back and shoulders in white-on-orange double tackle twill. The numerals are the correct font style-which was unique to the Bears. The item reveals evidence of excessive wear. LOA from Dave Bushing & Troy Kinunen/MEARS. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1969 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Ring
Presented here is a 1969 Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl ring. It features one large diamond bordered by ten smaller ones. This reveals a very attractive diamond football-like design. That alluring presentation is set atop a red stone. The engraved, "1969 Kansas City Chiefs World Champions" surrounds the stone and diamonds in raised relief. On one side of the ring reads, "Wells / Chiefs 17 Raiders 7 / Confidence," and the AFL logo is displayed just above the etched "Confidence." Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1989 Denver Broncos Front Office AFC Championship Ring
This 1989 Denver Broncos AFC Championship ring was presented to Bob Courtet, a member of the Broncos front office. A total of seventeen authentic diamonds reveal a football motif at the center of the ring. The diamonds have been placed atop a blue setting. Raised lettering above the diamonds reads, "Denver Broncos / AFC Champions," and the numbers "19" and "89" (denoting the year) are engraved on opposite sides near the center of the ring. "Courtet / Super XXIV Bowl / NFL" is exhibited in raised relief on one side of the superb relic, with the opposite side displaying "Broncos 37-21 Browns / 86 89 87." "10K©Jostens" is etched at the inside of the size 10 ring. Minimum bid $1,000.00.


1978 Masters Members Green Jacket
The Masters Tournament always breeds memorable performances, but few of these eternally ephemeral instances tops what occurred in 1978. A clutch performer if ever there has been, Gary Player entered the final round at Augusta National seven shots off the lead. However, one by one the challengers fell by the wayside as Player met the 18th hole needing a birdie-which would also give him a record matching round of 64-for a chance to win his third Green Jacket. He made the 15-foot putt for birdie on the final hole, then punched the air with his clenched fist. The jacket's minimum bid is $2,500.00.

Vintage Bobby Jones Autographed Photo
This 8" x 10" signed photo pictures Bobby Jones at the peak of his career. The sepia image is inscribed congenially in black fountain pen, "For Charlie Gray - With best wishes, Sincerely, Bob Jones" ("9"). LOA from Steve Grad/PSA DNA and LOA from James Spence Authentication. Minimum bid $500.00

1940's "Babe" Didrickson Zaharias Stamped Tournament Used Putter
Mildred "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias was a founding member of the LPGA and one of the first four inductees into the LPGA Hall of Fame in 1951. She won two track and field gold medals in the 1932 Olympics before taking up the game of golf in 1935. Didrikson Zaharias shares a distinguished mark with Sam Snead as an 82-time victor on the respective tours, LPGA and PGA. "Freddie Haas 101" is stamped on the bottom of this mallet putter along with "Babe Zaharias." The stainless steel head has a brass insert on the face and is connected to the shaft by a brass hose. This putter shows extensive tournament wear. Minimum bid $500.00.

The world's love affair with the automobile began a long time before it became the most popular and affordable means of travel. MastroNet, Inc. will provide collectors with unprecedented access to some of the rarest pieces of memorabilia representative of the automobile's early leisure and racing years. The Charles Schalebaum Collection includes hundreds of items including one-of-a kind silver cups and racing trophies, automobile embellishments, personal effects of noteworthy racers, ceramics, historical documents, engraved artwork, paintings, posters, photographs, presentation bronzes and models. Some of them include:

1928 R. Lalique "Victoire" Automobile Hood Ornament
From Rene Lalique's range of mascots, "Victoire" is the most evocative of the "golden age of speed," and ranks within the top 5% of all Lalique in both rarity and desirability. Officially titled "Victoire", it was also known popularly in the period as "The Spirit of the Wind." "Victoire" is Lalique's largest mascot, and clearly designed for the most luxurious and stylish automobiles of the day. This rare example in perfect condition is presented on its original chrome collar that sits atop a veined marble base. Minimum bid $7,500.00.

1928 R. Lalique "Grenouille" Automobile Hood Ornament
Renee Lalique was inspired by nature throughout his entire career. His first use of a frog motif was in jewelry designed before 1900. This frog features a partly frosted and polished body created to accentuate its contours. It demonstrates Lalique's ability as a sculptor. Frog mascots in perfect condition, as this one is, command serious attention from advanced collectors and are considered among the top five rarest of Lalique's mascot range. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Rare Circa 1902 Bronze Auto with Light
This unusual and rare French bronze of a Serpolet Automobile was made in circa 1910 and is thought to be one of only three castings. The unknown artist was obviously a skilled artisan who has managed to capture the fast movement of a car at speed. A similar example is display at the Musee de L'automobile Francais, Near Lyons, France. Minimum bid $2,500.00.


