To say MastroNet's success is growing by leaps and bounds would be an understatement. The premier Sports and Americana auction house just smashed the previous multi-consignment auction sales record it set in April 2004 by over $800,000. The phone/internet auction event generated over $12.4 million.

"We are completely committed to bringing the very best memorabilia to our clients," said William Mastro, CEO of MastroNet. "Our endeavors are clearly evident in the results of our auctions. We know the system we developed makes for the most satisfied consignors and buyers in the industry."

The MastroNet "system" is a proactive, auction methodology based on service, quality, expertise and knowledge. According to Mastro, it is a system that is continually tweaked and refined to meet, anticipate and exceed industry needs.

"By no means are we resting on our laurels," said Mastro. "We're out there every day striving to do better for the industry at large and our buyers and sellers."

MastroNet insiders forecasted that the stars of this auction would be the Roger Maris #61 jersey, the Richard Egan collection, certain Revolutionary War pieces and items related to Houdini. These items did indeed shine, as well as many others in typical MastroNet fashion. Specific highlights of the auction include:


The jersey Roger Maris wore when he hit his historic home run #61 in 1961 sold for $302,000.00. This price not only makes it the most valuable non-Hall of Fame jersey in existence, it is in the top 5 jerseys of all time. The 1961 home run race between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle remains one of sports' most fabled competitions. The jersey was recently discovered in an existing collection after hiding in plain sight for over 40 years.

1951 Bowman Uncut Sheet with Mickey Mantle Rookie
Three Hall of Famers grace this amazing sheet - Mickey Mantle, Bucky Harris and Frank Frisch. But, it is the rookie Mantle card that caught the fancy of serious bidders. The final price tag for this amazing uncut gem was $134,522.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Graded Set Minus the Big Three
The absence of Magie, Wagner and Plank aside, this set roared to great auctions results. The completely graded set ranging from PSA 8 to PSA 4 sold for $109,639.00.

1954 Topps #128 Henry Aaron Rookie - PSA Gem Mint 10
There is only one card in the hobby graded at this level and collectors responded appropriately. The perfect card commanded $90,199.00.

Ty Cobb 1925 H&B Game Used Bat - a Gift from Joe Sewell
Ty Cobb wasn't known to have a lot of friends but those he did have, he rewarded handsomely. Cobb gave fellow Hall of Famer Joe Sewell this bat. The bat features Cobbs' signature taping and unique wood treatment process involving "chew." The bat sold for $74,918.00.

1972 Frank Frazetta 18" x 24" Signed Oil Painting - "Snake Bit"
The 1972 painting "Snake Bit," was originally created as a promotional piece for "The Spurs: The Western Writers of America Book Club." The club never published the work, probably due to the female's nudity -- a forbidden element for a western book cover. The painting sold for $70.563.00.

1909-1911 T206 White Border Partial Set
The desirability of this endearing set continues to increase. The issue that also includes the famous Wagner, the stoic Plank and the magical Magie, generated considerable auction, even in partial form. This partial set sold for $63,823.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner
The supply of T206 Honus Wagner cards will never meet the demand. This PSA "Authentic" copy was snatched up after aggressive bidding resulted in a final price tag of $62,338.00.

1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle PSA NM-MT 8
This card is arguably the most desirable ever printed. A key card in any collection, this high-grade beauty went for $62,338.00.

Edward A. Howell "Washington Crossing the Delaware" Original Oil Painting
The 6 ft. x 3 1/2 ft. oil painting of this famous scene is second only to Eastman Johnson's rendering of the same which currently is on loan to the White House. Howell was an acclaimed landscape artist from Reading, PA. The painting sold for $60,375.00.

1887-89 N172 Old Judge Collection with 8 Hall of Famers
Completing a full set of these cards is a task that will most likely never be completed. Multiple poses in over 500 cards make it a virtual impossibility. But this partial set of 119 cards is a great place to start the quest! It sold for $56,671.00.

George Washington 1796 2-Page Letter Discussing the "Federal City"
George Washington wrote this letter regarding the "Federal City" six years into the project. It has content that discusses the city that would eventually bear his name, Washington D.C. The letter is written entirely in Washington's own hand and features an exceptional signature. The letter sold for $56,029.00.

John Adams 1777 2 1/2 Page Handwritten Letter with Revolutionary War Content
Adams' talents as a statesman, patriot and eventual second U.S. President are well documented in this letter. The 2 1/2 page handwritten document includes references by Adams regarding his love of public service and his strategy for winning the Revolutionary War. The letter sold for $52,854.00.

