MastroNet is renowned for taking the auction experience to the next level. In April 2005, the Sports and Americana collectibles powerhouse did it again. MastroNet, Inc., pushed past $11 million on the last day of its most recent three-day phone/internet auction event. This represents the latest in a string of phenomenal auction results that shows no sign of abating.

"Our April auction featured over 1,900 items of incredible Sports and Americana material," said William Mastro, CEO of MastroNet. "The amazing thing is our August auction already appears to be filled with just as many spectacular items if not more."

Doug Allen, president of MastroNet expects the company's auctions to continue to attract the best items available anywhere in a variety of collecting circles. "Buyers and consignors know what to expect when they come to MastroNet," said Allen. "Exceptional service, top quality items and the best prices realized, period. In fact dozens of new record prices were established in the April auction."

Before the next Premier auction event scheduled for August 2005, MastroNet will conduct its third Classic Collector auction in June 2005. "It's become increasingly apparent that the combination of our Premier and Classic events is filling an auction need that was previously unmet," said Allen. "The tandem and growing popularity of both of these auction outlets says more about our success than we ever could. Our buyers and consignors continue to be the biggest indicator of what we're doing right and provide insight on enhancements that we should consider. Our willingness to consider what the industry really wants is the main characteristic that sets MastroNet apart."

Specific highlights of the auction include:


1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner PSA 2 GOOD - New Record Public Auction Price
Obtaining a "Wagner" is one of collecting's ultimate goals. Considered the Holy Grail of sports cards, there will never be enough to go around, even at a lofty price such as this. This highly desirable card sold for $236,706.00.

Babe Ruth 1923 H&B Side-Written Game Used Bat
This bat is considered to be the second most significant Babe Ruth bat in existence. Babe Ruth returned it to the H&B bat factory on March 27, 1923 - just three weeks before the opening of the new Yankees stadium. It went for $189,333.00.

Presidential Check Collection - Washington to Reagan
Thirty-four (34) different checks include George Washington 1799, John Adams (1815), Thomas Jefferson (1804, signed as President), Abraham Lincoln (1864 signed as President), Andrew Johnson (1867, signed as President) and Richard Nixon. The collection sold for $105,423.00.

Ty Cobb Circa 1925 H&B Game Used Bat
This incredible bat was used by Ty Cobb in the mid-1920's and was later presented by him to his friend and fellow Hall of Famer Joe Sewell in 1925. Sewell later recorded that token of Cobb's friendship by inscribing the barrel in white ink, "Given to me in 1925 by Ty Cobb, Joe Sewell." The bat, originally obtained directly from Joe Sewell's family, commanded $95,620.00.

1915 Cracker Jack #30 Ty Cobb PSA MINT 9- New Record Public Auction Price
PSA has never awarded a higher evaluation for a 1915 Cracker Jack Cobb. This absolutely beautiful specimen was part of the massive John Branca collection that MastroNet will offer during the next few auctions. The card sold for $94,709.00.

The Finest William Henry Harrison as President Signed Document
Of all the 43 United States Presidents, William Henry Harrison held the shortest tenure: just 31 days. This brief window of time has resulted in an unprecedented lack of Harrison's signed documents as President. And among the very few that have survived, this is one of the finest. It sold for $86,730.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Near Set
These classic tobacco inserts are among the most recognizable and widely collected cards in the industry. This near set of 518 cards is missing only Demmitt, O'Hara, Magie, Plank and Wagner. Eighty of the cards are PSA graded. The final price was $83,543.00.

1911 M116 Sporting Life Near Set Plus 6 Variations
This near set of M116 baseball cards consists of 287 different players and variations. The group displays the best of baseball in 1910, as discerned by the editors of "Sporting Life." Ninety-three of the cards are PSA graded. The near set commanded $67,203.00.

The Highest Graded 1948 Leaf #1 Joe DiMaggio PSA MINT 9
This DiMaggio is an exception to the standard '48 Leaf fare which is fraught with impurities. Here is pure perfection that attracted a final price of $61,047.00.

