It’s yet another success story for MastroNet, Inc. The premier Sports and Americana auction house has just announced another record sales result for its Classic Collector auction. The all-Internet event just topped the highest previous sale of its kind.

The auction featured over 1,400 lots, with all but one selling. Doug Allen, president of MastroNet believes the market for the company’s Classic Collector auctions will continue to expand. “Our goal was to attract a wider collecting audience that research told us was there,” said Allen. “It appears that we have just scratched the surface of this vital market. It is clear that more and more buyers and sellers like what they are finding at our Classic Collector events.”

Also obvious is the overwhelming acceptance of MastroNet’s new 30-minute closing rule. With this rule only individuals who have bid on an item can continue to bid on it after its initial closing at 9 p.m. CT. Then each lot closes individually after it has not received a bid for 10 minutes. “The result is that the Classic Collector auctions have been closing at a much more reasonable hour. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback regarding the new closing policy,” said Allen.

Allen says the decision to move to new closing rules was a direct result of customer input and requests. “We’re extremely pleased to accommodate our customers in this manner. The end of the all-nighter auction appears to appeal to everyone,” said Allen.

The next Classic Collector auction event will be held in October 2005. The consignment deadline is August 5, 2005.

The MastroNet Classic Collector auction included lots of both Sports and Americana items. Highlights of the auction results are provided in the following pages.


  • A spectacular Babe Ruth single signed baseball, graded PSA 8.5 sold for $33,026.00.
  • A 1916 M101-4 Herpolsheimer Co. baseball card – Babe Ruth went for $20,505.00.
  • A 1915 Cracker Jack #103 Joe Jackson baseball card – PSA EX 5 commanded $15,404.00.
  • A 1912-13 C57 Hockey complete set sold for $15,404.00.
  • A collection of 1952 Topps baseball cards with Mantle, Mays and Matthews sold for $14,004.00
  • Thirteen different BU St. Gaudens Double Eagles went for $12,731.00.
  • A massive E-Caramel baseball card collection commanded $10,520.00.
  • A collection of 1952-1956 Topps and Bowman baseball cards realized $10,520.00
  • A complete set run of 1953, 1954, 1955 and 1956 Topps baseball cards went for $9,563.00.
  • A Huge 1964 Topps Giants Star Card collection with multiple PSA-Graded Mantle and Clemente Examples sold for $8,694.00.
  • A 1950 Topps football Felt Back near set commanded $8,694.00.
  • A 1938 R69 Gum Inc. “Horrors of Wars” complete set went for $8,694.00.

Additional highlights for numerous sports lots are provided in the following arranged by auction category.

A spectacular Lou Gehrig cut signature sold for $5,396.00; a baseball autograph collection of over 328 items went for $4,905.00; an autographed Hall of Famer 3” x 5” collection including Jackie Robinson commanded $4,905.00; a 1938 “Who’s Who in the Major Leagues” book containing 125 autographs including Ruth, Ott and Wagner went for $4,459.00; a 1944 “Spalding Sports Show” Advertising Piece signed by Babe Ruth realized $4,053.00; an early Wheaties Box-Back photo autographed by Lou Gehrig sold for $3,683.00; a Babe Ruth signed photo display went for $3,683.00; a Babe Ruth autographed birthday horoscope book also signed by Claire and Dorothy Ruth went for $3,683.00; and a 1934 World Tour autographed ship’s dinner menu with Ruth Gehringer and Mack went for $3,348.00.

A 1909-11 T206 White Border Collection of 121 cards went for $7,184.00; a 1933 R319 Goudey near set (224/239) with 3 Ruth’s and a Gehrig sold for $7,184.00; a T205 and T206 collection of 167 cards with Cobb and Johnson commanded $6,531.00; a 1928 “Star Player” Candy Card – Babe Ruth went for $6,531.00; a 1957 Topps near complete set 396/407 plus checklists (4) realized $6,531.00; a diverse collection of 262 cards that include 1930’s-1980’s Superstar and Rookie cards sold for $6,531.00; a 1953 Bowman Color complete set went for $5,396.00; a 1939 R334 Play Ball complete set commanded $4,905.00; and a pre-WWI baseball card collection of 245 cards sold for $4,905.00.

A 1909-1940 vintage baseball Card collection (169) including 68 graded items sold for $7,184.00; a 1952 Red Man Tobacco #14 Gil McDougald – PSA MINT 9 went for $5,936.00; a 1921 Koesters Bread World Series issue collection (15 different) including Babe Ruth commanded $5,396.00; a Gem Mint 1973 Topps #615 Mike Schmidt rookie card realized $5,396.00; a 1950 W576 B. E. Callahan Hall of Fame completely graded PSA set sold for $4,459.00; a 1968 Topps 3-D collection of PSA-graded cards (4) with Robinson, Fairly, Davis and Maloney went for $4,459.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Neal Ball/Cleveland – PSA NM-MT 8 went for $4,053.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Ollie Pickering - PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $4,053.00; and a 1952 Topps #312 Jackie Robinson – PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $4,053.00.

