OAK BROOK, IL -- It's the kind of event that whets all collecting appetites. MastroNet's upcoming December auction will offer an amazing cornucopia of collecting's finest delights in a massive three-day event. Bidding begins on December 1 and will feature nearly 2,000 lots of exceptional Sports and Americana collectible from a menu that includes- sports, political, historical, coins, comics, art, Hollywood and music. The Americana sale will close on December 17, the sports section of the auction will end on December 18 and 19.

Specific sports highlights include:

Baseball Card Bonanza

1951 Bowman #305 Willie Mays Rookie Card - PSA MINT 9
This gem is among only five copies assessed by the company at its spectacular grade level, and none have ever been graded higher. Here, is the true rookie card of Willie Mays. The future Hall of Famer made an immediate impact with his New York Giants, inspiring the team to the World Series for the first time since 1937. The horizontal "rookie" pose displayed on this card reveals the intensity and fierce competitiveness he carried on the field for 22 years. Mays was indeed the complete ballplayer, and the starting point of his glory is illustrated on this cardboard showpiece. The card is faultless in both visual appeal and physical properties. Snow-white borders frame its superb registration and bold colors. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle - PSA NM-MT 8
The 1952 Topps number 311 Mickey Mantle rookie is the one modern baseball card everyone would like to own and the offered example is a collector's dream. With its virtually pack-fresh character, the bright, crisp-looking piece is superior to most of its counterparts in the hobby. The card boasts four well-defined corners, reflecting quality consistent with the card's high grade, and centering is just a touch high and a few degrees to the right. Minimum bid $7,500.00.

1909-11 T206 White Border Ty Cobb Portrait Green Background - PSA NM-MT 8
There are only a half-dozen of these cards at this level and none graded higher. The legendary Cobb endures what was doubtlessly a short-lived moment of quietude on the face of this classic T206 tobacco insert card. Here, his apparent serenity dovetails wonderfully with the card's graceful, aesthetically pure translation of his energy. It would be nearly impossible for a T206 to exhibit greater depth and clarity in printing. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1940 Play Ball #1 Joe DiMaggio - PSA MINT 9
No longer a rookie, by any definition, Joe DiMaggio is depicted on this card as he enters his prime. It is one of only two cards ever graded at this level with no others achieving a higher status. This light sepia-toned marvel is scarce and widely coveted in its own right, but it is universally prized in such high-grade. The photographic image is fully focused and its nicely positioned border elements are immaculate. The item's reverse is also exceptionally well printed. All four of the corners are unbelievably sharp. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1954 Wilson Franks Ted Williams - PSA NM-MT 8
This is one of only two examples in the hobby assessed at that level, with just one graded higher. The only higher graded example (a PSA MINT 9) was auctioned by MastroNet in December 2002, and achieved $95,338 as a final price! The card's very sparse distribution, and its packaging with a perishable product, justify its exclusive admiration. 1954 Wilsons are indeed scarce, and single, high-grade superstars in the issue are among the most prized cards from the period. Offered is a Wilson Franks card picturing the immortal outfielder, Ted Williams. The card's level of perfection is discernible at arm's length. Nearly pristine, this Ted Williams card places the slugger's figure against a field of bright white. His facsimile autograph leaps from the foreground, and the sponsor's logo at the upper left is fresh and inviting. Front and back print are impeccable, and the card stock is pure and clean. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1934 Goudey Low Number Uncut Sheet with Foxx and 12 Additional Hall of Famers!
This complete, 24-card uncut final production sheet of 1934 Goudey baseball cards features an incomparable lineup of stars, including the set's first card, picturing Jimmy Foxx. Numbers 1-24, inclusive, are arranged in a random sequence on its fascinating surface. Of the twenty-four cards on the sheet, an unbelievable 13 men are Hall of Famers. Their names and card numbers are: 1 Foxx, 2 Mickey Cochrane, 6 Dizzy Dean, 7 Leo Durocher, 10 Chuck Klein, 11 Paul Waner, 12 Carl Hubbell, 13 Frank Frisch, 18 Heinie Manush, 19 Lefty Grove, 21 Bill Terry, 22 Arky Vaughan and 23 Charlie Gehringer. In addition to its undeniably elite player roster, this sheet emanates spectacular visual appeal. In this remarkable instance, condition is consistent with content. The sheet's image hues are bright, shared borders are crisply white and the cards are all pure and fresh in character. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1954 Topps #250 Ted Williams - PSA MINT 9
The final entry in Topps' 1954 set commemorates the Red Sox icon in creative style. There is only one like card graded higher than this one. Having dispensed with Ted's standard, "Biography and Official Baseball Statistics," on the set's first card, Topps was free to portray the slugger in entertaining cartoon panels on the reverse of number 250. The extraordinary piece displays four Mint corners, like-new freshness and spectacular aesthetics. The centering is attractively balanced. Minimum bid $4,000.00.