The Richard Egan Collection
Richard Egan was one of the hobby's true pioneers. His extensive collection of mostly baseball cards was a virtual treasure trove of late 19th and early 20th century rarities. His favorites were the tobacco and candy cards of obscure issue. A fixture at hobby conventions during the early days, Egan left the organized hobby over 30 years ago taking his collection with him. Now, newly retired, Egan's collection offered fresh material to eager collectors who responded enthusiastically. Some of the highlights from the Egan collection include:

An 1889 N172 Old Judge California League Jack Donahue San Francisco sold for $52,240.00; an 1889 N172 Old Judge California League Charles Dooley, Oakland went for $52,240.00; a collection of 381 1910 "E" card sets, near sets and singles commanded $50,233.00; an 1887-90 N172 Old Judge collection of 118 cards went for $42,576.00; a 1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb with "Ty Cobb" Reverse sold for $41,515.00; a collection of 1909-11 T212 Obak Cigarette cards (420) realized $30,162.00; a 1903 E107 Breisch Williams collection of 43cards sold for $21,916.00; and a 1909-10 E97 Briggs complete set plus Sullivan and Young variations commanded $21,916.00.

1933 Goudey #53 Babe Ruth PSA NM-MT 8
Only two examples of this card have ever been graded higher. Of the four 1933 Ruth Goudey's, this is the one that is hardest to find in high-grade condition. The coveted "yellow" Ruth is one of the most coveted cards from this famous set. This example sold for $52,774.00.

1957/58 Topps Basketball Unopened Wax Packs
Six unopened wax packs of 5 cents basketball cards represent Topps first attempt to promote basketball on its trading cards. One bidder paid $50,233.00 for the packs that might include 10 Arizin, 24 Petit, 77 Russell and many others.

Mickey Mantle 1950s H&B Signed Game Used Bat
This 35", 33.5 oz. H&B signature model "M110" bat was used by Mantle during his glory years with the Yankees. Mantle inscribed the bat in black sharpie in the presence of Upper Deck officials. The bat sold for $48,048.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Eddie Plank PSA EX 5
The reason behind why so few of these cards exist may never be known. Some believe it is related to the scarce Wagner of the same issue - perhaps they were on the same production sheet and were pulled together. In any case, the Plank always commands top auction dollar. This time was no exception. The card sold for $46,835.00.

1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle PSA MINT 9
There is only one card like this graded higher. The 1951 Mantle is a centerpiece in the hobby's most prized collections. This card sold for $46,835.00.

1933 Goudey #149 Babe Ruth PSA NM-MT 8
There isn't a card like it graded higher. This exquisite "red" background Ruth card is the scarcest overall of the famous Goudey Ruth quartet. The card sold for $42,576.00.

Babe Ruth Single Signed Baseball
This OAL (Harridge) baseball is one of the finest Babe Ruth single signed specimens in existence. Ruth penned his name in blue fountain pen across the sweet spot. The ball went for $42,576.00.

More Baseball Cards
A 1952 Topps near set (405/407) missing Mantle and Mathews sold for $46,835.00; a 1911 T3 Turkey Red Cabinets near complete set went for $42,576.00; a 1952 Topps complete Master set with Black Back set, Sain & Page variations commanded $42,576.00; a 1911 T205 Gold Border PSA graded complete set plus variations (218) realized $38,706.00; a 1915 M101-5 Sporting News #151 Babe Ruth PSA NM 7 sold for $38,706.00; a 1933 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie PSA NM 7 sold for $38,706.00; a 1934 V354 World Wide Gum (Canadian Goudey) uncut sheet with three Babe Ruth cards sold for $37,741.00; a 1915 Cracker Jack #88 Christy Mathewson PSA MINT 9 commanded $35,187.00; a 1962 Topps PSA high grade complete sold for $35,187.00; 1952 Topps baseball unopened Five Cents wax packs (8) sold for $33,129.00; a 1933 Goudey Sport Kings #2 Babe Ruth PSA NM-MT 8 sold for $31,987.00; a 1952 Topps #261 Willie Mays PSA MINT 9 sold for $31,987.00; an engraver's uncut proof sheet of the 1933 R333 DeLong Gum complete set commanded $29,079.00; a 1911 T205 Gold Border near set realized $25,775.00; a 1968 Topps 3D Test Roberto Clemente PSA MINT 9 sold for $24,926.00; a 1955 Topps #123 Sandy Koufax sold for $22,660.00; and a 1963 Topps #537 Pete Rose rookie card sold for $22,152.00.

