Customer Bill of Rights

Each customer of a PSA Authorized Dealer is entitled to the following rights:

  • Written Receipt:
    When the customer submits cards to the authorized dealer for grading by PSA, the authorized dealer will provide the customer with a receipt identifying the submitted cards.
  • Prompt Submission for Grading:
    The cards will then be promptly delivered to PSA (in no event later than then (10) days after the customer delivers the cards to the authorized dealer).
  • Proof of Submission:
    The customer is entitled to receive, within fifteen (15) days after the customer delivers the cards to the authorized dealer, a copy of the PSA invoice form prepared by the authorized dealer for submission to PSA.
  • Prompt Return After Grading:
    The authorized dealer will promptly return the customer's graded and holdered cards to the customer within five (5) days after the authorized dealer receives them from PSA, unless directed otherwise by the customer.
  • Careful Handling:
    The customer's cards will be returned to the customer in the same condition they were in when the customer delivered them to the authorized dealer.
  • Courteous, Honest Service:
    Each authorized dealer will at all times give the customer prompt, courteous and efficient service, and in all of the authorized dealer's transactions with the customer, will observe the highest standards of honesty, integrity, fair dealing and ethical conduct.

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