1952 Topps Complete Set with Variations (472)
Nearly every collector's desire is to to have a 1952 Topps set. The 97 cards that make up the high numbered series are especially difficult and contain a good chunk of the set's stars. The offered collection is the quintessential mixed-grade set. While most cards fall in around the Very Good range, there are plenty at both ends of the extreme, including a very nice group of high numbers that have been graded by PSA. In addition to the basic set, there are also a #48 Joe Page error and a substantial grouping of 64 additional low numbered cards, all with red backs. Includes: 36 Hodges (PSA NM-MT 8); 261 Mays (PSA EX 5); 311 Mantle (PSA VG-EX 4); 314 Campanella (VG). Grades 15% EX/MT to NM/MT, 55% VG to EX, 30% lesser. The 64 additional red backed low number cards average VG. Additional graded cards - PSA NM-MT 8: 28, 318, 328, 346, 366, 367, 378, 387, 403 (OC); PSA NM 7: 35, 331, 395. Minimum bid $3,500.00.

1933 Goudey #181 Babe Ruth - PSA NM-MT 8
Of the four Babe Ruth cards included in the 1933 Goudey set, number 181 offers the largest center image of the Bambino. In the detailed casting of his face, seen only on number 181, the observer is allowed to actually view the components of the legend's unique persona. Clean white borders frame a vivid, perfectly-focused image, and the card's corners exhibit light "touches" within the assigned grade's specifications. The piece displays unusually good symmetry for the 1933 Goudey issue, with small side borders and larger top-to-bottom margins both suitably balanced. Minimum bid $3,500.00.

1949 Bowman #224 Leroy "Satchell" Paige - PSA MINT 9
There are no other cards like it graded higher than this "fresh pack" beauty. Never has a '49 Bowman Paige looked so crisp. Paige, pitching star in the Negro Leagues and the Major Leagues, enjoyed only sporadic recognition by contemporary card companies' set planners, and this high number rookie card is the most desirable of the Hall of Famer's few "mainstream" collectibles. Minimum bid $3,000.00.

Topps #500 Mickey Mantle White Letters - PSA MINT 9
This superb Mantle card acts as a marvelous historical summary by listing the Hall of Famer's career stats on the super-clean reverse. The final piece, in the cherished continuum of collectibles begun in 1951, the '69 Topps Mantle is an item of particular fascination for the condition-conscious hobbyist. There is only one card in the hobby graded higher than this sparkling example of the scarce variation from the 1969 set. This card exhibits near-perfect alignment of its snow-white borders, and flawless corners. Resolution of the card front's photo is magnificent. The bright caption circle at upper left delivers fresh and unmistakable depth in its red, black and white elements. Minimum bid $3,000.00.

Goudey #37 Lou Gehrig Autographed Card
This beautiful piece, from the issue fondly recognized as Gehrig's namesake set, has been autographed in bold black fountain pen just above the facsimile signature that highlights the card's design. Gehrig's large and bright scripting (grading "8") stands out proudly in its position of honor. The card is attractively centered with clearly focused. Authenticated by PSA/DNA. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1915 Cracker Jack #30 Ty Cobb - PSA NM 7
This is one of the most famous baseball cards ever made and features one of the most famous baseball players in the game's history. Ty Cobb had another of his "typical" seasons in 1915, leading the League in batting average, hits, runs, and stolen bases. Cobb's 96 thefts were, in fact, an all-time record up to that point. The Cracker Jack card, featuring Cobb's well-known batting-pose likeness delivers phenomenal eye appeal along with its obviously formidable "star power." Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1934 Goudey #37 Lou Gehrig - PSA NM-MT 8
There are only two examples in the hobby graded higher than this extraordinary card! This is a visually delicious representation of Lou Gehrig's most celebrated baseball card. The item features striking artwork and showcases an illustration that is among the most enduring and recognizable images of "The Iron Horse." This example has well-defined corners, breathtaking color, clean white borders, and exceptionally clear focus. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Uniform Quality

Ted Williams 1960 Final Season Boston Red Sox Home Flannel Jersey
In the world of sports collectibles special consideration has always been given to famous "firsts" and "lasts." It is those famous "lasts," however, which often tend to play on the emotions of collectors. Ted Williams wore this Boston Red Sox home jersey in 1960 during his final season in baseball. The white flannel jersey is lettered "Red Sox" across the front with the number "9" appearing on the reverse. All letters and numbers are in red with blue trim. A "McAuliffe" label is situated on the left front tail, directly adjacent to which are both a "60" year tag and "46" size tag. The jersey is original and unaltered, displaying heavy game wear. There are probably few Ted Williams game jerseys which could equal this particular garment in historical significance. Williams's retirement that year signaled the true end of an era in baseball, as he represented the last great post-war star to hang up his cleats. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

Sandy Koufax 1960 Los Angeles Dodgers Road Jersey
Sandy Koufax game jerseys remain among the rarest of all modern day Hall of Fame players and seldom appear at public auction. This jersey was worn by Koufax during the 1960 season and represents a unique opportunity to obtain one of the cornerstone pieces to any significant Hall of Fame jersey collection. The gray road flannel jersey is lettered "Los Angeles" across the front with the number "32" appearing on both the left breast and reverse. All letters and numbers are in blue with the exception of the front number, which is in red. A "Spalding" label and adjacent "44" size tag are each situated on the left front tail. "Koufax" and "60" are each chain stitched in blue below the manufacturer's label. Both a wash tag and adjacent flag tag, reading "Set 1 1960," are situated on the interior left front tail. The jersey is original and unaltered, displaying measurable game wear throughout. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