Batting Above Average - Bats
A Mel Ott 1930s H&B game used bat sold for $38,706.00; a Mickey Mantle 1956 Adirondack Triple Crown Season White Block Letter Bat went for $29,079.00; a Jimmie Foxx 1939-40 factory documented game used bat went for $21,487.00; a late 1930s Hillerich and Bradsby bat rack commanded $17,022.00; Barry Bonds 2001 game used home run bat - home runs #531 and #532 sold for $15,128.00; a Ted Williams 1950s H&B signed game bat realized $13,225.00; a Roberto Clemente1961-64 H&B game used bat sold for $11,364.00; a Yogi Berra early 1950s H&B signed game used bat with LOA from Berra went for $11,364.00; and Barry Bonds 1999 five home run game used bat -- 436-440 -- sold for $10,330.00.

Game Gear - Baseball
A Roberto Clemente 1962 Pittsburgh Pirates home jersey went for $41,515.00; a huge "throwback" autographed replica jersey collection (69 different) with Mantle, DiMaggio and Williams went for $34,309.00; a 1915-18 Boston Red Sox jersey sold for $20,138.00; a Johnny Bench 1977 game used catchers mitt with handwritten LOA sold for $20,138.00; an Ernie Banks 1967 Chicago Cubs signed jersey realized $18,512.00; an Eddie Mathews 1961 Milwaukee Braves road jersey sold for $16,465.00; a Phil Rizzuto 1952 New York Yankees road jersey commanded $15,474.00; a Leo Durocher 1968 Chicago Cubs home jersey went for $13,753.00; a Brooks Robinson 1975 Baltimore Orioles signed road jersey commanded $13,606.00; a Casey Stengel 1951 New York Yankees road jersey went for $10,569.00; and a Vic Aldridge 1924 Chicago Cubs road uniform sold for $10,330.00.

Baseballs - Spheres of Perfection
A Lou Gehrig single signed baseball sold for $31,189.00; a Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig signed baseball went for $27,419.00; a Mel Ott single signed baseball sold for $24,107.00; a Babe Ruth single signed baseball commanded $21,824.00; another single signed Babe Ruth baseball went for $18,307.00; a collection of 1910-60s baseballs sold for $13,753.00; a 1961 New York Yankees World Champions team signed baseball went for $13,753.00; an exceptional 1925 World Series Pirates and Senators team signed ball with Walter Johnson, Fred Clarke and Babe Ruth commanded $12,502.00; a 1951 New York Yankees team signed baseball realized $12,022.00; a Cy Young single signed baseball went for $10,102.00; a 1937 American League All-Star team signed baseball sold for $9,935.00; and a 1938 New York Yankees World Champions signed baseball sold for $7,667.00.

Signing Bonuses - Baseball Autographs
The ultimate deceased baseball index card collection (1,450+) sold for $34,888.00: A 1935 "All-American Baseball Award" certificate and original photo both signed by Babe Ruth sold for $21,300.00; a baseball index card collection (2,400+ different) went for $19,125.00; an early Hall of Fame signed index card collection (37 different) commanded $17,022.00; a 1934 Tour of Japan signed team sheet with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig realized $14,548.00; a 1923 Christy Mathewson signed check went for $13,753.00; a "Henry Louis Gehrig" 1930 New York Yankees World Champions signed payroll check went for $10,569.00; a copy of "The Babe Ruth Story" signed by Ruth sold for $8,348.00; and Lou Gehrig autographed sheet music sold for $5,768.00.

Snapped Up - Baseball Photographs
A huge 1920s -1980s wire photo hoard (3,500+) went for $21,916.00; a Hall of Fame autograph photo collection (88) sold for $8,108.00; 1920s-1940s Babe Ruth original wire photos (45) commanded $6,271.00; a Babe Ruth original signed photo went for $5,701.00; a 1916 Walter Johnson original photo by Bain from the Culver archives sold for $5,536.00; a 1906 Chicago Cubs oversized team photo went for $5,244.00; and a 1915 Boston Red Sox World Champions team photo with Babe Ruth commanded $5,244.00.