1932 R114 U.S. Caramel "Presidents" Complete Set with Ultra-Rare William McKinley Card!
The enormity of this set's emergence cannot be overstated. As recently as 1993, the William McKinley card was thought not to exist. Today, three or four of the elusive cards are known to complete the set. This is a truly profound offering, and one with incalculable significance to the non-sports collecting hobby. A total of eight cards have been graded by PSA. Includes: Graded Cards - PSA NM-MT 8: 3 cards w/ Lincoln; PSA NM 7: 3 cards; PSA EX-MT 6: 1 card, Tyler; PSA PR-FR 1 (MK): 1 card McKinley. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Colossal 1930's-1940's Non-Sports Card Collection (1,423)
This offering contains complete sets, near sets, partial sets and small gatherings of items from 25 distinct productions dating to the "Golden Age" of trading cards. Includes: R4 Eppy Smilin' Jack (128) - complete set of 128 cards); R30-1 Blatz Chicago World's Fair (24) - partial set 24 of 32 cards; R41 Johnson Dick Tracy (113) - partial set 113 of 144 cards; R59 Gum, Inc. American Beauties (19) - partial set 19 of 24 cards; R69 Gum, Inc. Horrors of War (270) - near set 270 of 288 cards; R73 Goudey Indian Gum (146) - partial set 146 of 216 cards; R76 Sperry In History's Spotlight (24) - complete set of 24 cards. Minimum bid $1,500.00.

Our shared history is woven together by moments and events that develop over time into the big picture. MastroNet's December auction provides numerous snapshots of several historic milestones that shaped our shared destiny. A few include:

1786 John Paul Jones ALS to Foreign Minister Thomas Jefferson Regarding Recovered Proceeds from Revolutionary War Naval Battles of the "Bonhomme Richard"Circa 1817 Beethoven Signed Handwritten Note to Piano Maker Nanette Streicher as the Ninth Symphony Unfolds
Ludwig van Beethoven's friendship with Nanette Streicher, was crucial to the composer's development during the most trying stage in his career. In 1816 and 1817, Beethoven corresponded frequently with Frau Streicher, one of Vienna's foremost piano manufacturers. She customized a piano that would better accommodate his hearing difficulties. In the latter months of 1817, Beethoven commenced work on his magnum opus, Symphony No. 9 in D Minor. This rare, circa-1817 note, characterized by the composer's hurried handwriting, apologizes to Frau Nanette Streicher for a missed gathering, thanks her for an unnamed favor, and arranges a future visit. The handwritten message and signature grade "10". LOAs from Steve Grad and John Reznikoff/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Neil Armstrong's Hair
These clippings were gathered from the first man on the moon's barber. The actual scissors accompanies the clippings and comb used to snip and style the famous astronaut's locks. These are the only known clippings associated with Armstrong. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1898 Rough Rider Saddle and 1873 Winchester Rifle - Gifted by Teddy Roosevelt to Wild West Performer Lucille Mulhall ("The First Cowgirl")
Lucille Mulhall was born into a roping and riding family that eventually toured under her father's name as Colonel Zack Mulhall's Wild West Show. By age ten she had become a top hand, and in July of 1900, the 14-year-old Lucille was praised by the New York World. Later that year, Lucille performed at a Rough Riders reunion held in Oklahoma City. Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, the "Hero of San Juan Hill," attended his regiment's gathering while campaigning as President William McKinley's running mate in the upcoming election. So astonished was he by Lucille's skill and prowess, Roosevelt organized a dinner in her honor. Roosevelt gave Lucille Mulhall this leather riding saddle and 1873 Winchester rifle. The saddle had been given to Roosevelt by his fellow cavalry members. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

The President of the United States has always been one of the most, if not the most powerful political offices in the modern world. Little wonder that the items associated with the individuals who have held the position as well as the items used in the campaigns designed to get them there maintain a strong hold over today's collectors. A few include:

Abraham Lincoln Signed Father and Son Studio Portrait by Brady
Abraham Lincoln and his son, Tad were photographed together on a least two occasions during Lincoln's presidency. The photo by Mathew Brady's assistant, Anthony Berger is the more renown. It graced many American homes after Lincoln's assassination. This is an original cabinet photo that not only dates to Lincoln's lifetime but also delivers Abraham Lincoln's autograph. The minimum bid is $25,000.00.

The Commemoration of Our Two Greatest Presidents in One Historic Letter - Lincoln Writes of the "Proclamation to Observe in an Especial Manner the Birthday of Washington"
Lincoln's high regard for his predecessor is witnessed first-hand in this Executive Mansion letter, which references his formal declaration of the observance of Washington's birthday. In 1862, with the United States in threat of dissolution, President Lincoln appealed to the patriotic sympathies of both the Union and the Confederacy by bringing attention to the day. Washington was a common denominator to both sides. Washington's birthday was signed into law as a federal holiday on January 31, 1879. LOA from Steve Grad and John Reznikoff/PSA DNA. The minimum bid is $25,000.00.