1860 Lincoln/Hamlin "Wide Awakes" Banner
This 1860 Lincoln/Hamlin "Wide Awakes" banner is the only one known of its style. The "Wide Awakes" was a grassroots organization that helped tip the scales in favor of the Republican candidate, Abraham Lincoln during the 1860 presidential contest. This banner tipped the auction scales with a selling price of $58,139.00.


1948 Leaf Short Print #8 Satchel Paige - PSA NM-MT 8
Only four others of its kind at this level of perfection exist. Obviously there is a price for perfection. In this case it was $58,139.00.

1953 Topps High-Grade Complete Set
The 1953 Topps cards present an individual painted portrait for each player. Prior to this series' creation, Bowman had been the gum maker best known for commissioning such artwork. The 1953 season, however, witnessed a reversal of the archrivals' roles. This set sold for $56,671.00.

1951 Bowman High-Grade Complete Set
This set marks Bowman's last year of unchallenged dominance in the baseball card market. The nostalgic issue features the "true" rookie cards of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. A total of 180 cards commanded $52,854.00.

Babe Ruth's Last Glove
In 1938, Babe Ruth held out hope that a mentor position with the Dodgers would lead to the position of manager, the single aspiration in baseball he would never realize. This glove manufactured for Ruth and used by him in that final active season represents that unfulfilled dream. The glove went for $52,854.00.

1934-36 R327 Diamond Stars High-Grade Set
These colorful, beautifully designed Diamond Stars were produced to give Goudey a run for its money. They also produced a strong bidding race. The set sold for $51,519.00.

1961 Topps Complete PSA-Graded Set
Each card in this 587-card set has been PSA graded with an incredible 242 cards graded PSA MINT 9. No card is graded less than PSA NM 7. The result of such excellence was a final price of $51,519.00.

1952 Topps Complete Set plus 12 Black Back Variations
It's the ultimate set of the modern hobby. And a completed 1952 Topps set remains one of the pinnacle card collecting accomplishments. This set was the dream realized for one bidder at $51,519.00.

1906 WG2 Fan Craze American League Complete Set with Original Box
It is the finest complete, 72-card set of WG1 Base Ball Playing Cards in existence - period. The evidence is in the selling price of $51,519.00.


More Baseball Cards
A 1933 Goudey #53 Babe Ruth PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $43,614.00; a 1959 Fleer Ted Williams complete set - number one on the PSA set registry went for $43,614.00; a 1953 Topps baseball high grade partial set (172/274) commanded $42,576.00; a 1911 T3 Turkey Red complete set sold for $42,576.00; a 1933 Goudey PSA NM 7 collection (87 different) including 19 Hall of Famers commanded $41,515.00; a 1948 Leaf #79 Jackie Robinson PSA MINT 9 realized a final price of $38,706.00; the finest known complete set of 1888 WG1 Base Ball Playing cards went for $36,099.00; a 1934 R320 Goudey completely graded set sold for $38,706.00; a 1915 Cracker Jack high grade collection (52 different) sold for $37,741.00; a 1887-90 N172 Chicago Old Judge collection (116) with rarities commanded $35,187.00; a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings #2 Babe Ruth PSA NM-MT 8 went for $35,187.00; a 1912 E300 Plow's Candy Christy Mathewson PSA NM-MT 8 commanded $33,179.00; a 1933 Goudey PSA NM-MT 8 collection (46 different) with Hartnett and Ruffing went for $31,987.00; a 1933 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie PSA EX-MT 6 sold for $31,189.00; an 1889 E.R. Williams card game complete set - the finest in existence went for $31,189.00; a 1948/49 Leaf near set (96/98) minus Paige and Feller sold for $30,162.00; a 1911 T217 Mono Cigarettes collection (13) sold for $29,079.00; a 1909-11 T206 white border Ty Cobb bat on shoulder sold for $28,353.00; a 1916 M101-4 Sporting News #151 Babe Ruth PSA NM 7 commanded $28,353.00; a 1909-11 T206 white border near set (520) minus "big four" sold for $28,353.00; a 1954 Topps high-grade near set (249/250) missing Aaron rookie went for $26,519.00; a 1948 Leaf #3 Babe Ruth PSA MINT 9 went for $26,435.00; a 1933 R319 Goudey completely graded PSA set sold for $25,775.00; a 1956 Topps high grade complete set plus both checklists commanded $25,775.00; a 1909-11 T206 white border Walter Johnson portrait PSA NM-MT 8 commanded $24,926.00; a 1915 M101-5 Sporting News #151 Babe Ruth PSA EX 5 sold for $24,107.00; a 1932 R328 U.S. Caramel near set (29/3) sold for $23,431.00; an 1887 N172 Old Judge graded collection (45) went for $23,431.00; a 1955 Topps high grade collection (119 different) sold for $23,431.00; a 1968 Topps 3-D Bob Clemente PSA GEM MINT 10 went for $23,431.00; a 1948 Leaf high grade collection commanded $22,660.00; a 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle PSA NM 7 sold for $21,300.00; a 1925 Zeenut partial set (109/144) - all with coupons went for $21,300.00; and a 1954 Bowman high grade complete set plus #66 Ted Williams went for $20,138.00.