A 1933 R319 Goudey #118 Val Picinich – PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $8,694.00; a 1933 R319 Goudey #160 Lou Gehrig – PSA NM 7 went for $5,396.00; a 1952 Topps #388 Bob Chapman – PSA NM-MT 8 commanded $4,905.00; a 1952 Topps #398 Hall Rice – PSA NM-MT 8 realized $4,459.00; a 1933 R319 Goudey #173 Roscoe Holm – PSA NM-MT 8 went for $3,424.00; a 1933 R319 Goudey #226 Charley Root – PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $3,043.00; a 1952 Topps #29 Ted Kluszewski - PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $3,043.00; and a 1912 E300 Plow’s Candy John Titus – PSA NM-MT 8 went for $2,766.00.

An extensive 1910’s to 1960’s grab bag collection with 29 different items went for $4,053.00; a gigantic 1926 World Series Panoramic/Tri-Fold “Beech-Nut” advertising sign sold for $2,766.00; a 1932 Babe Ruth “Called Shot” ticket and program commanded $2,766.00; a collection of 1924-1957 World Series and All-Star Programs sold for $2,766.00; a rare Tom Seaver 1973 New York Mets National League Championship salesman’s sample ring sold for $2,766.00; a 1919 White Sox American League Championship pennant sold for $2,285.00; and a set of 18 Hartland statues went for $2,285.00.

A Mickey Mantle 1961-1964 H&B signed team index bat sold for $7,903.00; a Hank Aaron 1964-1967 Adirondack game used bat commanded $2,766.00; a significant 1950 to 1960 era “Coaches” bat collection including Foxx, Hornsby, Dickey and Lazzeri realized $2,077.00; an Eddie Matthews 1950-1960 era game used bat went for $1,887.00; a Yogi Berra 1950-1960 H&B game used bat commanded $1,887.00; a Roger Maris 1950-1960 H&B block letter game used bat sold for $1,715.00; and a Don Mattingly 1983-1985 signed game used bat realized $1,558.00.

“The Best of the Best” Hall of Fame photo collection (24 different) went for $5,936.00; a rare 1920’s Jose Mendez original 8” x 10” photograph sold for $3,348.00; a 1950’s to 1960’s New York Yankees photograph collection (12 different) realized $1,416.00; and a 1929 Chicago Cubs panoramic photograph went for $1,287.00.

A Billy Martin single signed baseball – PSA MINT 9 went for $2,514.00; a 1955 American League All-Star team signed baseball with Mantle and Williams – PSA NM-MT 8 went for $2,285.00; a 1961 Yankees Reunion signed baseball – PSA GEM MINT 10 commanded $2,077.00; and a Maris, McGwire and Herzog signed baseball – PSA MN+ 7.5 went for $1,287.00.

A Babe Ruth single signed baseball sold for $4,905.00; a Bill Klem single signed baseball commanded $4,905.00; a George Sisler single signed baseball realized $4,905.00; a Jimmie Foxx single signed baseball went for $4,053.00; one dozen Ted Williams single signed baseballs went for $4,053.00; a Lou Gehrig single signed baseball went for $3,683.00; a Ronald Reagan single signed baseball realized $3,683.00; and a Roberto Clemente single signed baseball went for $2,514.00.

A very early (1920’s) Hall of Fame and Superstar signed baseball with Cobb, Ruth, Helmann, Speaker and Johnson sold for $6,531.00; a baseball signed by Tris Speaker and Lou Gehrig went for $5,396.00; a 1947 New York Yankees team signed baseball realized $4,459.00; a New York Giants 1938 team signed baseball with Mel Ott went for $4,053.00; a Babe Ruth autographed baseball with unidentified signatures sold for $3,348.00; a 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates team signed baseball sold for $2,077.00; and a “Perfect Game Pitchers” autographed baseball with 12 different signatures commanded $1,887.00.

An Albert Pujols 2002 St. Louis Cardinals game used road jersey sold for $3,683.00; a Roger Clemens 2004 Houston Astros game used home jersey commanded $3,043.00; a pair of Willie Mays 1969 San Francisco Giants signed uniform pants realized $2,285.00; a pair of 1974 Thurman Munson game used pants went for $2,285.00; and a Mark McGwire 1998 signed St. Louis Cardinals home jersey went for $1,887.00.