Large and Stunning 1864 McClellan/Pendleton Campaign Poster - Only Known Example
In 1864, McClellan ran unsuccessfully in one of the most unusual presidential elections in U.S. history. Due to the Civil War, 11 of 36 states abstained from voting. Incumbent President Abraham Lincoln carried 22 of the 25 states that did participate, while McClellan and running mate George H. Pendleton garnered more than 40% of the public vote in vain. Time and resources for aggressive campaigning were of course limited by the civil unrest of the day, a fact that has made relics from the 1864 election comparatively rare. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

JFK Cigars Gifted by the President of the Philippines
President Kennedy was photographed at work and at play, and these images appeared not only in the United States but also around the globe. One photograph that appeared in a Manila newspaper in April of 1961 showed President Kennedy enjoying a cigar. Upon seeing this image, President Carlos Garcia of the Philippines sent Kennedy a few boxes of what he described as the best cigars in the world. Offered is the only known complete box of these cigars, housed in a beautiful wooden presentation box that has "President Kennedy" engraved ornately on the lid. Each cigar is also individually wrapped and features gold lettering that reads, "Specially Made For President Kennedy." Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Abraham Lincoln's Hair
In MastroNet's April 2005 Premier Auction, a lock of three hundred strands of Abraham Lincoln's hair realized over $30,000. The offered, comparable lock originates from the same prominent collection, documented in Carl Sandburg's book Lincoln Collector: The Story of Oliver R. Barrett's Great Private Collection (1949). The well-documented provenance and sheer, incredible quantity of this offering combine to create a rare opportunity for the enterprising collector. LOA from John Reznikoff/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Music and movies. It's where we go to escape. Perhaps that explains the endless appeal and increasing value of the items associated with our favorite Hollywood and recording music icons. Some of the auction's most intriguing lots are:

Rare 1964 Rickenbacker Model 325 DD - a "Rose Morris" Version w/Fireglo Finish
In 1960, John Lennon saw an album cover that pictured jazzman "Toots" Thielman playing a 1958 Rickenbacher 325 Capri. Lennon knew he had to check out the American maker's 3/4-length guitar. After a chance discovery of a 1958 325 that was hanging in a Hamburg music shop, Lennon made the purchase of the guitar that would become just as much an icon as the performer himself. Between the Beatle's first and second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Lennon was presented with a brand new 1964 Rickenbacker 325 solid top model by the Rickenbacker management team. Lennon retired his original Ric on the spot. The guitar in MastroNet's auction is an extremely rare version of the 1964 model 325, referred to as a "Rose Morris" model. Rickenbacker's records show that only 27 examples were produced of this model with the original Fireglo finish. This "one-of-27" survivor carries the serial number "DD 868," indicating that it was manufactured in April of 1964, only two month's after Lennon's. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1956 Jukebox from Elvis Presley Movie "Loving You" Owned by Elvis
Loving You held a special significance in the life of Elvis Presley. The film featured his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, in cameo appearances. As a memento, Presley kept the 1956 Seeburg Select-O-Matic 100 jukebox from the movie. The jukebox was used as a prop in the film, in which Elvis starred as Deke Rivers. In one scene, Rivers gets into a fight in front of this very jukebox. When filming wrapped, producer Hal Wallis gifted Elvis with the jukebox as a housewarming present for his new residence, Graceland. In the early 1960's, Presley gave the machine to Janelle McComb, a lifelong friend, who shipped the piece to Tupelo, Mississippi. In 1980, McComb gave the Seeburg to its current owner, who was part of the Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation Board of Directors in Tupelo, as a "thank you" for his dedication to the cause. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1942 Humphrey Bogart Trenchcoat from "Casablanca" Publicity Tour
Bogart wore this trench coat during Warner Brothers' publicity campaign for the classic film. A Warner Brothers label cross-stitched to the inside of the collar reads: "Warner Bros. / Date: Feb 1942 Prod. 410 / Name: H. Bogart / Casablanca Size 39." Minimum bid $2,500.00.

The Ultimate Marilyn Monroe Personal Garment - Her Brassiere!
This nude-colored underwire bra was once worn by the legendary Marilyn Monroe. It has delicate, lace-lined cups (with a tiny flower in the center) plus lace lining the sides. Attached is one original tag that reads: "Hollywood Vassarette/V-Ette/Debutante/Style 1225/Size 36 C/Price $5.95/100% Cotton." This piece was originally meant to be auctioned by Christie's in New York City in 1999 and bears that company's tag. Also tied to the garment is a tag from Julien's, a West Hollywood, California, company that auctioned property from the Monroe estate in 2005. Minimum bid $900.00.

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