In October 2004, MastroNet, Inc., the leading Sports and Americana auction house introduced a new type of auction. MastroNet's "Classic Collector" auction delivered a unique source for high-end collectibles that was accessible to more collectors than ever. The Classic Collector auctions, which will be held two to three times each year, are in addition to MastroNet's three annual Premier auctions. MastroNet's February Classic Collector auction will continue to increase opportunities for everyone to enjoy a positive collecting experience.

"The success of our first Classic Collector auction supports our research that this type of auction is in high demand," said William Mastro, CEO of MastroNet, Inc. "We were asked by both consignors and bidders to broaden the participation parameters of our auction process. Our challenge was to develop a formula that worked."

According to Mastro, the formula that proved pivotal to the success of the Classic Collector auctions included the ability to offer items that met MastroNet's high standards for quality and significance but were still affordable to a wider collecting audience. Careful selection of material and streamlining of the bidding and catalog components allowed MastroNet to provide a high-end auction with increased cost-effectiveness.

"Like everything we do, the Classic Collector auctions will continue to be a work in progress," said Mastro. "While the basic process is in place and seems to be working well, we will continue to refine it as time goes on based on input we gather. Our goal is to always be ahead of the game in terms of delivering what the industry wants."

MastroNet's Classic Collector auctions take full advantage of new technologies and lines of communication by making all aspects of these auctions internet-based. Registration is handled entirely online and all inquiries regarding the auction will be handled through e-mail. MastroNet's Classic Collector auctions have different closing rules that are all detailed on the website.

Online bidding for MastroNet's February Classic Collector auction will begin on February 14th and conclude on February 24th. The auction will include over 1,300 lots, all of which will open with a $100 minimum bid. Specific highlights of auction include:


Sports Cards - A MastroNet Specialty

1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card - PSA NM-MT 8
This is a gorgeous specimen of one of card collecting's greatest classics, Mickey Mantle's first and true rookie card. Just ten examples of this important piece have ever been graded higher. It's a treasure not to be missed .The card is crisp and clean, with exceptional printing registration. Vivid hues highlight Mantle's image on the card front. The reverse offers proof-like quality. Perhaps most importantly, this copy has none of the stigmatizing horizontal print lines in the background (caused by flaws in the manufacturer's printing process), which are such a frequent and persistent problem in the issue.

1965 Topps Mickey Mantle Trio - All Graded PSA NM-MT 8
Each of these three, 1965 Topps collectibles depicts Yankees great Mickey Mantle. Graded PSA NM-MT 8: 3 cards includes 3 A.L. Home Run Leaders (Killebrew/Powell/Mantle), 134 World Series Game 3/Mantle's Clutch H.R. and 350 Mantle.

1969 Topps Super High-Grade Complete Set (66)
Chock-full of superstars (including the final contemporary Topps card of Mickey Mantle), this issue is highly coveted by advanced collectors. Nineteen of its key cards have been graded by PSA. These include: Graded PSA GEM MT 10: 10 cards including 28 Jackson, 34 Aaron, PSA MINT 9: 9 cards including 24 Mantle, 58 Clemente, and 65 Mays.

High-Grade and Rare 1911 T205 Gold Border Eddie Collins/Open Mouth Version - PSA EX-MT 6
This is a thoroughly commendable specimen of a much-coveted T205 Hall of Fame subject. Just two copies of this card have ever been graded higher. The card features an "Honest Long Cut" reverse.

1960 Topps #563 Mickey Mantle All Star - PSA MINT 9
Graded MINT 9 by PSA, with just one example in the industry graded higher. Revered Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle is presented here on a 1960 Topps "All-Star" high-number series card that is essentially without equal in terms of condition and quality. Just one copy exists that grades higher. The distinctive, horizontally oriented design is enhanced on this piece by untouched corners, as well as a brilliant photographic image surrounded by stylized numerals. Print resolution and brightness of color are superb on this extraordinary example.

1963 Fleer #56 Roberto Clemente - PSA MINT 9
This is a pristine example of the popular 1963 Fleer card of Roberto Clemente. Always tough to find in high grade, the offered card is notably well centered and displays magnificent corners. In fact, only one card like it is known to grade higher. Its image of the Pirates Hall of Famer is crisply rendered. The green-and-white reverse also presents impeccable print quality.

More Baseball Memorabilia

Spectacular Babe Ruth Single Signed Ball
This medium-toned OAL (Harridge) sphere has a uniform coat of shellac and bears Babe Ruth's powerful blue-ink signature (grading "9") alone on the sweet spot. The cornerstone of any serious collection, this Ruth ball is not to be missed. LOA from James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA.