Nine complete sets of Topps 1951 to 1963 football cards sold for $8,694.00; a 1955 Topps All-American high-grade complete set sold for $4,053.00; 19th century sports-themed tobacco inserts (9) including the football hobby’s first card realized $3,683.00; a 1955 Topps All-American complete set went for $3,683.00; a 1962 Topps complete high-grade set sold for $3,683.00; and a 1966 Topps #96 Joe Namath – PSA MINT 9 went for $3,683.00.

A Michael Jordan 1996/97 Chicago Bulls game used complete uniform sold for $7,184.00; a 1972/73 to 1981/82 Topps set collection went for $2,514.00; a 1984/1985 Star Co. complete set in original bags sold for $2,514.00; a Michael Jordan signed photo to Nike founder Phil Knight commanded $2,514.00; a University of Illinois NCAA runner-up autograph collection (5) went for $2,514.00; and a Hubert “Geese” Abusive 1960’s Harlem Globetrotters warm-up jacket sold for $1,715.00.

Twelve pairs of Muhammad Ali boxing gloves sold for $4,459.00; an 1890’s N269 Lorillard’s “Mechanic’s Delight” boxing card collection (6 different) commanded $2,766.00; six significant Clay-Liston original news photos went for $1,416.00; an 1880’s to 1920’s boxing graded card collection (29) commanded $1,287.00; a 1910’s E75 American Caramel “Prizefighter Caramels” complete set went for $1,063.00; and a 1964 Cassius Clay/Sonny Liston fight program went for $1,063.00.

A 1923 Paulin’s Hockey complete set sold for $4,053.00; a 1951/1952 Parkhurst complete set sold for $4,053.00; a 1950’s and 1960’s Goalies collection with Hall of Famers (32) commanded $4,053.00; a 1924/1925 V130 Maple Crispette complete set realized $3,683.00; a V-145-1 Hockey complete set realized $3,348.00; a 1911/1912 C55 complete set plus small variation commanded $2,766.00; a 1910/1911 C56 Hockey series complete set went for $2,766.00; and a 1954/1955 Topps complete set sold for $2,766.00.

Additional highlights for numerous Americana lots are provided in the following arranged by auction category.

An 1862 Abraham Lincoln Presidential commission went for $6,531.00; a John F. Kennedy autographed color photo sold for $2,766.00; a land grant signed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison commanded $2,285.00; a President Ronald Reagan autographed Oath of Office went for $1,887.00; and a “The Wilderness Hunter” volume signed by Theodore Roosevelt realized $1,416.00.

A collection of 1930’s non-sports sets, near sets and selections (10 different) went for $4,053.00; an 1888 N2 Allen & Ginter “American Indian Chiefs” complete set sold for $3,348.00; a 1950’s non-sport complete set and near set collection (6 different) went for $3,043.00; a high grade 1956 Topps “Davy Crockett” orange back complete set sold for $2,766.00; a 1938 R44 International Gum “Don’t Let It Happen Here” PSA-graded partial set (20/24) realized $2,285.00; a 1954 Topps “World on Wheels” high grade collection sold for $2,077.00; and a collection of 1950’s to 1970’s unopened packs (84) and vintage display boxes (10) commanded $2,077.00.

A circa 1946 Marx Brothers signed photo – Groucho, Chico and Harpo sold for $5,936.00; a first issue of Playboy signed by Hugh Hefner went for $4,459.00; a John Lennon and Yoko Ono signed album cover went for $3,043.00; a collection of more than 400 autographed celebrity photos commanded $2,766.00; a 1959 Marilyn Monroe signed check display realized $1,887.00; a “Honeymooners” signed 8” x 10” cast photo went for $1,558.00; and a Frank Sinatra signed photo sold for $1,287.00.

“The Amazing Spiderman” #’s 1-50 complete run plus first three annuals went for $4,905.00; Fantastic Four #’s 1-60 complete run with first four annuals sold for $3,683.00; a 1960’s Marvel/DC Comics collection, including Amazing Fantasy #15 commanded $3,348.00; a “Journey into Mystery/Thor” collection including #83 the first appearance of Thor realized $2,285.00; and “Incredible Hulk” #’s 1-6 and a “Tales to Astonish” collection, 31 issues sold for $1,887.00.

An early 19th century autograph book and signed note cards with Annie Oakley and six U.S. presidents sold for $4,053.00; a Robert E. Lee 1860 notated and signed medical supply order from Texas commanded $2,285.00; a Robert E. Lee CDV went for $2,285.00; a Charles Lindbergh signed postal envelope sold for $2,077.00; a 1957 Winston Churchill TLS went for $1,887.00; and a Thomas Edison signed check display realized $1,558.00.

To consign with MastroNet’s next Classic Collector auction, which will be held in Fall 2005, go to or call 630-472-1200.