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Auction Features

1927 New York Yankees Original Photo Signed by Entire Team - Ruth, Gehrig etc. (Graded PSA 8)

Able devotees of the game's hertage generally agree that the mightiest team ever rostered was the 1927 Yankees. Even if we acknowledge arguments advanced on the merits of the '75 Reds, 1961 Yankees or any of several champion nines engineered by Connie Mack, the standard by which all are measured is this squad of 1927 Pinstripers. In the course of that watershed season, their entirety posed for the lens to yield this 8" x 10" glossy rendering. It's an original photograph which has endured well over these many decades. The lineage of this masterpiece traces to the estate of contemporary Yankee hurler, George Pipgras. Such is affirmed by the inclusion of a letter furnished by his daughter, Ms. LeMorn Pipgras Simpson. Thus is explained the accomplishment of capturing all of these signatures, which simply wouldn't have been available on a whim (even in 1927). The magnitude of this signed composite can't be overstated. PSA has granted an aggregate evaluation of NM-MT 8 to its signatures, and their principal authority in determining veracity, Steve Grad, has recently remarked that this one is the finest of its kind that he's ever reviewed.

Certainly PSA's assessment is welcomed. However, this remarkable photograph similarly transcends all subjective requisites. Aside from the immediately legible quality of each signature, there looms the challenge in sheer accessibility in attaining these autographs. Elements on any baseball team are constantly in motion, and the '27 Yankees were no exception. Players and staff simply weren't idling time in front of their lockers, queued to provide their identities upon request. For that matter, roster modifications shortly took their toll on this team as well. And so, by his dogged tenacity, George Pipgras secured all these signatures. Placed in fountain pen, not a one of them is remotely defiled by damp ink, or any other disappointment. In their glorious detailing, these itemize - Dutch Ruether, Joe Dugan, Ben Paschal, Benny Bengough, Myles Thomas, Mike Gazella, Ray Morehart, Eddie Bennett (batboy/mascot), Bob Shawkey, Joe Giard, John Grabowski, Charlie O'Leary (coach), Miller Huggins, Art Fletcher, Herb Pennock, Julie Wera, Pat Collins, Doc Woods (trainer), Lou Gehrig, Bob Meusel, Babe Ruth, Wilcy Moore (signed "W Moore), George Pipgras, Earle Combs, Don Miller, Waite Hoyt, Tony Lazzeri, Mark Koenig, Urban Shocker and Cedric Durst.

Superb Babe Ruth Signed OAL Ball, Graded PSA-9 Mint

Babe Ruth Signed, Inscribed 1931 D&M Bat

Elvis Presley's Personal "Hollywood Walk of Fame" Award (1960)
Offered is the actual Hollywood Chamber of Commerce award presented to Elvis Presley in recognition of being awarded a star and place of honor in the city's celebrated "Hollywood Walk of Fame," a venerated show business institution and decades-long rite of passage and affirmation for the biggest names in recorded music, film, television and radio. These awards are exceptionally rare, undeniably important, and part of the enduring mythology of Hollywood. This particular example was awarded to a humble yet supremely gifted performer from Tupelo, Mississippi, who literally changed the world. His arrival ignited a cultural revolution and transformed the very way we perceive and define ourselves as Americans. Twenty-eight years after his passing, he remains the world's most recognizable and universally appreciated artist.

1975 Johnny Bench Game-Worn, Signed Catcher's Mitt, One of Only Four Possibly Known To Exist

Early 1960's Sandy Koufax Game-Worn Dodgers Jacket

1960's Gil Hodges Game-Worn Mets Heavy Warmup Jacket

Early 60's Houston Colt 45's Heavy Jacket - Tom Borland - Hal "Skinny" Brown

1977 Terry Bradshaw Game-Worn Steelers Road Jersey

Joe Green Steelers Game-Worn, Signed Helmet
Hall of Famer Joe Greene's early 70's Pittsburgh Steeler game used helmet and only authentic example known. Each & every aspect of this Riddell 12-point suspension helmet is 100% accurate including decals, numbers and striping. Manufactured in 1969 for the 1970 season, the helmet features black lacquer on a white shell, and a subdued high gloss typical of the era's game used Steeler helmets. Helmet is size 7 5/8, which was the borderline size separating Riddell's regular shells from its "husky" shells. The cream snubber represents reconditioning from the 1970-71 seasons. Early 1970's vintage cage with original grey clips and original chin strap. Baddest of the bad, meanest of the mean, Greene only wore Riddell 12-point suspension helmets during this era. In addition, this helmet has been signed by Green in silver sharpie, at a show in Pittsburgh.