Auction Hits - Bats
A Ted Williams 1950-60 H&B signed game used bat sold for $23,431.00; a Tony Lazzeri 1928 H&B side-written game used bat sold for $21,306.00; a Jimmie Foxx 1934-43 H&B game used bat went for $17,603.00; a late 1920's Hillerich and Bradsby bat rack sold for $11,625.00; an Ernie Banks 1965-68 H&B signed game used bat commanded $11,112.00; a Lou Gehrig circa 1932 "Batrite" game used bat went for $10,928.00; and a Hank Aaron 1965-68 H&B signed game used bat sold for $10,102.00

Suited Up for Bidding - Baseball Game Gear
A Willie Mays 1951 Minneapolis Millers home jersey commanded $49,306.00; Willie Mays 1969 San Francisco Giants signed home jersey and 1960's pants went for $35,187.00; a pair of Roger Maris 1960 New York Yankees home pants sold for $12,225.00; a Tom Sunkel 1944 Brooklyn Dodgers satin road jersey with matching pants sold for $12,225.00; a Max Carey 1936 "US Baseball Team" complete uniform and trunk went for $11,364.00; and a Johnny Bench 1978 Cincinnati Reds jersey sold for $10,102.00.

Baseballs - Regal Rounds
A Babe Ruth single signed baseball sold for $35,187.00; a Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig signed baseball went for $31,189.00; a Grover Cleveland Alexander baseball commanded $23,827.00; a Jimmie Foxx baseball went for $21,300.00; a Mel Ott single signed baseball sold for $14,967.00; a 1927 Babe Ruth home run baseball sold for $12,368.00; a historic War Bond exhibition game signed baseball with Ruth and Johnson went for $11,244.00; a Harry Hooper single signed baseball commanded $10,793.00; and a Thurman Munson single signed baseball went for $8,918.00.

Fabulous Frames - Baseball Photographs
A 1920's -1960's baseball photo collection (230) with Hall of Famers went for $16,465.00; a massive collection of Hall of Famer photographs (127 different) sold for $15,474.00; an early 1910's era original photograph collection loaded with Hall of Famers (47) went for $15,128.00; a "Heavy Hitters" 1933 All-Star Game original photo went for $9,811.00; a 1930's Lou Gehrig signed photo sold for $9,292.00; an original Babe Ruth photograph collection (29) went for $7,679.00; and a circa 1915/16 Babe Ruth, Boston Red Sox classic portrait photo went for $5,701.00.

Trophies, Tributes and Trinkets - Miscellaneous Baseball Memorabilia
A 1998 New York Yankees World Championship ring - Scout - sold for $20,599.00; LaMarr Hoyt's 1983 Cy Young award went for $20,344.00; the finest Hartland Statue complete set (20) with boxes (15) and tags (15) sold for $19,364.00; a 1972 World Champion Oakland Athletics Owner's Trophy in original shipping box sold for $19,364.00; a Fred Clarke 1909 Pittsburgh Pirates World Championship solid gold pin commanded $16,413.00; an 1880's - 1890's Thomas E. Burns baseball jewelry collection went for $13,225.00; a "Home Run Quick Step" full color baseball sheet music sold for $12,368.00; and a Frankie Frisch 1922 New York Giants World Series ring went for $10,928.00.