2003 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs Road Jersey - Home Run #510
Sammy Sosa wore this Chicago Cubs home jersey hitting his 510th career home run. That blast took place on July 2, 2003 at Philadelphia's Veteran's Stadium. The blue knit jersey features the Cubs' embroidered team logo and the number "21" on the reverse. "Sosa" is also lettered on the reverse. All letters and numbers are appliquéd in red tackle twill with white trim. A National League patch adorns the right sleeve, and the letter "C" (denoting team captain) appears on the opposite sleeve. Identification of the uniform number, size, year and set number ("21 48 03 S3") is stitched in white upon a blue strip tag in the collar. Sosa has inscribed the jersey, "Sammy Sosa #21/Game Used/2003 HR 510/July 2 Game Winner" in silver Sharpie ("10") below the number. LOA (signed by Sosa) and a corresponding hologram label (affixed to the reverse of the garment) from ASI. Additional LOAs from Dan Knoll & Dave Bushing/SCD Authentic, and James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA.

Bing Miller 1917-21 H&B Game Used Bat
Bing Miller was one of the most consistent hitters in the game during his 16 seasons. Miller was a key member of Connie Mack's 1929/30 World Champion A's. This 35-1/2", 37-oz. H&B game bat, dating to the 1917-21 manufacturing period, bears no player's name stamped on the barrel, however, the side writing fully attests to it being a Bing Miller game bat. Written on the barrel are the following factory notations, "37 oz. Edmund Miller 6-13-21 Washington Am. L. BBC." A large portion of the original shipping label remains intact on the back of the barrel, with both the shipping address ("Hillerich & Bradsby, Louisville, KY") and the return address ("Washington Base Ball Club") clearly legible. The bat, composed of top quality white ash, displays heavy game. LOA from Dan Knoll & Dave Bushing/SCD Authentic.

Extensive 1951-1968 Baseball (18) and 1952-1971 Football (23) Wrapper Collection
A colorful, mostly different array of scarcities, featuring a good distribution of years and highlighted by the very rare 1951 Topps "Connie Mack's All-Stars" wrapper. Each one grades about EX to EX/MT or better (unless noted) with standard packaging folds and minor peripheral faults. Includes: BASEBALL - 18 wrappers w/1951 Topps "Connie Mack's All-Stars" (edge tear), 1951 Topps Red/Blue Backs 1¢, 1951 Bowman 5¢, 1954 Topps 5¢ (small tear-hole in margin), 1954 Bowman 5¢, 1955 Topps 1¢ Undated Variation, 1958 Topps 5¢, 1961 Fleer "Baseball Greats" 5¢, 1962 Topps 5¢ "Stamps" Variation, 1964 Topps 1¢ Repeating Design, 1964 Topps 5¢ Extra Metal Coin Variation, 1965 Topps 5¢ Embossed Insert Variation, 1966 Topps 5¢ All the Top Stars Variation, 1966 Topps 5¢ Extra Full-Color Rub-Off Variation, 1967 Topps 5¢, 1967 Topps 5¢ Extra All Star Pin-Up Variation, 1968 Topps 5¢, 1968 Topps 5¢ Playing Card Variation; FOOTBALL - 23 wrappers w/1952 Bowman Small 1¢, 1952 Bowman Large 5¢ (small edge rip), 1953 Bowman 5¢, 1954 Bowman 1¢ (2), 1958 Topps 1¢, 1959 Topps 5¢, 1960 Topps 5¢, (2: one has edge chip), 1960 Topps 1¢, 1961 Topps 5¢ (corner tear), 1962 Topps 5¢, 1964 Philadelphia 1¢, 1964 Philadelphia 5¢, 1964 Topps 5¢, 1965 Philadelphia 5¢, 1965 Topps 5¢, 1966 Philadelphia 5¢, 1966 Topps 5¢, 1967 Philadelphia 5¢, 1968 Topps 5¢ Series 1, and 1971 Topps 10¢ (2: different margin ads, no price shown).

1890 Syracuse B.B.C. Imperial Team Photograph
This 1890 team studio portrait captures 12 members of the American Association's Syracuse Base Ball Club. Each of the team members pictured is identified in black ink along the base. The notation "Syracuse B.B.C." is also written in vintage black ink along the base. The year "1890" appears in blue ink to the right of the team name. The photo (15-1/2" x 12") is in Excellent to Mint condition.

Pristine 1927 Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Barnstorming Tour Photo
This classic image, taken during the famous 1927 "Bustin' Babes and Larrupin' Lous", captures Ruth and Gehrig posing together with a local dignitary. The unidentified gentleman is holding an egg in his hand, indicating that this photo was probably taken at a local chicken or dairy plant. The credit stamp on the reverse reads "Dewell Commercial Photographer," with the city listed as Omaha. The photo measures 8" x 10" and is in Near Mint condition.


1804 Thomas Jefferson Autographed Document As President
In this brief document, dated "Washington Jan 10, 04," Jefferson request funds be paid to a Mr. Stelle. The note is signed "Th. Jefferson" in black ink, with both the text and signature grading "8-Written on the reverse is the partial name "Pontius D. Stel-" and a notation recording the payment made to Stelle, "P. D. Stelle/19th June 1804/$15.-." LOA from James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA.

