After three long nights of lots closing, MastroNet's most recent auction, the first to team sports and Americana together in the same event, finally ended. Based on the results, it was a winning combination. Originally projected to generate $8 million, the MastroNet event exceeded that target by over 1/2 million dollars. As a result, this auction eclipses MastroNet's $8 million December 2002 auction and takes its second place spot behind MastroNet's and the industry's all-time leading $9.5 million multi-consignment auction in November 2001. In effect, MastroNet now stands on the multi-consignment auction result podium in first, second AND third place.

"I think our record says everything," said William Mastro, CEO of MastroNet. "Collectors and buyers know we bring the best prices, service and material to the hobby. It's our commitment to excellence that keeps us the industry leader."

Specific highlights of the auction include:

The Top 10 List

A New Industry Record! 1853 New York Knickerbockers Trophy Ball Presented to Henry Chadwick
This remarkable item had remained hidden from the collecting world for over a century and a half. This incredible trophy ball commemorates the game played between the Knickerbockers Baseball Club (baseball's first organized team) and the Gotham Club of New York on July 5, 1853. It also has the distinction of being the earliest known game-used trophy ball in existence. The ball remained in the care of the Knickerbockers Baseball Club until 1903, and was then presented to Henry Chadwick on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the 1853 Knickerbockers game. The sale price of $161,992.00 represents a new hobby record for a trophy ball.

Tony Piet's "Gallery of Greats" Original Oil Paintings
After his baseball career ended, utility infielder Tony Piet opened a Pontiac car dealership in the greater Chicagoland area. In 1963, Piet commissioned artist and sculptor Carl Tolpa to create a series of massive oil paintings for display in the dealership's showroom. Tolpa painted 25 matching oil-on-board artworks of Piet's favorites ballplayers including baseball legends: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Willie Mays. Each painting is framed within a black wood border and measures 6-feet x 3-1/2-feet. The collection sold for $83,543.00.

1911 T3 Turkey Red Complete Baseball Set
This is one of the flagship sets of the 20th century card hobby. The complete set of 100 cards, easily the most coveted cabinet issues, is the result of one ardent collector years ago. The set was kept in pristine condition as a family heirloom. It sold for $82,599.00.

Newly Discovered Copy of Action Comics #1 -- CGC VG 4.0 unrestored with cream to off-white pages
This copy had been out of circulation since its first owner acquired it in 1938. The existence of this comic book is a direct result of a mother's love. The owner's mother, in a careful act of preserving her son's favorite things, put all of his comics into a box and stored them away for almost fifty years. The books were only rediscovered after her passing, almost fifteen years ago. This newly discovered copy sold for $74,205.00.

Premier Presidential Cane Collection
Before the advent of campaign commercials, presidential hopefuls relied on these unique relics to advertise their candidacy to their constituencies. These unique endorsements were a distinguished source of support. This collection, one of the largest in existence, includes 86 presidential canes, 67 dating to the 19th century. The collection includes never-before-seen examples for Henry Clay, William Henry Harrison, James K. Polk, Millard Fillmore and James A. Garfield. The canes sold for $64,715.00.

1933 Goudey #181 Babe Ruth Baseball Card
This is one of the hobby's favorite career-contemporary cards of the immortal ballplayer due to its bold, vibrant palette of colors. Of the four Babe Ruth cards included in the 1933 Goudey set, number 181 offers the largest center image of the Bambino. And there is only one known specimen graded higher than this PSA Mint 9 Goudey masterpiece. It sold for $61,047.00.

1888 G76 Goodwin & Co. Old Judge "Round Album" Advertising Poster (tied for 7th)
Only one other example of this poster is known to exist. Created to advertise Goodwin's famous baseball-shaped "coupon" premium album, the poster is dramatic in content and condition. The final price was $52,854.00.

1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle Rookie Baseball Card (tied for 7th)
There is only one example of this card graded higher than this PSA Mint 9 beauty. This card is one of the finest of its kind in the industry with crisp, clean corners and exceptional registration. The card sold for $52,854.00.

1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Baseball Card (tied for 7th)
This NM-MT PSA 8 high number Mantle card is a fine representation of the most desirable baseball card ever made. A key card in any collection, this extraordinary example sold for $52,854.00.