Stan Musial 1951 St. Louis Cardinals Signed Road Jersey
In 1951, "Stan the Man" Musial had one of his finest overall seasons. The three time MVP led the league in batting (.355), runs scored (124), and triples (12) while also totaling 32 home runs and 108 RBI. Legendary Hall of Famer Stan Musial wore this St. Louis Cardinals road jersey during that banner 1951 season. The gray flannel jersey, with zipper front, is lettered "Cardinals" across the front in red embroidery, with the team's logo embroidered above. The number "6" appears on the reverse in red felt with navy trim. The National League "75 Anniversary" patch (worn by all National League clubs that season) is situated on the left sleeve. A "Rawlings" label appears in the collar, and directly below are both a "44" size tag and wash tag. "Musial" and "51-1" (denoting year and set) are each chain stitched in red along the left front tail. Musial has signed ("9") the jersey in black Sharpie.

It should be noted that the decorative patch on the left sleeve is an authentic 1951-anniversary patch, which has been professionally replaced on the jersey. James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $7,500.00.

Ichiro Suzuki Game Used Ensemble - Rookie Jersey, Glove and Bat
Baseball has been played in Japan almost from the turn of the last century, with the sport being equally as popular there as here in the States. But it wasn't until 2001 that a position player from Japan would join a U.S. Major League club. Both Ichiro Suzuki and Tsuyoshi Shinjo were welcomed into the league that year with Ichiro, a seven-time batting champion in Japan, being the more heralded of the two. Joining the Seattle Mariners that spring, the eyes of the world were soon focused on the "rookie" outfielder and he quickly proved himself. Offered is a spectacular Ichiro game worn/used ensemble comprised of a 2001 home Mariners rookie jersey, game bat and glove. A visiting clubhouse attendant originally obtained all of these items in 2002, and they are accompanied by a letter of authenticity from him. While the jersey conclusively dates from the 2001 season, the bat and glove were most likely used in the 2002 season. Ichiro may very well become the first Japanese player elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Minimum bid $3,500.00.

Ray Mahaffey 1930 Philadelphia Athletics Home Jersey
The 1930 Philadelphia Athletics, managed by the legendary Connie Mack, are considered by many to be one of the greatest ball clubs ever assembled. Mahaffey was in his first full season with the A's that year, starting sixteen games and finishing with a 9-5 record and 5.01 ERA. The outcome of the 1930 World Series was but a foregone conclusion as they easily dispatched the Cardinals in six games to capture their second consecutive world's championship. Presented is a Philadelphia Athletics home jersey worn by pitcher Roy "Popeye" Mahaffey in that historic 1930 season. The simply designed white flannel jersey features a large "A" on the left breast lettered in blue felt with white trim. A "Spalding" label is situated in the collar, as is a white name tag with "Mahaffy" [sic] chain stitched in red upon it. The jersey is original and unaltered, displaying measurable game wear. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1915 Buffalo Federal League Jersey and Pants
The Federal League, established in 1914, was the first serious challenge to Organized Baseball. Although the league only lasted two seasons, it served to question both the legality of the reserve clause and the nature of Baseball's trust status at the time. Presented is an exceedingly rare and historically significant garment from that famous upstart league. Due to both the brevity of the league and the very nature of the item itself (most were simply discarded after the franchises were disbanded), only a scant few examples have survived. In fact, Federal League jerseys are so rare that for several teams no evidence of what the uniforms looked like can be found. This particular jersey and matching pants were issued to a member of the Federal League's Buffalo franchise in 1915.The uniform, despite its age, remains in much the same condition as when it was originally issued. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Going to Bat

Jimmie Foxx Late 1930s H&B Game Used Bat
This exceptional Jimmie Foxx 35", 35.4 oz. H&B game used bat dates from the late 1930s. The signature model bat (pre-dating model numbers) is composed of top quality white ash and features deep and well-pronounced manufacturer's stampings. The bat displays heavy game use. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Ted Williams 1950-60 H&B Game Used Bat
The years 1950 through 1960 represented Ted Williams' final decade in the Majors, and despite that "The Kid" was now a seasoned veteran, his offensive numbers during that time reaffirmed that he was still the best hitter in baseball. Presented is a 35", 32-oz. H&B game bat that Ted Williams used during the first half of that memorable decade. This signature model "W166", is comprised of top quality white ash and features deep and distinct manufacturer's stampings. "9" (his uniform number) is written on the knob. The bat is uncracked and displays evidence of game use. Factory records indicate that Williams first ordered this model bat, matching these specifications, in 1951 and it continued to be the primary bat ordered by the "Splendid Splinter" through the 1955 season. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Historic Pete Rose 1970 H&B Signed All-Star Game Used Bat
For every great player, there exists a defining moment in their career by which they will forever be remembered. For Pete Rose, that moment came in the 1970 All-Star Game. With the game tied at 4-4 in extra innings, Rose came to the plate with two outs and nobody on in the bottom of the 12th, and promptly singled to keep the inning alive. Several hits later, Rose and the ball arrived at home plate simultaneously. Cleveland catcher Ray Fosse attempted to block the plate, but Rose bowled him over and gave the National League a stunning 5-4 victory. Fosse incurred a career-ending injury. Although Rose was criticized for an unnecessary play in an "exhibition" game, he never apologized, claiming he was only trying to win.