Trophies and Tributes - Miscellaneous Baseball
Donn Clendenon 1969 New York Mets World Champions Ring - W.S. MVP went for $23,431.00; Curt Flood's 1967 Gold Glove Award sold for $13,753.00; Joe Carter's 1993 Toronto Blue Jays World Series trophy sold for $11,625.00; a Mark McGwire original oil painting by LeRoy Neiman sold for $10,928.00; a Ron Stark oil painting of Lou Gehrig went for $10,102.00; Enrique Romo's 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates World Champions players ring realized $9,391.00; Lou Gehrig's 1920 High School baseball trophy sold for $8,536.00; and a 1996 New York Yankees World Series trophy sold for $7,679.00.

Horseracing Items - Paddock of Potential
Horseracing memorabilia has emerged as a spirited niche in the collecting world. MastroNet has experienced a marked increase in consignments and bidding interest during the past year. Highlights in this area include:

Jean Cruguet's saddle from Seattle Slew's three 1977 Triple Crown victories sold for $24,926.00; the saddle used by jockey Stewart Elliott during all three of Smarty Jones 2004 Triple Crown races went for $11625.00; Jean Cruguet's whip, helmet and boots from Seattle Slew's three 1977 Triple Crown victories commanded $8,536.00 and Eddie Acaro's George Woolf Memorial "1952 Outstanding Jockey" Award sold for $7,589.00.

Holding Court - Basketball Items
A 1961/62 Fleer basketball wax box with 24 packs sold for $25,775.00; a 1948 Bowman basketball unopened pack commanded $24,927.00; a scarce 1971/72 Topps basketball 12 pack unopened box went for $13,606.00; a 1957/58 Topps basketball unopened wax pack went for $12,502.00; a 1961/62 Fleer completely graded PSA set sold for $12,368.00; Wilt Chamberlain 1959/60 Philadelphia Warriors rookie year warm up pants went for $10,102.00; a 1968 Topps Test #1 Wilt Chamberlain sold for $9,183.00; a Wilt Chamberlain 1966/67 Philadelphia 76ers World Champions ring went for $8,348.00; a Bill Sharman All-Star Game trophy sold for $5,182.00; and a Bill Sharman 10,000th point basketball signed by the World Champion Boston Celtics team sold for $4,333.00.

Treasures from the Trenches - Football
A 1970 Topps football vending box collection (6) sold for $20,138.00; a 1959 Topps unopened cello box went for $18,307.00; Billy Sims 1978 Heisman Trophy ring went for $15,128.00; a 1962 Topps Football wax box (24 packs) went for $15,128.00; a 1971 Topps Series 2 unopened box (24 packs) sold for $9,292.00; a 1935 National Chicle #30 Ernie Caddel commanded $7,589.00; 1948-55 Bowman complete sets (7) went for $7,216.00; a 1935 National Chicle #23 Beattie Feathers went for $6,899.00; and a 1975-2004 Super Bowl full unused ticket collection sold for $6,346.00.

Skating Excellence - Hockey
A 1966/67 - 1985/86 O-Pee-Chee & Topps hockey uncut sheet collection (99) sold for $36,498.00; a 1966/67 Topps #35 Bobby Orr card went for $12,502.00; a signed hockey caricature original artwork collection (51) commanded $9,031.00; a 1964/65 Topps high graded complete set sold for $8,447.00; a 1966/67 Topps complete set in an uncut sheet sold for $7,589.00; and a 1966 Topps USA Test #35 Bobby Orr went for $6,981.00.

Up to Par - Golf
A 1990-91 Pro Set autographed complete set sold for $3,430.00; Ben Hogan signed checks (25) went for $3,376.00; a Masters Winners autograph collection (20) with signed lithos of Palmer and Niklaus went for $3,123.00; and a Palmer, Nicklaus and Woods signed Masters Display sold for $2,922.00.

Auction Knockouts - Boxing
A collection of 1890s N269 Lorillard's "Mechanic's Delight" boxing cards went for $12,225.00; an 1890 N266 Lorillard boxing complete set sold for $8,348.00; a massive 1920s-'50s boxing exhibit card collection (685) commanded $8,108.00; a 1951 Topps Ringside complete set sold for $3,892.00; and a 1964 Sonny Liston vs. Cassius Clay first program sold for $2,581.00.