Five Thousand Dollar Federal Reserve Note This 1934 Five Thousand Dollar Federal Reserve Note is drawn on the FRB of Philadelphia with the signatures of Julien and Morgenthau. It features a portrait of James Madison on the front. Only two series, or plate sets (1928 and 1934), were ever made for circulation for the small size $5,000 note. Officially withdrawn from circulation in 1969, the $5,000 bills were actually last printed prior to the end of World War II and were actively being retired by the Federal Reserve long before 1969. They are considerably harder to find than their "big brother," the $10,000 bill. The bill went for $51,519.00.

1917 McKinley Proof Gold Dollar
It appears to be the first of its kind to be offered for public sale or auction. Noted coin expert, Breen, suggests that possibly as many as five of the 1917 coins were made and probably six of the 1916. While three of the 1916s are listed in census reports of the major grading services, there are no 1917s currently listed. The final price was $51,170.00.

Collection of 1952 Topps High Number Baseball Cards
Fifty-seven different cards make up this high number series. A collector's dream, these PSA 8 graded cards include Thomson, Blackwell, Adcock, Groat, Crosetti, Wilhelm and Dick Williams. The final price was $48,048.00.

More sports item highlights include:


A Full Deck of Beauties - Baseball Cards
A near set (9/10) of 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter The World's Champions PSA NM-MT cards sold for $43,614.00; a 1915 M101-5 Sporting News Babe Ruth card sold for $35,187.00; a 1939 Play Ball #92 Ted Williams realized a price of $29,786.00; a 1915 Cracker Jack #103 Joe Jackson commanded $29,786.00; ten 1913 T200 and 1914 T222 Fatima Tobacco cards sold for $29,486.00; a 1952 Topps mid-series collection sold for $27,078.00; a pair of 1956 Topps uncut sheets - correct and printing error versions commanded $27,457.00; a complete set of 1951 Bowman baseball cards went for $25,775.00; thirteen Topps complete sets from 1967-75 plus a 1976 SSPC complete set went for $24,032.00; a 1948 Leaf #79 Jackie Robinson sold for $24,032.00; an engraver's uncut proof sheet of the 1933 R333 Delong Gum complete set went for $22,378.00; a complete set of 1952 Topps plus Page and Sain variations commanded $22,378.00; a 1952 Topps high number #407 Ed Mathews went for $21,847.00; an uncut sheet of 1933 R319 Goudey Gum Company cards sold for $20,599.00; a significant collection of 1887-89 N172 Old Judge Hall of Famers went for $20,353.00; a stock collection of 56,962 Topps cards from 1960 to the 1990s went for $19,861.00; a collection of 1911 T205 Gold Border cards went for $19,364.00; six complete or near complete sets of 1960-65 Topps cards sold for $19,364.00; a 1952 Topps PSA graded collection of 24 cards went for $18,752.00; a 1952 Topps PSA Mint 9 collection of eleven cards commanded $18,512.00; a massive hoard of 1961 Topps cards (6,400) with two complete sets sold for $18,512.00; a 1956 Topps complete set went for $17,603.00; a hoard of 1975 Topps 24-count cello boxes went for $16,413.00; a 1956 Topps #135 Mickey Mantle sold for $16,002.00; a 1954 Bowman complete set sold for $16,002.00; a one-of-a-kind complete 1960 Post Cereal Set on full boxes commanded $16,002.00; a 1911 T205 Gold Border high grade collection of 26 cards went for $15,474.00; and a hoard of 1958-69 Topps and Fleer high grade NM-MT cards went for $15,474.00.

All 'Round Stars - Baseballs
A spectacular single signed Babe Ruth baseball sold for $26,435.00; a Babe Ruth signed "Babe Ruth Day" baseball commanded $23,431.00; Cal Ripken Jr.'s last home run baseball sold for $19,861.00; a single signed Jimmie Foxx baseball went for $24,032.00; a Mel Ott single signed baseball commanded $19,923.00; a baseball signed by the last five living .400 hitters commanded $17,022.00; a 1920 Chicago White Sox team signed ball with Joe Jackson sold for $17,603.00; a 1933 American League signed All-Star team ball with Ruth, Gehrig and Foxx went for $14,548.00; an enormous collection (337) of single signed and multi-signed baseballs sold for $12,225.00; a 1919 Cincinnati Reds World Champions team signed ball sold for $11,825.00; a 1909 World Series game used ball signed by Cobb and Wagner went for $10,330.00; a Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig signed baseball went for $9,935.00; and a Cy Young inscribed single signed baseball sold for $8,412.00.