Rose used this 35", 33-1/2-oz. H&B game bat in that famous mid-summer classic. The signature model "S2" bat is composed of top quality white ash and features "All Star Game" and "Cincinnati-1970" stamped in block letters above and below Rose's facsimile signature. All of the manufacturer's stampings are deep and well pronounced. "14" (his uniform number) is written in vintage black marker on the knob. The bat has been inscribed "Pete Rose/Hit King/#4256" ("10") in blue Sharpie along the barrel. Heavy game use is evident. James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Exceptional Gabby Hartnett 1934-44 H&B Game Used Bat
Gabby Hartnett was one of the greatest catchers of his era. He batted .300 or better on six occasions, including a career high .354 in 1937. Hartnett was a consistent run producer for the Cubs throughout his 20-year career, becoming the first catcher in history to have amassed over 200 home runs and 1,000 RBI. This rare 35", Hall of Famer Gabby Hartnett used this 33-oz. H&B game bat during the latter half of his legendary career. This signature model bat is composed of top quality white ash, and all of its manufacturer's stampings are deep and well defined. The uncracked bat displays evidence of heavy game use. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Joe Jackson 1920's Barnstorming Bat
This is an actual game-used bat from Shoeless Joe Jackson's barnstorming days of the mid to late 1920's. Following his epic banishment from Major League Baseball, Shoeless Joe continued to play the game regularly and was one of the most popular barnstorming players of the period. This H&B 40 pro model bat (35", 33-oz.) is composed of the highest-grade white ash and features block lettering of "JACKSON" deeply emblazoned on its barrel. After the 1920 season, the woodworkers at H&B ground the first name "Joe" from the dies of his signature model bats in order to distinguish those bats that were used for his barnstorming years. After that, they went with the block letter last name only style. Jackson's Major League bats were pulled from production in 1920, and no store models were ever again offered for sale. The bat has heavy evidence of game use. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Mickey Cochrane 1936-37 H&B Game Used Bat
Mickey Cochrane game bats are among the rarest of all modern day Hall of Famers. In fact, only three known examples remain today. Presented is one member of that scarce trio - a Mickey Cochrane 35", 34.4 oz. H&B game used bat dating from the period of his final two seasons. The signature model bat (pre-dating model numbers) composed of top quality white ash and featuring distinct manufacturer's stampings throughout. The letters "GEW" (meaning unknown) are stamped on the knob. The bat displays heavy game use. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Perfectly Pitched Baseballs

Famous "Bartman" Foul Ball from Chicago Cubs/Florida Marlins Play-Off Game
Many believe it was the moment the Chicago Cubs' race to the 2003 World Series went south -- literally. And while everyone knows about the unlucky fan and the foul ball that preceded the Cubs eighth inning, eight run undoing in game 6 of the 2003 National League Championships Series, no one was quite sure what happened to the baseball that started the whole incident. Until now.

Jim, a 33-year old Chicago area attorney was near Steve Bartman, the fan that deflected the foul ball. The ball ricocheted right toward Jim and he caught the ball and put it in his pocket. Jim decided to sell the ball in hopes of establishing a fund that will pay for his children's education. This is the foul ball that, right or wrong, is credited for the Chicago Cubs downfall in the NLCS series. The baseball comes with Jim's ticket from that fateful night and affidavits from individuals sitting near him when he caught the baseball. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