1833 Andrew Jackson Signed Appointment
In this presidential document, Andrew Jackson appoints a Mr. Horatio Pratt to the position, "Collector of the Customs for the District & Inspector of the Revenue for the Port of Dighton in the State of Massachusetts." The 14" x 18-1/2" document boasts a tremendous Jackson signature that grades "10" and stretches no less than 5 inches in length. A patriotic engraving resides at top center, and an impressed U.S. Treasury seal at lower left. The appointment dates to February 27, 1833. LOA from James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA.

Abraham Lincoln 1861 Presidential Signed Commission in Framed Display
Abraham Lincoln signed this attractive, large-format military commission on August 13, 1861. It appoints Sewell Brown to the rank of First Lieutenant in the Third Regiment of Cavalry and has been signed by Lincoln as President. Lincoln has penned his name in black ink along the bottom, with the signature grading "6". The commission has also been signed in black ink ("5-6") by Simon Cameron, Secretary of War. The document is in Very Good to Excellent condition. LOA from James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA.

Ulysses Grant 1869 Signed Document in Framed Display
This naval commission is signed by Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885), eighteenth President of the United States. The partially printed, large-format document, dated March 26, 1869, appoints William H. Emory to the rank of Master in the Navy and has been signed by Grant as President. Grant has penned his name in black ink along the bottom, with the signature grading "4". The commission has also been signed in black ink ("7-8") by A.E. Borie, Secretary of the Navy. Very Good to Excellent. LOA from James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA.

Theodore Roosevelt 1904 Signed Appointment
This 17" x 22" partly printed presidential document promotes Delevan Ford to the position of "Postmaster at Mohawk, in the County of Herkimer, State of New York" on August 27, 1904. Roosevelt's black-ink signature resides at lower right and grades "8-9". A Post Office Department gold seal is nearly completely intact at lower left. EX/MT condition. LOA from James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA.

Patriotic 1896 McKinley/Hobart Campaign Hanger
From the mid-19th to early-20th Centuries, before the age of mass media, huge political rallies were key elements in campaigning. This colorful McKinley/Hobart keepsake features a 1-5/8"-diameter celluloid, jugate-photo badge suspended from an intact ribbon patterned after Old Glory. An ornately bordered pin backed bar is inscribed "Republican State Convention." About EX/MT condition.

Mint Condition 1880 Garfield/Hancock Mechanical Campaign Trade Card
This 1880 presidential race card was created as a promotional handout for merchants. It features black and white lithographed portrait illustrations of Republican James Garfield and Democrat Winfield Hancock. This rare survivor was distributed by W. F. Goldsmith & Co., a carpet retailer from Lynn, Mass. It remains in phenomenal NM/MT condition.

Colorful 1904 Debs/Hanford "Socialist Candidates" Jugate Campaign Pinback
Offered is a distinctly eye-catching 1-1/4"-diameter campaign pin, featuring Eugene V. Debs and Benjamin Hanford, the Socialist Party presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively, in 1904. The colorful, graphic design puts forth bold, rich hues, reflecting EX/MT condition. The piece's Whitehead & Hoag back paper insert remains intact.

1962 Topps "Mars Attacks" PSA Graded Complete Set (55)
The renowned artist Norm Saunders drew this early 1960's classic. Each item has been graded by PSA, including: Graded PSA NM-MT 8 (MC): 3 cards; PSA NM-MT 8 (MC): 6 cards; PSA NM 7: 1 card; PSA NM 7 (MC): 4 cards; PSA NM 7 (OC): 1 card; PSA EX-MT 6: 8 cards; PSA EX-MT 6 (MC): 2 cards; PSA EX-MT 6 (OC): 3 cards; PSA EX 5: 17 cards; PSA VG-EX 4: 6 cards; and PSA VG 3: 4 cards.

1910's S68 Large "Indian Portraits and Scenes" Tobacco Silks High Grade Complete Set (10)
These 1910-era tobacco silks productions featuring Native American life are difficult to obtain in complete, high-grade form. Each of the ten 3-1/4" x 5" satiny pieces are in NM/MT to MT condition.

2003 Topps "Garbage Pail Kids" Signed John Pound "Mount Rushmore" Original Artwork
In this abundantly creative image, a GPK character grapples with the forces of earth's nature-as interpreted by the inimitable style of noted artist John Pound. The original, 5-1/2" x 7" watercolor artwork has been signed in the margins by Pound, and is dated "5-16-03" in his hand. LOA from Topps Vault.

1966 Topps Test "Flipper" Graded Collection (3 Different) - PSA NM 7
These cards are so rare that they're the only specimens of their numbers that have been validated by PSA. The cards' design and their condition combine superbly to make the three collectibles an exceptional representation of the obscure test issue. The collection includes 5 Flying High, 7 Bud & Sandy and 8 Feeding Time.


To register for MastroNet's Classic Collector auction or to get more information, go to Bidding begins on February 14 and ends February 24.