Big Hits - Bats
A Joe Jackson 1922-25 era barnstorming game used bat sold for $43,679.00; a Ted Williams 1955 signed H&B All-Star game used bat commanded $29,786.00; an autographed Sandy Koufax 1959 World Series bat went for $29,534.00; a Babe Ruth mid-1920s H&B game used bat realized $24,608.00; a Joe DiMaggio 1948-49 H&B game used bat sold for $26,435.00; a Mel Ott circa 1940 H&B game used bat went for $26,435.00; a Babe Ruth signed H&B store model bat went for $14,088.00; a Ted Williams 1941-42 H&B game used rookie era bat sold for $12,022.00; and a Roger Maris 1962 H&B All-Star game used bat went for $10,928.00.

A Sign of the Times - Autographs
A 1934 Tour of Japan autographed team photograph sold for $29,486.00; a Lou Gehrig 1932 signed photograph went for $24,107.00; a circa 1927 Ruth and Gehrig autographed original photo went for $23,431.00; a spectacular 1934 Japanese Tour program signed by Ruth, Gehrig and others went for $22,152.00; a Chick Gandil 1919 Chicago White Sox player's contract went for $14,548.00; a huge collection of 1947-67 Cleveland Indians players contracts went for $11,364.00; and a 1934 Babe Ruth autographed Japan Tour photo commanded $10,330.00.

Suited for Success - Game Gear and Wear
A rookie-era Red Faber Chicago White Sox uniform commanded $43,679.00; a Carl Hubbell 1937 New York Giants game worn road jersey went for $29,832.00; a Willie Mays 1967 MacGregor signed game used glove went for $21,300.00; a Nellie Fox 1955 Chicago White Sox home jersey sold for $11,354.00; a Vic Aldridge 1922-23 Chicago Cubs home jersey went for $10,569.00; a Yogi Berra 1958 New York Yankees signed road jersey realized $9,292.00; and a Ted Williams 1950s Boston Red Sox game worn hat sold for $8,210.00.

Trophies, Tickets, Photos, Programs and other Baseball Memorabilia
A 1998 New York Yankees World Champions full-size salesman's sample trophy went for $35,187.00; an amazing 1927 original photograph of Ruth and Gehrig sold for $31,189.00; Orlando Cepeda's 1967 National League MVP award sold for $27,078.00; a 1930-66 exhibit supply company archive of original baseball photographs went for $23,431.00; a proof set of 19th century baseball fans went for $19,861.00; an early Reach tin advertising sign commanded $14,548.00; a 1996 New York Yankees World Series front office ring commanded $12,022.00; an 1871 Mort Rodgers baseball photographic scorecard with Harry Wright went for $12,022.00; a 1975 Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds World Series Salesman's sample ring went for $10,793.00; a high grade Hartland Statue complete set plus Bat Boy went for $10,569.00; and a 1999 New York Yankees World Series trophy realized $10,221.00.

A Super Bowl XXVII Vince Lombardi player trophy (Kenneth Gant) commanded $18,752.00; a collection of set and single cards of Topps football cards from 1962-68 commanded $13,753.00; a collection of 1894 N302 Mayo Football cards sold for $11,491.00; Paul Hornung's 1961 Green Bay Packers team signed record breaking football sold for $11,364.00; a 1948 Leaf #34 Sammy Baugh football card went for $9,391.00; a collection of 1955 Topps All-American PSA graded Mint to Gem Mint cards went for $ 9,292.00; and Fran Tarkenton's 1971 New York Giants game worn jersey sold for $8,632.00.

Emmitt Smith Auction for Charity
MastroNet was again chosen to auction items from Emmitt Smith's personal memorabilia collection to benefit The Open Doors Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit organization Smith created to provide academic assistance for underserved youth. Smith is donating 100% of his proceeds to the charity.

There were 22 lots offered in the Emmitt Smith section of the auction. Highlights include: Emmitt Smith's 150th touchdown football from record breaking game went for $13,225.00; Emmitt Smith's last 2002 Dallas Cowboy's touchdown game used jersey commanded $8,733.00; Emmitt Smith's University of Florida signed jersey sold for $8,536.00; a 2002 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys signed game used home jersey went for $8,536.00; and another Emmitt Smith University of Florida signed game used jersey went for $7,589.00.