The Finest Jackie Robinson Single Signed Baseball
This is one of the very finest Jackie Robinson single signed baseballs in the world. The beautiful unofficial ball, with its completely unsullied horsehide, its bright red stitches and its stamping, "C.S.G." (likely denoting its manufacture for a regional sporting goods concern) bears the vivid sweet spot signature and inscription reading, "Best Wishes - Jackie Robinson - 8-28-66" (grading a "perfect 10"). Physically, his jet-black pen strokes are flawless in their application. James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Sammy Sosa's 529th Home Run Ball
This is the baseball Sammy Sosa smacked out of Bank One Ballpark on August 22, 2003 to record his 529th home run. Hit off Arizona Diamondback Curt Schilling, the blast soared 453 feet down the left field line, over the bleachers and into the special "Friday's Front Row" section of the upper deck. It was Sammy's second home run of the game making it the 62nd multiple home run game of his career. It was also Sosa's 500th home run as a Chicago Cub. The ball is accompanied by an affidavit from the individual who caught the ball, his ticket from the game, a tape of the home run and an affidavit from the individuals who attended the game with him. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1971-75 Bob Gibson Game Used Victory Balls (52)
The years 1971-1975 marked Bob Gibson's final five seasons in the Majors. Despite his veteran status he was still among the top hurlers in the league at the time, averaging almost 15 wins a year between the years 1971 and 1974. Presented is large collection of 52 game used victory baseball's dating from Gibson's final five years in baseball. Each of these balls is an actual game ball used during a respective victory and has been uniquely decorated by longtime St. Louis Cardinals clubhouse man "Doc" Bauman." Among the highlights from this grouping are game balls from: his 200th career win; his 50th career shutout; his record breaking 242nd career start on May 8, 1973; the game in which he recorded his 2,862nd strikeout; the game in which he recorded his 200th strikeout in 1972; and his final career shutout. All of the ONL (Feeney) balls are lightly soiled, displaying appropriate game use. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Babe Ruth Single Signed Ball
A Babe Ruth single signed baseball is the centerpiece of any sports collection! This OAL (Harridge) baseball bears the bold and unmistakable single signature of the "Sultan of Swat," Babe Ruth. The sweet spot panel of this lightly used, off-white sphere is the ideal background to highlight the awesome autograph of Ruth, which has been placed in solid and distinct, black fountain pen ink (grading "8-9"). James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Roger Maris "61 Home Runs 1961" Inscribed Single Signed Baseball
It is possibly the finest Roger Maris single signed baseball in existence. This creamy toned Harwood "Official League" baseball has been flawlessly inscribed "Roger Maris/61 Homeruns/1961" in bold dark black ink on a side panel. There are no flaws of any kind to be found in the wonderfully bold vintage "10" signature A truly one of kind signed baseball penned by the first man to break Ruth's hallowed single season home run record. James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Baseball Awards and Trophies

1998 New York Yankees World Champions Full-Size Salesman's Sample Trophy
The 1998 New York Yankees are considered by many to be among the greatest teams in baseball history. After winning an astonishing 114 victories in the regular season, the nouveau Bronx Bombers went 11-2 in the post-season, including a four-game World Series sweep of the San Diego Padres. The season marked the team's second championship in three years and the first of three consecutive championships to come. This 1998 New York Yankees championship trophy represents the team's 1998 victory. The stunning trophy measures 25" tall and approximately 13" in diameter. Its manufacturer, Balfour, originally used it as a salesman's sample. It is nearly twice the size of player's trophies from the 1998 championship season and gives the appearance of being identical to the actual trophy that was bestowed upon the Yankees franchise. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Tremendous Signed Black and White Hall of Fame Plaques Collection (29)
The patience, courtesy and determination of a dedicated collector are reflected in this extraordinary gallery of signatures. Offered is an array of 29 black and white Hall of Fame postcards, with every one signed by its subject. Many of the baseball collecting hobby's most highly prized signatures are included in this wealth of superstar autographs. The signatures, uniformly grade "9-10". This collection of signatures includes: J. Franklin Baker, Max Carey, Fred C. Clarke, Mickey Cochrane, Wahoo Sam Crawford, Joe Cronin, Bill Dickey, Bob Feller, Jimmie Foxx, Frank Frisch, Hank Greenberg, Clark Griffith, Rogers Hornsby , Carl Hubbell, Larry Lajoie, Joe McCarthy, Mel Ott, "Sam" Rice, Jackie Robinson, Edd J. Roush, Ray Schalk, George Sisler, Bill Terry, Pie Traynor, A.C. "Dazzy" Vance, Paul Waner, Zack D. Wheat and Cy Young. The cards themselves mostly grade Excellent to Mint. James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Bob Gibson 1965 Gold Glove Award
The year 1965 marked one of the finest overall seasons of Bob Gibson's illustrious career. It was also the year Gibson won the first of 9 Gold Glove Awards. This is that award. It is composed of a wooden "diamond" background featuring an engraved plate reading "Rawlings Gold Glove Award." A gilt right-handed fielder's glove is displayed along the left portion of award while a single gold metal ball rests to the right of the glove. The engraved metal plate along the base reads "P - Bob Gibson/1965/The Sporting News/National League/All-Star Fielding Team." MastroNet's consignor originally obtained this particular award directly from Bob Gibson. This is the first time it has ever appeared at public sale. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Bob Shawkey's 1927 New York Yankees World Championship Ring
The offered ring presented here, originates from the dynastic efforts of the 1927 New York Yankees. It embodies the charisma of Babe Ruth, the humility and determination of Lou Gehrig, and the unmatched dedication of the entire, incomparable team. This is a crown jewel in the hobby, worthy of the highest praise and Yankee pride. The Dieges & Clust 14K gold ring was presented to Yankee mounds man Bob Shawkey, who completed a 15-season Major League pitching career on the Yankees' powerful 1927 roster. Shawkey's size "7" ring is crowned with a diamond set within a starburst and laurel wreath design. The perimeter reads, "NEW YORK YANKEES - WORLD CHAMPIONS," in raised lettering. Its recipient has smoothed much of this block script down over the years as a result of consistent wear; the "YORK YANKEE" portion is the most easily readable. Both shanks display the American League logo, the year ("1927") and the team's nameplate ("New York"). Inside the band are the manufacturer's mark and the inscription, "To Shawkey." Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1996 New York Yankees World Series Front Office Ring
Here we have one of the finest keepsakes available from the Yankees 1996 season -- the magical season that started the most recent of Yankee dynasties. This genuine 10K gold, diamond-studded championship ring was once bestowed on a member of the franchise's front office. The size "10" ring features "World Champions 1996" encircling a diamond-encrusted "NY" insignia, which is in turn set upon a dark blue stone. Displayed on the ring's shanks are raised relief designs of the Yankee Stadium facade, the team logo and the Major League championship trophy, as well as the lettering of "ONDERKO" (nameplate), "Tradition," "Courage" and "Heart." Manufactured by Balfour, the ring is in Near Mint condition and comes with its original wooden presentation box. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