Horseracing Items - Saddled With Excitement
A 50 year run of Kentucky Derby tickets (1932-1981) went for $3,780.00; Tobey McGuire's silk racing shirt from the 2003 "Seabiscuit" movie sold for $3,123.00; a "Spectacular Bid" exercise cloth commanded $3,123.00; a Secretariat 1973 Triple Crown racing program (3) and ticket (3) collection went for $2,536.00; an Azeri 2003 Breeders Cup exercise cloth sold for $1,938.00; and a Ten Most Wanted 2003 Kentucky Derby Saddle Cloth went for $1,938.00.

Hoop Dreams - Basketball Items
An NBA "50 Greatest Players" signed lithograph went for $46,835.00; a 1970/71 Topps completely graded set (175) - 3rd all time finest on the PSA set registry sold for $16,002.00; A Hubert "Geese" Ausbie Harlem Globetrotters uniform and warm-up jacket commanded $12,225.00; Andy Phillip's 1956/57 Boston Celtics World Champions ring sold for $10,569.00; "Pistol" Pete Maravich mid-1970's New Orleans Jazz home uniform went for $7,760.00; Michael Jordan 1995/96 Chicago Bulls road jersey sold for $7,216.00; a 1948 Bowman #69 George Mikan rookie card PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $7,054.00; a 1981/82 North Carolina Tar Heels National Champions team signed basketball with Michael Jordan went for $6,899.00; and a Dennis Rodman 10,000th career rebound game used and team signed basketball commanded $6,700.00.

Gridiron Greats - Football Memorabilia
A 1950 Topps Feltbacks complete master set (125) with three colors on uncut sheets went for $12,225.00; a Walter Payton circa 1984-86 Chicago Bears road jersey went for $12,022.00; a Dick Butkus circa 1970/71 Chicago Bears game used helmet sold for $11,625.00; a 1952 Bowman small high grade complete set (144) sold for $11,112.00; a 1954 Bowman high grade complete set commanded $11,112.00; 1969 to 1972 Topps high grade football sets (4) went for $11,244.00; a 1984 Topps football complete set hoard (70) commanded $11,112.00; a Joe Namath early 1970's New York Jets road jersey went for $10,928.00; Dan Fouts mid-1970's San Diego Chargers helmet sold for $10,569.00; a Ramon McDonald's 2000 New York Giants NFC Champions ring went for $10,330.00; Paul Hornung's 1956 Walter Camp Memorial "Back of the Year" trophy sold for $9,607.00; a Forrest Gregg circa 1964-66 Green Bay Packers signed road jersey sold for $9,311.00; and a 1935 National Chicle high grade collection (8) sold for $9,292.00.

Collecting Goals - Hockey
A 1933/34 V357 World Wide Gum "Ice Kings" PSA graded complete set - the #1 set on PSA's registry went for $41,515.00; a 1936/37 V304D O-Pee-Chee completely graded PSA graded set - the finest of its kind in the world sold for $34,309.00; a Ted "Teeder" Kennedy mid 1950's Toronto Maple Leafs jersey sold for $12,329.00; a 1951/52 Parkhurst complete set sold for $18,111.00; a 1912-13 C57 hockey complete set commanded $12,368.00; and a 1952/53 Parkhurst high grade complete set with "Photo Folio" card album went for $10,221.00.

Driving Forces - Golf
A 1999 Ryder Cup team members signed score card collection (13) including Woods and Stewart sold for $4,710.00; a 2001 Master's flag signed by Woods, Nicklaus and Palmer went for $3,892.00; a Craig Wood golf medal collection commanded $3,069.00; and a Bobby Jones autographed photo display sold for $2,839.00.

Auction Knockouts - Boxing
A 1911 T9 Turkey Red Cabinets complete boxing set (269) with original mailing envelope sold for $19,364.00; 1984 Olympic "Box-Off" Mike Tyson trunks and robe sold for $12,022.00; an 1895 N310 Mayo's Cut Plug boxers complete set commanded $5,768.00; a Cassius Clay autographed and notated "Prophecy" glove went for $4,767.00; a 19th century copy of "Boxing" by Jem Mace sold for $3,892.00; and a Liston vs. Clay full ticket - first fight went for $3,215.00.