An Auction Revolution - U.S. Revolutionary War items
A George Washington 1776 two-page signed letter written to Colonel Samuel Miles, an Officer taken prisoner by the British sold for $46,304.00; a collection of signatures from U.S. Revolutionary War Generals, many war dated sold for $28,353.00; a 1780 George Washington letter regarding the fall of Charleston went for $23,431.00; a three page letter written by Thomas Paine sold for $18,055.00; a rare letter by John Andre, the year of his hanging, sold for $18,055.00; a John Hancock 1776 manuscript and 1789 signed document realized $12,502.00; a July 1776 Samuel Adams handwritten Congressional measure to extend privateering went for $11,364.00; and a 1782 Daniel Boone appraisal with Battle of Blue Lick content went for $10,928.00.

In the Limelight - The Best of Hollywood, TV and Rock 'n Roll
A 1952 "East of Eden" hardcover book signed by James Dean sold for $13,753.00; an Elvis Presley photo signed to Ed Sullivan went for $13,753.00; an autographed 1962 Beatles handbill with Pete Best, one of the earliest signed Beatles pieces known to exist went for $12,022.00; a rare 1956 "World Without End" six-sheet movie poster with Vargas art sold for $11,244.00; a significant sports, Hollywood and historical autographed collection (138) sold for $11,112.00; a 1940 Three Stooges "Nutty But Nice" movie poster went for $9,079.00; a 1936 "Gone with the Wind" hardcover book signed by Victor Fleming, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia DeHaviland and Leslie Howard went for $8,536.00; a huge collection of 1950-70s 45s went for $8,447.00; and Elvis Presley's 1953 and Priscilla Presley's 1959 yearbooks went for $6,412.00.

Time Machine - Historical Mementoes
A significant Benjamin Franklin 1774 letter to French physicist Jean-Baptiste Le Roy went for $36,498.00; a Bonnie and Clyde collection with a bullet fired from one of their guns sold for $35,187.00; a rare clipped signature of Thomas Lynch, the second rarest signature of the signers of the Declaration of Independence went for $34,309.00; a Frederick Douglass 1850 letter with great content went for $20,599.00; a rare "Wild Bill" Hickok signature went for $13,225.00; a Benjamin Franklin signed handwritten note sold for $9,183.00, and a circa 1917 "Destroy This Mad Brute" one sheet poster from World War l sold for $8,210.00.

Magic Memorabilia - Houdini
Houdini's master keys with signed photo postcards went for $46,835.00; a performance used Houdini straightjacket sold for $36,099.00; Houdini performance used handcuffs sold for $11,364.00; a huge 20" x 36" inscribed Houdini photograph commanded $10,928.00; two autograph books with a Houdini entry and Mrs. Houdini's purse sold for $9,292.00; and a handwritten press release by Houdini sold for $6,346.00.

Purely Presidential - Presidential Memorabilia
A George Washington survey of the Dismal swamp sold for $16,002.00; a George Washington letter signed as President went for $13,225.00; a rare Franklin D. Roosevelt 1934 letter as President went for $12,022.00; a 1793 Thomas Jefferson signed check sold for $11,625.00; significant unengrossed Abraham Lincoln signed ship papers went for $10,928.00; a Lyndon Johnson signed baseball sold for $10,569.00; a Thomas Jefferson 1816 letter from Monticello went for $9,031.00; and JFK Cigars gifted by the President of the Philippines went for $8,419.00.

Civil War - A Bidding Battle
The largest autographed photo of Robert E. Lee known to exist sold for $9,935.00; an 1862 Abraham Lincoln handwritten note to the War Department sold for $8,536.00; a David Farragut 1864 ALS from Mobile Bay with torpedo content realized $8,447.00; an Abraham Lincoln 1863 signed military commission went for $7,054.00; and the finest autographed Brady CDV of Civil War General U.S. Grant sold for $5,299.00.

The Collectible Currency - Coins
An 1806 Bust Half Dollar Gem BU sold for $24,654.00; a series of 1922 $20 Gold Certificates sold for $23,431.00; an 1852 $10 Gold Assay Office ingot went for $22,412.00; a 1793 United States "Amen" Chain Cent went for $13,563.00; an 1848-D quarter Eagle Choice BU sold for $8,419.00; a 1901 bison $10 US note sold for $5,300.00; and the first $1 U.S. Silver Certificate (1886) commanded $4,927.00.

For More Information

MastroNet's next premier auction is scheduled for December 2004. Consignments are currently being accepted. For more information or for consignment details, call 630-472-1200 or visit