More Baseball Mementoes

Lou Gehrig's 1936 New York Yankees Signed Contract (MVP Season!)
This is the actual American League player's contract for Lou Gehrig's 1936 season with the New York Yankees. Gehrig's 1936 campaign was a landmark year for several reasons. Individually, the brawny first baseman captured MVP honors for his .354 average, 49 home runs, and 152 RBI and career-high 167 runs. Collectively, Gehrig's Yanks won 102 ballgames and took their first of four consecutive world championships.

This Uniform Player's Contract, dated January 15th, 1936, is signed by Gehrig, Ed Barrow (Yankee General Manager), Jacob Ruppert (Yankee owner) and William Harridge (American League President). It entitles Lou to an annual salary of $31,000. Gehrig has very neatly inscribed his name ("Henry L. Gehrig") and his address ("5 Circuit Rd - New Rochelle, NY") in bold black fountain pen. The single-page contract measures 11" x 17". All signatures grade a "10". The contract has been matted and framed to measure 19-1/2" x 25-1/4. James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1907 "History of Colored Base Ball" by Sol White
This exceedingly rare soft cover book is considered by many to be the "Holy Grail" of all Negro League collectibles and is an extremely important artifact of 20th Century American history as well. Written by black ballplayer Sol White and published in 1907, the 128-page volume chronicles the entire history of professional black baseball, beginning with the Babylon Long Island Nine of 1885. The significance of this book lies in the fact that it is the only source for much, if not all, of the knowledge regarding black baseball prior to 1908. Only two other examples of this important work have ever appeared at public auction. Christie's initially sold the first example in 1997 for $18,400, with the exact same book having later been offered by MastroNet in the summer of 2000, where it realized a final selling price of $19,860. The second offered example was also sold by MastroNet in the spring of 2001, with that copy commanding a final price of $14,920. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Historic 1921 Document Establishing the "Office of Commissioner" in Major League Baseball, Signed by All of the Team Owners
In late summer of 1920, following the 1919 Black Sox Scandal, Major League Baseball found itself embroiled in a controversy, which threatened the integrity and future of the game itself. The Major League owners decided a three member "Board of Control" should oversee and govern the League. It had already been decided that the board would consist of each respective League President and a Chairman. For the latter position they turned outside the game to Kenesaw Mountain Landis, a well-known federal judge. Landis agreed to the position if he had absolute power in all matters. On January 12, 1921 the office of Commissioner of Baseball was established. Major League Baseball would never be the same again.

This is the actual legal agreement establishing the office of Commissioner in Major League Baseball and, as such, arguably the most significant document in baseball history. The seven-page agreement was dated January 12, 1921 and has been signed by each respective league president and all sixteen owners (or their official representatives) at the time. The team owners, as defined by this agreement, abolished the office of Commissioner in 1992. That decision was due mainly in part to the owners growing intolerance with the supreme power of the office. James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

1888 Hastings "Galaxy of the National League" Team Composite
The renowned Hastings photography studio of Boston, Massachusetts is responsible for this 1888 composite image (known as a collo-type photo print). It was created by placing team photos of all eight National League ball clubs at the time against an illustrated baseball motif. Each team photo measures approximately 5" x 4," with the eight individual images aligned along the center of the display. Surrounding the photos are gorgeous pastoral scenes of baseball games in progress and various equipment from the era. The year "1888" is printed within the interior illustrated design and "Galaxy of the National League" is printed in black lettering along the bottom white border, as is the name of the photographer. A number of prominent Hall of Famers are easily recognizable including Cap Anson, Mike "King" Kelly, Sam Thompson and Harry Wright. This exceptionally rare piece is one of only three known examples and may be the only 19th Century photographic display to feature the entire National League. The large 23 1/2" x 20" print is housed in a decorative vintage wood frame. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Straight from the Hoop -- Basketball Memorabilia