1966 Dick Groat Game-Worn Phillies Home Pinstripe Flannel Jersey

Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox Road Rookie Jersey

1987 Reggie Jackson Game-Worn, Signed Jersey Personalized to Jose Canseco

Albert Pujols 2001 Rookie #68 St Louis Cardinals Jersey

1988-89 Wayne Gretzky Game-Worn, Signed All-Star Jersey W/Original NHL Paperwork

Mickey Mantle Single-Signed, Inscribed Ball "Merry Christmas"

Mickey Mantle Single-Signed Ball "Happy Hanukah"

Mickey Mantle Single-Signed Ball "Happy New Years"

Mickey Mantle Single-Signed Ball "Oklahoma Kid"

Mickey Mantle Single-Signed Ball "Led League in Clap 6 Times"

Joseph Paul DiMaggio Single-Signed Ball
Remember this catalog entry... it is very possible that this will never be offered again. Somehow we were able to obtain, what was thought of as an extinct inscribed ball, at least as far as the collecting world was concerned. This is a perfect OAL (Brown) ball signed on the side panel by Joe DiMaggio. DiMaggio used "10" blue ball-point ink to scribe his full name, including his middle name "Paul". "Joseph Paul DiMaggio" is how it reads--now don't make us say we told you so--you may never see a Joltin' Joe ball with this notation again!

Babe Ruth's Personal Cashmere Hat

1978 Original Andy Warhol Cibachrome of Muhammad Ali (Never Before Seen or Published), Museum Quality

In Rock and Roll We Have...

Rolling Stones Signed by all 5 Guitar (PSA GRADED MINT 9)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Signed Guitar (PSA GRADED MINT 9)

Collection of Original Drawings from 1968, Used In The Creation of the Annimation for "Yellow Submarine"

The Beatles 1966 Shea Stadium Ticket Display with Sid Berstein, Promoter Document

The Bruce Wendell Collection
Did You Know That Bruce Wendell was the man responsible for introducing John Lennon to Sports Announcer, Howard Cosell. Bruce accompanied John to a "NFL Monday Night Football" game on December 9, 1974. That night Cosell interviewed John on National television. Six years later, the news of John Lennon's murder was first announced to the world by Howard Cosell during "NFL Monday Night Football," December 8, 1980. American Memorabilia is delighted to present the personal collection of Mr. Bruce Wendell. Mr. Wendell was the former Senior Vice President of Promotions for Capitol Records in Hollywood, California. For fifteen years, Bruce worked directly with, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Neil Diamond, and a selection of Capitol's top recording artists. Of all the superstars that Bruce worked with professionally, he became particularly close to John Lennon and Neil Diamond. His relationship with the two mega stars would often include his accompanying them to events and dining out. This premier collection consists of many unpublished and never-before seen photographs, and other highly collectable promotional pieces directly from the inner sanctum of the Capitol Tower.