Bobbin' Head Beauties
An extremely rare 1963-65 black players bobbin' head collection (13) went for $15,128.00; a 1961-62 white base miniatures bobbin' head collection (20) sold for $7,679.00; a 1960's-1970's non-sport bobbin' head collection (13) commanded $7,370.00; a circa 1960 Weirdo Los Angeles Dodgers white base bobbin' head complete set (5) went for $5,983.00; a 1961-71 basketball bobbin' head collection (15) went for $5,983.00; and a 1961-63 Roberto Clemente bobbin' head sold for $5,536.00.


Chief Commanders - Presidential Items

November 12, 1776 George Washington Letter
This amazing letter bears testimony to General Washington's pleas to implement a standing army for the fledgling United States. The one-page document acknowledges enlistment protocol. It sold for $50,935.00.

Lock of Abraham Lincoln Hair
This lock of hair was acquired from R. Gerald McMurtry, Director of the Lincoln National Life Foundation by noted Lincolniana collector Lloyd Ostendorft on June 30, 1967. There are no splitting hairs about its significance or value. The lock went for $34,309.00.

Other items in this category include:
Unique Abraham Lincoln 1864 twice-signed foot tracings by cobbler Peter Kahler went for $21,847.00; a President John F. Kennedy signed 17" x 22" full color original Karsh print commanded $19,364.00; a John and Jackie Kennedy signed baseball sold for $17,603.00; a rare 1881 calligraphic letter signed by President James A. Garfield went for $14,920.00; a George Washington "Society of the Cincinnati" signed document realized a final price of $14,548.00; a George Washington letter signed six days before the Boston Tea Party went for $13,563.00; and a John F. Kennedy brown leather jacket given to Peter Lawford sold for $11,208.00.

Collecting Celebrity - The Best of Hollywood, TV and Rock 'n Roll

The First Contract between Colonel Parker and Elvis Presley
Of all the signed Elvis contracts in existence, this is the one to own. The three-page legal-sized carbon copy agreement is signed on the final page and initialed on the first two pages by Elvis Presley, Vernon Presley, Mrs. Vernon Presley, Col. Thomas A. Parker and Bob Neal. The contract went for $19,364.00.

Johnny Carson's "The Tonight Show" Autographed Microphone
Carson used this microphone during the 1970's-the Golden Era of Carson's reign. Guests who occupied the coveted spot next to Johnny during this period included everyone from Presidents to the royalty of Hollywood. The front facing was endearingly engraved to Carson, "JOHNNY CARSON...THE GREATEST KNIGHT OF THEM ALL IN NIGHTTIME TV JOUSTING." Carson inscribed the microphone base in black Sharpie, "To Harlan, Johnny Carson" (grading "10"). It sold for $28,750.00.

Fab Fore! Autographed Promotional Photo
This signed magazine photo comes from a promotional golf appearance in Indianapolis on September 3, 1964. According to Beatles expert Frank Caiazzo, the photo was signed in early 1965. One lucky bidder snapped it up for $19,364.00.

Frank Sinatra's Driver's License
Frank Sinatra didn't need a license to get away with much; but he did need one to drive. The 4" x 2-3/8" thick paper document notes (among other things) a detail that the entire world was soon to know: the hue of the soon-to-be famous star's eyes. It commanded $17,603.00.

Other items in this category include:
A Marilyn Monroe owned and worn mink coat commanded $17,603.00; an individually autographed 1963 "The Beatles Monthly Book" sold for $16,002.00; the Beatles "Please Please Me" signed album cover went for $11,208.00; an autographed Marilyn Monroe photograph sold for $9,391.00; Elvis Presley's personal "Taking Care of Business" sunglasses sold for $7,464.00; Elvis Presley's blue suede jacket went for $5,829.00; a photo signed by all four Marx Brothers went for $6,899.00; a "Three Stooges" signed photo with Curly realized a final price of $6,899.00; and a Count Dracula signed photo went for $3,215.00.

A Place in Time - Historical Collectibles

Pope John Paul II Signed Photo
The large color photo, taken by the pontiff's personal photographer, Arturo Mari, features an embossed Vatican seal and another Vatican seal that is affixed to items officially signed by the late John Paul II. The photo sold for $20,670.00.