1995/96 Chicago Bulls Championship Player's Ring - James Edwards
In 1995/96, the Chicago Bulls compiled a 72-10 regular-season record, the most dominant in league history and cruised to an NBA Championship. This is an actual player's championship ring from that unforgettable season. It was given to the Bulls' popular veteran center James Edwards. Manufactured by Jostens, the 14K gold ring is crowned by four diamonds set atop a basketball net motif, which in turn rests upon a black onyx stone. The border consists of 72 pave set diamonds. One of the ring's shanks features the Chicago Bulls emblem along with the year ("95/96") and Edwards' name and number. The other shank carries the NBA logo with "WORLD CHAMPIONS - 72 WINS - GREATEST TEAM EVER." The size 12 ring exhibits almost no evidence of wear. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

NBA "50 Greatest Player" Autographed Lithograph (#9/50)
The "50 Greatest Players" autographed lithograph reigns as the finest print created in any sport-bar none. This majestic 25" x 39" piece displays the likenesses of all 50 NBA legends and, remarkably, 49 of the 50 signatures. Pete Maravich, deceased at the time of printing, is the only missing autograph. Produced in conjunction with the NBA's 50th Anniversary in 1996, the extremely limited edition lithographs were signed during that season's All-Star Game festivities at a special "50 Greatest Players" ceremony. Included among the litho's super group were cultural icons Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, George Mikan, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and Shaquille O'Neal. The lithograph was limited to just 250 pieces worldwide, of which 50 numbered "Field of Dreams" editions were offered to the public. Reportedly, all were immediately spoken for, and very few examples have been offered publicly. The Near Mint lithograph ("9/50) is accompanied by an official leather-bound Certificate of Authenticity signed by NBA Commissioner David Stern. Beautifully framed to measure 37" x 50". James Spence & Steve Grad/PSA DNA. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Football Fantasies

Emmitt Smith Record Breaking Rushing Ball Carried To Surpass Walter Payton as the All-Time Leading Rusher in NFL History!

On October 27, 2002, Emmitt Smith burst through the left side of the Seattle Seahawks' defensive line for an 11-yard run. With the final few hard-fought inches of the carry, Emmitt Smith became the leading rusher in NFL history. Only the seventh player ever to hold the title of all-time leading rusher, Emmitt surpassed Chicago Bears' running back Walter Payton, who had claimed the title for himself from the legendary Jim Brown in 1984. Many wonder if the new, and ongoing, record will ever be broken.

Offered is the actual football that Emmitt Smith carried to break Walter Payton's all-time NFL rushing record. It may very well be the single most important game football in existence. The Official Wilson ball was immediately whisked to the sidelines following Smith's landmark run, where it was properly identified and tagged by WeTrak. Several black-marker notations, including Emmitt's uniform number "22," were made on the nose of the ball. In addition, the football features its official WeTrak tag, as well as an embedded identification chip and an LOA from Emmitt. Minimum bid $10,000.00.

1935 National Chicle #34 Bronko Nagurski - PSA NM-MT 8
The 1935 National Chicle Bronko Nagurski is, by far, the most valuable and pursued of all football cards. It is the undisputed key card from the foundation issue of the football-collecting hobby. This is one of only six specimens to be graded at this level with none have been graded higher. The Minnesota native and eventual Hall of Famer starred for the Chicago Bears and was one of the earliest true superstars of his sport. Nagurski's card, number 34, is among the extremely scarce high number segment of the issue. This card is very difficult to obtain under any circumstances, and especially so in admirable condition. The offered card features beautiful colors and vivid print quality. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

Larry Brown Super Bowl XXVII Lombardi Trophy
Historically, only the championship-winning team and the NFL offices receive the Lombardi Trophy. In recent years, however, several franchise owners have provided miniature replicas for their players. This is one of those actual Lombardi Trophies. Following the Dallas Cowboys' first Super Bowl victory since 1977, team owner Jerry Jones gave one of these trophies to defensive back Larry Brown. The trophy bears a raised NFL logo on the front of the base. It is engraved "VINCE LOMBARDI TROPHY" above the logo and "SUPER BOWL XXVII CHAMPIONS - THE DALLAS COWBOYS" below. The right panel of the base features the inscription, "LARRY BROWN - 24," as well as a small "23" believed to be the sequential numbering of the units that were produced. LOA from Larry Brown. Minimum bid $3,500.00.

Larry Brown Super Bowl XXVII Ring
This Balfour 10K gold championship ring features a football-outline design inside which a star-shaped diamond rests along with a Dallas star logo atop a glistening beveled field of diamond stones. Four diamonds surround each end of the football with raised lettering of "DALLAS COWBOYS" along the sides. The shanks feature, on one side, a colorful emblem of Super Bowl XXVII, sandwiched "WORLD CHAMPIONS - 1992" and the game's score "52-17". On the other side are an NFL logo, Brown's name, position, number, and the Cowboys' season record ("16-3"). The size "10" ring is in beautiful condition, with very little evidence of wear. Its original wooden presentation box accompanies it. LOA from Larry Brown. Minimum bid $3,500.00.