A 1957 Topps Basketball Star Collection with Russell and Cousy sold for $14,067.00; an unopened 1986/87 Fleer Basketball wax box commanded $14,067.00; a complete PSA graded set of 1969/70 Topps basketball cards went for $12,388.00; a collection of three Topps sets from 1969/70, 1970/71 and 1971/72 sold for $10,221.00; a Michael Jordan 1989/90 Chicago Bulls game worn road jersey realized $7,225.00; a Walt Frazier circa 1975 New York Knicks game worn road jersey sold for $6,412.00; and a 1995/96 World Champion Chicago Bulls team signed basketball commanded $5,983.00.

A 1951 Topps Ringside Boxing PSA graded complete set sold for $14,967.00; an extremely rare collection of Harry Greb personal items, including a signed photograph went for $14,548.00; a 1911 T9 Turkey Red Cabinets complete set realized $12,788.00 and a 1910s-'50s boxing card collection commanded $3,892.00.

Ty Cobb's personal custom-made golf club sold for $6,899.00; a magnificent Old Tom Morris signed St. Andrews studio portrait went for $5,983.00; a Bobby Jones vintage signed photograph sold for $5,299.00; a 2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods rookie card went for $4,817.00; a Palmer, Nicklaus and Woods signed Masters display realized $4,767.00; a 1928 U.S. Open Amateur program signed by Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen sold for $4,767.00; a 1908 Vardon, Braid, Taylor and Herd signed note sold for $4,071.00; and a Babe Ruth on the links photograph went for $3,980.00.

A 1966/67 Topps complete set of hockey cards sold for $12,502.00; a 1964/65 Topps complete set went for $7,760.00; a 1967/68 Topps complete set sold for $5,536.00; Gary Dornhoefer's 1973/74 Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup Trophy went for $5,244.00; 1968/69 - 1973/74 Topps and OPC complete and partial sets sold for $5,127.00; Wayne Gretzky's 1980s Edmonton Oilers game worn helmet sold for $4,817.00; a 1957/58 Parkhurst Hockey graded collection of cards went for $4,810.00; a 1987/88 Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Trophy sold for $4,767.00; and a 1978/79 Montreal Canadians Stanley Cup trophy went for $4,767.00.

A collection of items from Eddie Tolan's 1932 Olympic Games including two gold medals sold for $21,647.00; a 1908 Olympic Games gymnastics gold medal sold for $6,346.00; a cache of single and multi-signed autographs from various sports stars sold for $5,107.00; a 1968 Olympic torch from Mexico City commanded $3,939.00; a 1972 Olympic torch from Munich sold for $3,939.00; an 1888 N29 Allen & Ginter "other sports" set of cards went for $3,892.00; and a 1908 Olympic Games gymnastics silver medal sold for $3,255.00.

Americana Memorabilia
Original artwork for Mickey Mouse in "On Ice," a Disney feature, sold for $40,748.00; more Elvis Hair went for $38,706.00; 1832 Abraham Lincoln discharge papers commanded $29,486.00; unheard John Lennon tapes sold for $28,750.00; Mad Magazine #89 Frankenstein cover art sold for $27,119.00; a circa 1900 Campbell's Soup American flag advertising sign went for $26,435.00; a 1957 Graceland purchase agreement signed by Elvis, Vernon and Gladys Presley sold for $26,435.00; a 1962 Topps Mars Attacks PSA graded complete set went for $24,926.00; a Saturday Evening Post original cover painting by Stevan Dohanos sold for $24,616.00; an 1864 21st United States Colored Troops Civil War Regimental banner went for $23,000.00; an early 1960s Marilyn Monroe handwritten letter with Sinatra content sold for $21,847.00; original artwork for card #26 of the 1962 Topps Mars Attacks card set sold realized $21,300.00; a historic 1868 Andrew Johnson signed Alaska purchase agreement went for $19,861.00; and a 1974 "Bride of Frankenstein" Famous Monsters issue #113 cover artwork sold for $18,522.00.

For More Information
MastroNet's next auction is scheduled for August 2003. Consignments are currently being accepted. For more information or for consignment details, call 630-472-1200 or visit

Rookie-era Red Faber Chicago White Sox uniform - sold for $43,679.00.
Rookie-era Red Faber Chicago White Sox uniform - sold for $43,679.00.
1853 New York Knickerbockers Trophy Ball - sold for $161,992.00.
1853 New York Knickerbockers Trophy Ball - sold for $161,992.00.