March 1772 George Taylor Signed Document
This gentleman's signature is among the rarest of the 56 individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence. Taylor began his public life in 1764 and retired from Congress in 1777. The document, signed in his capacity as acting Justice of the Peace for the county of Northampton sold for $29,079.00.

An Incredibly Rare Original "Titanic" Advertising Poster
This broadside solicited cargo for the doomed maiden voyage of the R.M.S Titanic. The poster is one of only two known to exist. It went for $15,474.00.

Other items in this category include:
A 1787 Benjamin Franklin signed document sold for $11,625.00; an Abraham Lincoln 1855 three-paged handwritten legal brief sold for $12,788.00; an 1859 Abraham Lincoln signed check commanded $10,569.00; an 1859 John Brown letter signed five months before Harper's Ferry commanded $9,031.00; a 1776 Benedict Arnold war-era letter with "spy" content realized a final price of 8,733.00, and an 1862 Civil War-era signed Robert E. Lee letter with naval content commanded $5,446.00.

Non-Sports Cards - Cardboard Treasures

1881 G1 Allen & Ginter "Indian Chiefs" Tobacco Advertising Banner
This extremely rare advertising piece is a survivor that reveals each of the illustrations employed in splendid Allen & Ginter releases. The banner's depiction of the entire, 50-card N2 Indian Chiefs set, rendered along with a buffalo-hunting scene is fabulously eye-catching. It caught the eye of many bidders and sold for $15,128.00.

1938 R69 Gum, Inc. "Horrors of War" Graded Collection
For someone looking to build on a Horrors of War set, this was the perfect item. Every one of these 176 different Horror of Wars cards has been graded by PSA. The treasured collection sold for $13,753.00.

Other items in this category include:
A gigantic collection of 1930's non-sport "War" complete and near sets (16) sold for $12,368.00; a 1962 Topps "Civil War News" unopened ten-cent cello box (36) commanded $11,625.00; a 1930's R73 Goudey "Indian Gum" complete set (216) went for $11,112.00; and a substantial 1940's through 1970's complete set and near set collection (74) realized a final price of $10,569.00.

Campaigning for Collectibles - Political Memorabilia

1840 First Presidential Campaign Portrait Flag of William Henry Harrison
Any items associated with William Henry Harrison and his term as U.S. President, are rarities. Harrison had the shortest term in office of any president, serving less than a month in office before succumbing to pneumonia. He was the first U.S. President to die in office. So, from the start, this banner by its mere association with Harrison and his presidency are enough for it to be revered. But, the banner has two more spectacular assets. The first one is the inclusion of a portrait depiction which quite probably represents Harrison's first portrait on a flag. The second asset is the direct reference the flag has to Harrison's famed 1811 Indian Battle for which he was dubbed, "the hero of Tippecanoe." The amazing relic went for $16,002.00.

1864 McClellan/Pendleton Campaign Flag
The 1864 presidential election was one of the most unusual in U.S. history. On account of the Civil War, 11 of 36 states abstained from voting. Incumbent President Abraham Lincoln carried 22 of the 25 states that did participate, while General George B. McClellan and running mate George H. Pendleton garnered more than 40% of the public vote in vain. These patriotic flags, of which only a handful of examples are known to exist, were originally cut by hand from large sheets. It sold for $12,788.00.

Other items in this category include:
A circa 1805-1810 Thomas Jefferson Herculaneum pottery rarity sold for $12,329.00; the only known example of an 1868 Grant/Colfax portrait flag went for $11,364.00; a mammoth 1860 Douglas Johnson banner commanded $9,935.00; a 1789 George Washington inaugural tankard went for $9,391.00; an 1828-1832 Andrew Johnson "The Hero of New Orleans" giant copper luster pitcher realized a final price of $8,733.00; an 1840 William Henry Harrison copper luster pitcher sold for $8,536.00; a giant sized 1876 Hayes/Wheeler and Tilden/Hendricks redware tankard pair went for $7,760.00; and a McKinley 3-D collection sold for $7,760.00.

For More Information
MastroNet's next premier auction is scheduled for August 2005. Consignments are currently being accepted. For more information or for consignment details, call 630-472-1200 or visit