Incredibly Rare 1916 Rose Bowl Program - Only the Second Rose Bowl Game!
The second Rose Bowl game was played in 1916. This is the actual program from that legendary match up. Amazingly, it has been preserved in Near Mint condition. Its ingeniously designed front cover is virtually unflawed in any way, and the interior pages are immaculately bright and clean. The center section, while pristine as its accompanying pages, has come loose but can be easily reattached by a professional restorer. Included in the program's features are both team rosters, photographs of the starting squad, fight songs, advertisements for local businesses, listings of parade entrants and officials, and an article about a Tournament of the Roses motion picture, The Trail of the Sun. The program originally sold at Tournament Park for fifteen-cents. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Boxing Beauties

Emile Griffith 1962 Ring Magazine Welterweight Championship Belt - Benny "Kid" Paret Fight
Emile Griffith and Benny "Kid" Paret of Cuba were bitter boxing rivals when they agreed to fight for the Welterweight crown on March 24, 1962 in Madison Square Garden. Griffith was unstoppable that night. In the fateful 12th round, Griffith unloaded a barrage on Paret who fell against the ring ropes with his arm draped over the rope holding him up helplessly. Referee Ruby Goldstein, not sensing how badly Paret was hurt, let the fight continue. Paret slipped into a coma and died several days later from the beating. Griffith, however recovered from the tragedy to enjoy a great career. He was a six-time world champion with a final record of 85-24-2.

This is The Ring Magazine Belt presented to Emile Griffith for his victory over Benny "Kid" Paret on March 24, 1962, one of boxing's most memorable and controversial fights. The Ring Magazine belt has always been the most coveted by fighters. LOA from Emile Griffith. Minimum bid $5,000.00.

1975 Muhammad Ali "Thrilla in Manila" Heavyweight Championship Fight Worn Boxing Shoes
This is the very pair of Everlast white leather shoes that Muhammad Ali wore in arguably the most highly hyped and famous of all his prizefights: the legendary "Thrilla in Manila." The size "13" shoes, which include their original laces, feature ink notations of "ALI - FRAZIER" and "OCT. 1, 1975" along the upper interior edge of the high-tops. On the tongue of each shoe, just above the white Everlast tags, is the handwritten mantra, "MO SPEEED." Ali's corner man, Drew "Bundini" Brown, wrote all of these markings. A hard-fought battle, Ali-Frazier III was declared a TKO in Ali's favor when Frazier was unable to answer the bell for round 15. LOAs from Wali Muhammad and Craig Hamilton/JO Sports, Inc. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

A True Thoroughbred

Seabiscuit's Blanket -- A National Treasure
The recent retelling of the Seabiscuit story had everyone racing to read the book and see the movie. The "little horse that could" became a national hero and inspiration during the Great Depression. His greatest moment was the upset victory in the match race with Triple Crown winner War Admiral. This presentation is one of the most important and significant artifacts directly related to the thoroughbred legend ever offered - a paddock blanket worn by Seabiscuit. The blanket, also known as a "cooler" was once given to California trainer, Benny Slasky, by Seabiscuit's trainer in return for a favor. It bears the white inverted triangle surrounding the letter "H" which was the logo of Seabiscuit's owner, Charles M. Howard. In 1998, the blanket's owner and consignor contacted Laura Hillenbrand, who was researching for a proposed book that became her best seller (and source for the movie) "Seabiscuit, An American Legend." The consignor, Julie Hazelwood Castro, spoke with the author about the history of the blanket and received a credit in the book. When the film was made, the costume designer replicated this very blanket for the movie. The National Racing Museum and Hall of Fame located at Saratoga Springs N.Y. exhibited the blanket for over two years. The 70" x 66" blanket/cooler is in great excellent condition with all original straps. Minimum bid $2,500.00.

Amazing Americana

In addition to a spectacular array of Sports memorabilia, MastroNet's December auction features an impressive assembly of some of the finest Americana available. Highlights include:

"The Sante Fe Trail" by Frank Tenney Johnson, N. A. (1874-1939), minimum bid $100,000.00; "Sailing The Spanish Main" Original Carl Barks Oil Painting, minimum bid $50,000.00; a 1915 - S Pan Pacific Octagonal $50 PCGS MS65, minimum bid $25,000.00; a 1793 Eliasberg Wreath Cent, minimum bid $15,000.00; an unparalleled 1750 Twice-Signed George Washington Survey Document, minimum bid $10,000.00; The Most Desirable 1928 Hoover/Curtis Campaign Pin - The "Statue of Liberty" Jugate, minimum bid $5,000.00; an historic 1890 Kurz & Allison Lithograph- 54th Massachusetts Black Regiment Battle at Fort Wagner, minimum bid $1,500.00; an important 1857-1898 19th Century U.S. Issue Stamp Type Collection (74), minimum bid $7,500.00; a 1931 Al Capone Original Prison Inmates Record with Signature minimum bid $2,500.00; an Elvis Presley High School Senior Class Photo Display, minimum bid $2,500.00; a copy of "Action Comics" #1 - First Appearance of Superman - 1938, minimum bid $10,000.00; and Seabiscuit's Blanket, minimum bid $2,500.00.

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