John Lennon Hand-made, Signed, Dated, and Inscribed Christmas Card (Bruce Wendell Collection) (PSA GRADED GEM MINT 10). John Lennon is regarded as one of the most creative musicians and songwriters to have ever lived. The public persona of Lennon is very different compared to the private Lennon. Not everyone who had worked with him got to know him. Bruce Wendell was one of the few charmed individuals who had the good fortune to know John and associate with him, more than any other record company executive had ever done, with the exception of Neil Aspinall. When John left Yoko in 1973, he and May Pang set up house in the hills above Los Angeles. With this event, all eyes were on John and his teenage-like antics with his good friend Harry Neilson, were reported, exploited, and blown out of proportion in all of the super market tabloids. It's true that John was doing a lot of drinking, but he was also trying to record a 1950's rock 'n' roll album, producing an album for Neilson, and write some new songs for a scheduled solo album. When John and May moved back to New York in 1974, he quickly wrote, recorded and produced a new album. The album was completed in a mere four weeks and John titled the album, "Walls and Bridges." Lennon explained the title as "Walls you walk into and bridges you walk across." At Capitol Records, Bruce Wendell and John Lennon developed the most amusing and creative promotional campaign. Thus the birth of the famous "Listen To This..." campaign was born. Every item imaginable from "Listen To This Cash Register" to buses rolling down New York City streets posted with signs "Listen To This Bus" all bore a cut section of John Lennon's face with the words in bold type. John also sported a button on his overcoat that read "Listen To This Button." John was traveling from New York to L.A. pretty regularly to promote the album. This promotional campaign was extremely successful and John scored with his first number one single, "Whatever Gets You Through The Night." Bruce began traveling with John and accompanied him to all of his public appearances, in both Los Angeles and in New York. John and May became close friends with Bruce and the three often dined together. The success of the album was immediate and it shot straight up the charts. Offered is an amazing creation made by John himself, using a cut section of the "Walls and Bridges." The always creative Lennon cut down one of the flaps of the album cover that features him sticking out his tongue. When it was trimmed to the size of a greeting card, Lennon carefully penned in his own hand the inscription, "Happy Xmas (with a bullet) to Bruce Aquarian from Libra John" and signed his name "John Lennon" with his typical face sketch and dated "74." The reference to "with a bullet" is a record industry term used for a record placing in a high position on Billboard Magazine's charts. This is not only an enormous and personal message from John but it was his idea to hand-craft a Christmas card using a cut section of the album cover. This creation by John Lennon is virtually a one-of-a-kind, signed, John Lennon original piece of art. Both the inscription and signature were penned in black felt tip. This extraordinary piece received PSA/DNA's highest rating of Gem Mint 10. Perfection!

RIAA Platinum Record Award For Neil Diamond's "The Jazz Singer" (Bruce Wendell Collection)

The Beatles "Rarities" Rare Purple Label Promotional Copy (SPRO-8969) ONLY 3,000 COPIES EVER PRESSED. (Bruce Wendell Collection)

The Beatles Limited Edition Collection No. 0049 (SEALED). (Bruce Wendell Collection)

The Beatles Limited Edition Sgt. Pepper Picture Disc (SEALED PROMOTIONAL COPY). (Bruce Wendell Collection)

Neil Diamond's Sunglasses with Signed, Dated and Inscribed Case (Bruce Wendell Collection)

Tiffany Crystal Diamond Crafted for Neil Diamond. (Bruce Wendell Collection)

Collection of The Beatles Never Before Seen Original Photographs (Bruce Wendell Collection)

Extremely Rare Paul McCartney and Wings Exclusive Reception Celebriting Wings U.S. Tour 76.. (Bruce Wendell Collection)

Exclusive Paul McCartney and Wings Original 1976 Stage Pass and Backstage Photo Collection.. (Bruce Wendell Collection)

Original Vintage Frank Sinatra "The Greatest Years " Double Album (SEALED). (Bruce Wendell Collection)

1985 Paul McCartney Contract with Capitol Records

Paul McCartney "Off The Ground" Full Size Merchandiser Display w/Capitol records Authenticity

Phil Spector's Christmas Album (WITHDRAWN APPLE LABEL)

Very Rare 1969 Zapple Records Collection - George Harrison (sealed) and John Lennon, Each Long Out Of Print

The Official Beatles Fan Club 1965 Christmas Record (Rare English Edition)

2001 Elton John Signed Contract with NBC Television

James Taylor Signed Album Cover (PSA-Graded Gem Mint 10)

Led Zeppelin Signed Album (Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones)

Original Photograph of George and Patti Harrison Haight-Ashbury August 8, 1967 (16x20)

Linda McCartney Royal Photographic Society Lithograph of Paul - EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND IN THE U.S.A

RIAA Gold Record Award Aerosmith "Get Your Wings"

Madonna "Who's That Girl" RIAA Platinum Record Award

Rolling Stones "Voo Doo Lounge" Store Display

1964 Jerry Lewis Signed Contract

Vintage 1947 Jackie Gleason Signed Contract with The William Morris Agency

Vintage 1925 WC Fields Signed Check Display

Clark Gable Signed & Inscribed Black & White Photo

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